Looking to pimp your iPhone 5 or iPad mini beyond the stock black & slate and white & silver finish? Talk to AnoStyle, a company that offers quite a remarkable anodization service which paints your device in a bunch of great looking colors. Just send them your brand spanking new iPhone 5 or iPad mini and pick your color of choice.

These include red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, teal, violet, copper, green, blue steel or bronze shades for a brand new look. The conversions is gonna set you back $249 per iPhone 5, or $299 for an iPad mini mod. You can also add an optional $40 Ghost Armor that has been “precisely pre-cut to invisibly protect your device from scratches and dings” with a material that the military helicopter blades, fighter jets’ wingtips and the space shuttle’s wingtips are made of…

BGR editor Jonathan S. Geller pimped his iPhone 5 in gold.

He walked away quite impressed:

The second I went outside and started using it, people began asking non-stop about it and they all assumed it’s a case until they actually saw the phone.

Since the service just launched on Monday night, I couldn’t tell them where to order one.

Now I can.

Well, well, what do you know: looks like Kim Kardashian had her iPhone 5 AnoStyle’d!

Image via Kim’s Instagram profile.

According to AnoStyle, they use the same anodization process Apple taps in manufacturing and which makes the iPhone 5 the Rolex of smartphones.

Our process does not involve simple painting or covering. Rather, we use a process called anodization, and we’ve found a unique method that allows us to deliver the best results each and every time. Anodization actually involves a specialized chemical process that creates the desired color change.

This means under normal use, our AnoStyle™ products won’t chip or wear like traditional paints and coatings do. Once the color transformation is complete, we run your device through our 21-point test to ensure that it is working perfectly.


Hop over to the AnoStyle web site now.

Now, if Apple only considered providing iPhones and iPads in color…

  • Right as I saw the iPod touch in colors I wondered why they didn’t do the same for the iPhone (and now iPad mini) Even it it was only the white model. Sucks that this place doesn’t do regular sized iPad’s

  • Amp

    Hmm I might do it when my phone gets scratched

  • Too much money

    • agreed, maybe for like 150 total, but that’s alot still

  • Marcos Sánchez Ramis

    OMG! I want to do it, but avoids the warranty, too expensive and takes 3 weeks…

  • ashton

    colorware is better

    • looks like they are $1500

      • thats if you want the phone from them too….but it only costs 200 if you send it in…plus more options and gloss and scratch proof.

  • there is another company that does it for a lot cheaper but forgot what it is

  • Breathless

    Not a bad price for the rich and famous but I’d much rather spend $100 and get apple care and when the phone is all scratched up you just replace it.

    I really like the blue and white combination though.

  • cool but damn it is so expensive

  • Very nice. Blue is calling my name too bad is a little bit expensive. One day I might do it

  • BORED?? Yeh completely by my new iphone 5 its a great phone but it is cut short of ability due to apples OS, if there isnt a jailbreak by the start of next year i shall invest in a s3! its going to be great having a open sourced phone not having to worry about a jailbeak. and no im not a fandroid i got -macbook pro, ipad 2 and 3, iphone 5 4s 4 3gs.

  • the creation is cool but the pricing is dumb.. i wish u the best luck at selling a lot of these to who ever created it.

  • omg the black yellow, or black and orange :O LOVE IT

  • PlayIt

    I’m doing this. @ editor Would you recommend the Ghost Armor?