Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now behind us, meaning that Christmas is less than a month away. And for those of you looking for last-minute gifts for that special gadget-lover in your life, iOS accessories are always a nice choice.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of options available for Apple’s newer devices like the iPhone 5 or the iPad mini due to their new Lightning connectors. But if you’re determined to find something, you might want to check out the Podi-m…

The Podi-m is a cleverly-named dock for your Lightning port-equipped device. It’s made of anodized aluminum and the body can be finished in either a high gloss white or black powder coating, depending on the color of your iPhone or iPad.

It may not look like much, but the Podi-m is actually very capable. It’s weighted, works with any case, and each one comes with adapters for both 30-pin and Lightning devices. Its design also allows for one-handed docking, which is a nice touch.

The Podi-m doesn’t quite exist yet, but it’s close. The creator is currently trying to raise money via Kickstarter to start production, and if it’s funded, will ship the first round of docks in time for Christmas. A pledge of $59 or more gets you on the list.

I haven’t decided yet whether or not I like the look of the Podi-m’s rounded base, but the overall idea is great: a dock that you can use with one hand, that works with any case and any 30-pin or Lightning device. It should do well this month.

What do you think of the Podi-m?

  • sadaN

    I might pledge it for how good looking and simpathetic she is 🙂

  • I want one when they out

  • Tom

    I love a bit of one handed docking. Usually you both need two hands.

  • shar

    seems like docks with lightening connectors included are hard to find, you have to spend another 20 bucks for the cable,

    it used to be, when I was looking into buying a docks from ebay, I was wondering which extra functions should I go for, -audio output -video output -FM transmitter -remote control, etc…

    now, specially most of the ones mentioned here are just empty shells that you should choose based on aesthetics.

    technology has downgraded!!!

    • I don’t think technology has downgraded. I think it’s changed. People tend to rely more on wireless and bluetooth capable devices nowadays. There are a lot of bluetooth headsets, headphones, speakers, and many more. Even Apple enabled wireless syncing for their iDevices.

  • Please spread the word so we can have this project funded and we can enjoy our Podi-ms!

  • Her looks alone might sell this thing.

  • ReanimationXP

    Brilliant, good looking, very nice.

    Oh, and the stand is good too. Way too expensive though. Pass.

  • $60 gets you a fancy cable holder… No thanks.