More than anything, today’s release of iTunes 11 has put Apple’s reputation on the line. After delaying the media jukebox program for a month in order “to get it right”, and having fired iOS chief Scott Forstall while letting SVP Eddy Cue rise as “a prime architect of Apple’s software strategy”, the iPhone maker must not stumble now. While iTunes 11 does not exactly mark a fresh start for the decade-old app, it truly delivers important enhancements while de-cluttering the interface and introducing under-the-hood tweaks.

These all work in concert to make your experience enjoyable and more streamlined. And now that you’ve played with it, iDB wants to know whether iTunes 11 feels snappier on your system versus the previous version…

Of course, a number of factors influence responsiveness and nimbleness of a piece of software, such as other apps/tweaks/mods running on your system, your specific hardware configuration and so forth.

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. As you’ve likely figured out by now whether iTunes 11 runs faster on your system than the previous incarnation, iDB wants to hear from you.

You’ll need to first select your iTunes version in the poll (Mac or PC). Then, please indicate whether the new iTunes strikes you as a more bloated/slower version of iTunes 10 or the opposite.

Again, check two options: first indicating your system (Mac or Windows) and then how speedy iTunes 11 runs on it.

Cast your vote right below.

As always, join us in comments and let us know how you voted and, more importantly, why. And let’s keep the discussion clean and civil.

  • Guest

    How are the options correctly phrased to match the questions?

    Q-Does iTunes 11 feel snappier
    A-I am using a Mac and it feels a lot better.

    • CollegiateLad

      This Christian guy is something else. When he broke the iTunes 11 story this morning, he ended his piece by asking readers to report any bugs they found – that’s unusual in that most tech writers ask readers to report cool new features or obscure gems. Don’t believe me, go back and read it.

  • CollegiateLad

    Christian is so predictable. Are you looking for flaws? lol… Hater.

    It works great – love it. Lol @ snappier. What about its features and usability?

    • I’m not looking for flaws. Just a way to crowd-source iTunes performance. I love iTunes 11 a lot, FWIW.

      Features? That’s the topic of the next poll 🙂

      • Matt Arnold

        Video is still choppy on 1080P movies and TV shows on a brand new Windows 7 system with a 3rd gen i7 Quad core

  • Johnathan Jennings

    “Flies like a butter” .. Really? I can’t even make out what you were trying to say. Come on dude.

    • Oh lawl, exactly what I was thinking.

    • “butterfly”, I’d guess. Not that they’re particularly snappy, in my mind.

  • J M

    What about no difference in speed?

    • ReanimationXP

      This was my experience. Better GUI, same shitty slowness. Oh, and where the hell’s cover flow?

  • This is a ridiculous article for a redesign that is just beautiful. Pffff Don’t even know why I’m commenting. Wasted words.

    • CollegiateLad


  • i think its better, although apple had to forgo some feature (we love you cover flow).. basically its good

  • Where’s coverflow? 🙁

    • Its gone :'(

      • ummaduadua

        Really? Damn!

      • JoeCoxon

        So did people actually use cover flow in itunes? I’ve never seen anyone using it!

      • Alex Janko

        That’s all I used…then I discovered spotify

      • I used it when shuffling my music. But only to look at the album covers. Never to actually choose music. Just a visual thing. Which was really all it was useful for anyway.

      • ReanimationXP

        I did. I used the hybrid cover flow / list view. Was a snappy way to list songs by the last ones I added to iTunes (I usually do so individually), and also have the ability to hop straight to an album and see artwork. Apple’s default lists suck.

      • JoeCoxon

        Fair enough, i’ve honestly never seen anyone using it so i didn’t think it was very popular, apparently i was wrong!

      • ReanimationXP

        It was also nice to throw it into fullscreen at parties. Nice eye candy for the TV. Stupid Apple.

  • LOL! Gotta love Christian

  • I find speed is essentially the same, but it’s leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor in terms of features and GUI. I really hope Apple takes this as a cue (no pun intended) to implement some of iTunes 11’s features into iOS, like the Up Next feature (especially viewable from the lock screen)!

    • Amen. Remember that historically, iTunes has been a test bed for OS X UI. Many elements make it into the next version. This does seem to have a lot of iPad UI cues though. I’d expect to see a lot more of the pop over menus in OS X 10.9

  • wadjj

    Whenever I see this kind of vote options I know who wrote the article without looking above. Enough said.

  • Dan

    stupid poll choices. You should have both faster and slower options for each system or simply faster/slower

    • I don’t know why two people didn’t agree with you when you are 100% correct. I chose “Im on iTunes 11 for Windows”, so I feel like I really didn’t have a chance to answer the question of the poll.

  • um the UI image quality is lower..

    • You are such a dick. Shitting on everything. iTunes 11 is way better and you know. Admit it, fucker!

      • lol you cuss and act ignorant but you have to face the reality that the UI design is clunky..

  • It’s not slower but the improvement still leaves much to be desired.

  • Although feels good with it, I kinda dislike some of the missing features, example:
    There was once an “i” button will appears when you hover onto the app on iTunes Store page, which gives you a quick look about the item you selected. I find it handy at will, but now its no longer there.

  • KewlDewd

    Q: Does iTunes 11 feel snappier than before?

    A: I’m using iTunes 11 for Mac

    I can’t believe this guy gets paid to write articles.

    • JoshCoop

      I think he wants to know what your using and whether it is faster. You can select more than one answer. I assume its so he can see if it runs faster on both or just on one or the other. Just my thoughts though

      • The he should have had two separate polls instead of the single terribly confusing one.

