Notification Center, a feature Apple borrowed from the jailbreak community, continues to be artists’ favorite playground, if numerous concepts are anything to go by. I’m especially liking a new concept by Alex Saretzky, a designer who is proposing a better use of the screen real estate in Apple’s implementation of the Notification Center.

The redesigned feature helps convey more information compared to Apple’s version of the Notification Center. Specifically, Alex says Apple should drop the linen background (we’re looking at you, Jony Ive) and re-think some of the design decision that clash with its own Human Interface Guidelines…

Specifically, Alex writes, because the close buttons next to notifications are too small, people often tap a notification instead of closing it, an annoying “feature” that has been ticking yours trully off for some time.

The iOS Human Interface Guidelines specify a tap area of 44 pixels2, these are clearly in violation. Tap above or below the x and you’ll hit a notification banner. This needs to be painless and really should be a delightful experience.

The problem can be solved with clever use of gestures.

“To dismiss a block of notifications, just swipe to the right and drag them off screen”, he writes. Note that this is currently possible, but only with banner notifications that can be swiped to the left to dismiss quickly.

I also like how Alex groups notifications by app, organized chronologically.

This makes more sense than having to go to Settings > Notification Center in order to group notifications either manually or chronologically, creating a mess when a bunch of alerts arrive.

What I’d absolutely love to see implemented are actionable notifications, something Android has done nicely with the Jelly Bean update.

Do hop over to Saretzky’s blog and check out the embedded QuickTime video which depicts the main idea along with some nicely conceived Notification Center animations (PullOver, CubeFlip and PushDown).

Then, come back here to join fellow readers down in the comments.

if you can’t get enough of these concepts, check out this nice looking Lockscreen idea and explore our concepts archive.

  • To be honest, jelly bean notifications are way better than apple’s at this moment, and i’m considering trading my 4s for a HTC One X+ or butterfly in a few months.. No jailbraik on iOS means my 4s doesn’t suit me anymore… Anyone else has this too?

    • I had the iPhone 5 and felt the same way. Sold it and got myself the Galaxy S3. I was an iTard for 4 years too. No regrets. iOS notification center is a joke, as is most of iOS in general. I basically gave up waiting for jailbreak….

      • Altaykai Yamada

        Finally you got out of that ignorance you were in. Seriously Android shits on iPhone. iPhone is just a brand thats why its expensive.

      • iphoneis better

      • No Joe, spell check is better

      • Lordthree

        Yes. Samsung, corrupt, south korean, slave labor, plastic, garbage, built on a java run time FTW! You PWN dude! Did you get giant red clown shoes to go with your comically laughable phone? #winning!

    • There’s apparently a untethered jailbreak coming out on the 22nd so hang tight until then 🙂

      • tturner23

        Where did you hear that?

      • I think it is fake but take a look at
        I would not hope for a Jailbreak.

      • www(dot)dreamjb(dot)com

      • RarestName

        From Santa

      • This is fake!

      • C’mon Sebastien. Give him a chance until Wednesday that he will release the proof! Don’t you remember how geohot’s limera1n came out of nowhere while everyone was waiting a jailbreak from the dev team? Don’t you remember comex? He also came out of nowhere, so give him a chance…

      • exaclty

      • Neither of them had set release dates, and both were already well-known hackers (comex was famous for Wii exploits and geohot invented jailbreaking!)

      • Exactly, comex and geohot didn’t need any help on making their jailbreaks widely known, because they were known. But DreamJB is not known, so he needs to find a way to make his jailbreak known once released, right? That’s why he set a release day which is far (pod2g needed 4 days to remove the final bugs on the 5.1.1 jailbreak and dreamJB gave himself 16 days) from now so that he can make almost sure that the jailbreak will be ready by then.

      • Lordthree

        I saw it reported here first

      • Dan

        I’m going to call BS on this

      • its real

    • Dan

      I agree, recently switched to GS3, it’s liberating not fearing tp uograde or waiting for a viable jailbreak. Don’t have to put up with all that shsh blob crap and signed update files..

    • Altaykai Yamada

      Borrowed from Jailbreak community? lmfao they STOLE it from Android.

      • iOS had a notification centre on Cydia before Android.

      • TriguyRN

        What was it called?

      • RarestName

        Android’s notification looks different. There’s no doubt that Apple copied the idea of sliding down from the status bar, but please look at how they function.

        Android – you slide down the status bar, and it looks a rolled up piece of paper where there is a consistent bar at the bottom and the notification shade is revealed as if it is being unrolled. You can use it even in the lock screen.

        iOS – you slide down the status bar, and an entire page takes over, even covering the status bar. You can also invoke it in any application, full screen or no full screen, but you can not use it in the lock screen.

        Android – no reordering of notifications. You’re pretty much stuck with the order of notifications that you get

        iOS – you can reorder the widgets the way you like.

        Android – no easy third party widget support. For example, the system setttings on Android TouchWiz phones cannot be removed. However, some apps make use of this space to have their own widgets. You cannot reorder them.

        iOS – easily add widgets and reorder them anyway you like, or even put them on the home screen without requiring a different installation (with a jailbreak)

    • jailbreak is on the 22nd


    Just new animations for NC (and just a few cosmetic tweaks, like more visible grouping) and it’s a new idea?

    Not for me.

    Btw, I like how NC slides down…

  • IMO, I’m disgusted by this concept. I think the real fix is LockInfo 4’s customized notification center.

  • max

    Notification Center, a feature Apple borrowed from Andriod OS and not the jailbreak community. Andriod had this feature before the jailbreak community had it.
    If it was the other way aroung the word would have been stolen not borrowed. Am not an andriod fan…i’m jst stating the facts.

    • if android is sooooo great how come most human want iPhones??

      • TriguyRN

        Because Apple has good marketing strategies, Android came into the cellphone biz late and because of people like you.

      • Altaykai Yamada

        Because everyone is ignorant and narrow mind like you, thats why.

      • AndroidSucks!

        Hahaah. Awww you are sad and mad lol

      • Altaykai Yamada

        Bite me

  • Concievable concept? Really?…

  • i have iphone5 and 4S i will never ever use android again its crap..

    • Lordthree

      These guys are payed by samsuck to troll iPhone blogs. Don’t waste your time with them.

  • I wish people would understand that the biggest thing in this Android vs iOS war, is just preference. For me, I enjoy iOS cause i’m not crazy about widgets.The only thing I want native, is the radio toggles, but I handle that with jailbreak tweaks normally. I can deal without them, since there is no Jailbreak for the iPhone 5. Other than that I’m satisfied with everything else, and the stability of iOS of Android. I have friends that have constant system issues,as did I during my time with Android. Altho I will say the GS 3 is an amazing piece of technology. i just prefer not to have a big ass phone

  • An iOS device without jailbreak tweaks is boring as all hell. Its the only reason I even got an iOS device. And the multiple devices’ cookie cutter form factor is getting old. Seriously, Apple needs to think outside that form factor box of theirs.

  • It’s all personal preference. Each phone is better than the other on certain aspects. If you like customization then get android, if you don’t then get ios. Very simple.

  • What about clearing the damn badge when you clear a notification?!?!? HOW IS THIS NOT A FEATURE?! (Also, same goes for lock screen. Let us clear from there too. Lockinfo RULES!)