Following up on its sweet Gmail refresh earlier today, Google’s just announced with a post over at the official YouTube blog a long-expected update to its nice YouTube iPhone app. For starters, the program finally runs on the iPad natively, which means you can now search for kitten videos using your beloved tablet and enjoy them in high-definition on that beautiful 9.7-inch Retina display.

The software also takes full advantage of the iPhone 5’s bigger display and lets you stream YouTube clips to your badass TV through the Apple TV hockey puck and using AirPlay, a wireless media streaming technology from Apple. Accessibility, video playback improvements and other perks come included with the package. But first things first…

As is the case with the overhauled Gmail iOS app, the new YouTube software sports a brand spanking new app icon.

It’s nicer and way prettier, no?

Noting that a quarter of all YouTube watching happens on mobile, Google wrote in a blog post that the standalone YouTube app, which hit the iPhone back in September after Apple removed its stock counterpart with the release of iOS 6, “made us the #1 free app in the App Store for two months”.

Well congrats, dear Googlers!

This is how YouTube runs on the iPhone 5, taking full advantage of the taller display.

The real winner here is the new native iPad interface.

It’s just gorgeous, have a look.

Other features include faster start up times for videos, better playlist management, tappable links in video description, smoother playback and improved accessibility with VoiceOver.

The new YouTube app, now a universal binary, is provided free of charge.

Grab it right now and let us know what you think in the comments bellow.

With Gmail and YouTube updates off our backs, can we now have that Google Maps app, please?

  • You watch Lindsey too. LOL

    How about

    Devin Super Tramp ?

  • Christina Bryan

    Am I the only one wishing for a unified look between all of Google’s app icons? Chrome and Drive are primarily black, Google+ is red, the Google Search & Translate are Blue and now you have the Gmail and YouTube icons as white, but the Gmail icon has this random 3D thing going on at the bottom.

    • You’ll be wishing for eternity until you free that iDevice of yours.

      • What does Apple have to do with app icons you moron

      • I have seen how idiotic fandroids are hanging around Apple blogs and shouting how much it sucks and how great how great Android is. Its due to some limitations the we are safe . Its better to not have ability to change icons than to get my credit card hacked by some malware

  • Now google maps please!!!!!

  • I still want the old Youtube app back, hopefully it will be released when iOS 6 is jailbroken on my iPad mini and iPhone 5

    • Try Jasmine. Its much better

      • yes, it’s free but no ads

      • Matt Arnold

        Ads allow content providers to stop not allowing video via mobile so having ads is a good thing besides there only 5 sec

      • Norge12345

        Why is it better?

    • I don’t get why. It was a really bad app in comparison to jasmine and Google’s YouTube app.

      • RarestName

        Personal preferences.

    • Matt Arnold

      The default YouTube app in iOS 5 was terrible and even broke with playlists.

    • We all have of opinions but I hated the YouTube app couldn’t see top comment it was slow on loading videos ect

  • finally!

  • Dlevi309

    Want google maps? Get imaps from the appstore, its a complete copy of classicmap

    • Amp

      Isn’t that the one people are saying is a scam?

      • Dlevi309

        Idk but it works for me

      • lia


  • is about bloody time got ipad support:)

    • lia

      Ga me to

  • Pedro Fernandez

    too bad I’m on iOS 6 and I cannot install Protube 2 on my iPad

  • New app icon? Looks no different IMO :p

    What’s the essence of having AirPlay support in the YouTube app? Doesn’t Crapple’s hockey puck come with YouTube built in, or is it a lot more limited than I’ve always thought 😐

    • Go eat your phone if your going to discriminate. Apparently it’s made of Gingerbread and Ice Cream sandwiches 😐

  • SimonReidy

    Majorly impressed. Until the iPhone 5 is jailbroken so I can finally ditch Safari, this is the next best thing. Given you can open links from the awesome new Gmail app directly in Chrome, (and Chrome now has a back button to take you straight back to Gmail!) Google have very effectively built their own mini ecosystem of apps, that all hook into each other very well. Not as good as being able to choose your own default web browser and mail client, but still a massive step in the right direction for those of who are heavy Google app users, but don’t want an Android phone.

    Although they are still lacking some advanced features, aethetically speaking the new Gmail and YouTube apps actually look better than they currently do on Android!

  • RarestName

    ProTube 2 doesn’t work with this update yet!

  • Looks pretty decent.Might try to get used to it

  • nonname_kid

    Where is the volume bar when a video is playing ?!!! Can’t find it and hope it’s just my fault. They can’t be so idiots that they are talking about new interfaces-iphone5 etc and they don’t have a volume bar…

    Ok back to Jasmine again.

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