      • JoshCoop

        Fair enough. I understand that it was confusing I didn’t get it right away either.

      • Hey its Christian though, I was expecting far worse XD

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Terribly confusing? I’m not really a fan, but that poll was good.

      • maurid

        OH YES, SO TERRIBLY CONFUSING. A 4-year old could answer it.

      • Well sir I put my 10 year old brother here to answer this poll and as soon as he read the first answer he gave me a face of confusion, I had to explain to him that you could select more than one answer and then he said “Thats stupid” … I doubt a 4 year old would do better.

    • Guest

      If you read the article you will understand the poll… just saying.

      • KewlDewd

        I read the article and it says nothing about poll response options that don’t answer the poll question nor does it say anything about flying butter. 😉

      • it doesn’t say anything about “flying butter” but the response options it’s right above the poll, it’s the last sentence.

    • you can pick two choices

    • Loooooll!! OwneD!! xD

    • maurid

      He clearly says to check two options: on what OS you’re running it, and what you think about it. Unobservant much?

  • I don’t like the new look. I changed mine back. Hating the Up Next “feature”.

  • I love the new UI. It’s neat, organized, flashy, yet still simple. It’s not to much of a change to throw anyone off, but aesthetically is beautiful. Hats off to iTunes 11.

  • Mine is faster, way faster. But still has lagging moments.

  • 2nd Paragraph “Thes all work…”
    Did you mean This* or These* ?

    • I was wondering that as well…

    • Dick

      If it says “work” without the “s,” unless that’s a typo as well, it’s “these.”

    • well “this all work” makes no sense so was it not obvious that it was meant to be “these all work”?

  • This poll is ridiculous!

  • J M

    I’ve had it crash at least 4 times, Windows 8, still not impressed by iTunes….Love their products, iTunes software has always been depressing.

    • Darius

      Maybe was not optimized for Windows 8 yet, after all, all new programs, both iTunes and Windows will contain bugs. Should smooth out after a few updates.

  • AltF5

    OMFG, YAY! I havn’t seen color in iTunes since v9 (10 killed it).

  • Matt Arnold

    The interface may be faster, but playing 1080P movies still lags bad on Windows 7 with a 3rd Gen i7 Quad Core…so yeah they didn’t fix anything that mattered to me.

    Also they went to all this trouble and stated that it was more icloud friendly…really than why no iTunes U or Podcast sync!?

    • My 1080p playback lags on my Macbook Pro, I have a core 2 duo (2.8) matched with 9600GT GPU, specs are not as good as yours, but it runs 1080p on other programs, multiple 1080p on other programs!

      • Matt Arnold

        They really need to fix this problem, it is keeping me from buying some movies on iTunes.

      • It’s keeping me from buying any movies on iTunes. At the moment I’m buying Blu-Ray with digital copies, for when they finally fix iTunes.

      • Matt Arnold

        Yeah I hear ya, I don’t want physical copies of disks anymore I would much rather own a complete digital library (maybe with a HDD backup), but Apple is keeping me from doing this since I don’t want choppy video.

  • Dick

    I tried iTunes 11 both on mac and on windows, and it’s neither faster nor slower than iTunes 10.

    • pawfyd

      Exactly. It’s as slow/fast as it was before on my Windows 8 machine.

  • On either version I never notice and lag in the app, but the 10 used 500+MB of RAM and 11 use 200-300MB. so the rest of the system feels better.
    (MacBook 3,1 with no upgrades FYI)

  • Damian W

    This new iTunes feels exactly the same like the new iPhones.

    Nothing new in this iTunes , except more confusing look, and some reprinted extra icons. I feel like they actually removed some good features, such as changing the size of app icons or albums that can be displayed in the library.

  • works gtreatly on my iMac mid-2011

  • I love the new design, I’m not too keen on the icon. Performance is fine, but when playing a movie, it’s pretty buggy.

  • tggt00

    OMG theres more mac users than windows???

  • Have you tried the Filesharing-Section in iTunes 11?
    With one scrollbar for apps and files it is a step backwards.
    Separated scrollbars for apps and related files would have been a good solution.
    And even in the new version there is no button to mark all files related to an app. For me it’s no user friendly update.

  • Using this on an old white C2D MacBook with a HDD I’ll say that it’s definitely quicker. It still lags when loading album art/app art but that’s not iTunes’ fault (it’s the slow HDD). Searching is instant. It does seem to take a while for it to load the rating info/add to queue options when using iTunes Match. Though, it does start playing Matched songs rather quickly (about 1-2 sec lag, nothing major).

    I will add that I LOVE the new UI. Much simpler and easier to navigate. Still can’t stand that diamond track scrubber icon though. And the mini player is finally useful and pretty full featured.

    Tip: The mini player can also be used while the main window is still up in windowed or Full Screen mode. Very nice for those who take advantage of Mission Control.

  • Great upgrade by Apple, at last my iTunes has lost its navigation bar at the side, which allows more space to sell you stuff from iTunes, winner for the user and for Apple. Love the v11 iTunes.

  • JoeCoxon

    Well, i initially said yes. But 3 months on it’s a big fat no.

    On my windows PC with a fairly small library it constantly slows to a crawl or freezes for a few seconds. This is with an i7 and 16gb of RAM so it’s not like the specs can be blamed!

    I’ve switched to using musicbee and it’s miles better.