If you’re a Windows user, and you’ve been dying for an update to Sn0wBreeze, then your wait is over. As we posted earlier, Sn0wBreeze was updated to 2.9.7, and with it comes tethered support for pre-A5 devices running iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1

For those of you who’ve been holding off until a Sn0wBreeze update, we’ve created a handy tutorial for you to follow, which shows you how to jailbreak iOS 6 and iOS 6.1 using Sn0wBreeze on Windows. Take a look inside for the full details…

Note: As always, let me reiterate a few things before you begin. This is a tethered jailbreak only, except for old bootrom 3GS users. This does not work at all with A5 devices like the iPad 2, or A6 devices like the iPhone 5. This only works with older pre-A5 devices like the iPhone 4, or iPod touch 4th generation.

Step 1: Download Sn0wBreeze 2.9.7 from our downloads page.

Step 2: Unzip the package and run sn0wbreeze-v2.9.7.exe as an administrator from the desktop.

Step 3: Click Okay > Next > and then Browse for IPSW. If you don’t know the location of your 6.0 or 6.0.1 firmware, you can download it by clicking the Download iOS Firmwares button instead. Alternatively, you can always download the necessary firmware for your device via our downloads page. It’s best to move any firmware file directly to the desktop for easy access.

Step 4: Once you select the proper IPSW file for your device, you should see a message stating that the file was verified. Click next.

Step 5: Click Simple Mode, and select Yes to Hacktivation. Your custom IPSW file will now be created, and it should appear on your desktop.

Step 6: Click OK, place your iDevice into DFU mode, and click Start to put the device into PwnedDFU mode using iReb. The screen on the iPhone should stay black.

Step 7: Once verified in PwnedDFU, open iTunes, and it should detect a device in recovery mode. Select your device from the list of available devices, and hold the Shift key on your keyboard while clicking the Restore. Select the custom IPSW file created by Sn0wBreeze i.e. sn0wbreeze_iPhone_4-GSM-6.0.1-10A523, and click OK.

Step 8: Your iDevice will restore like normal via iTunes, except this time you should notice a snowflake icon on your screen as it restores the custom firmware.

Step 9: Once your device is finished restoring, go through the normal setup process until you arrive at the Home screen. Swipe to the second page, and you should see Cydia. Since this is a tethered jailbreak, you cannot use Cydia until you perform a tethered boot.

Step 10: Place your device back into DFU mode.

Step 11: Open the iBooty folder located on the desktop and run iBooty.

Step 12: Select your device from the drop down menu, and click Start. The device will now tether boot, so that Cydia will be usable once it arrives back at the Home screen.

Step 13: Once at the Home screen, try opening Cydia. If Cydia opens, congratulations, you’ve successfully jailbroken your device using Sn0wBreeze 2.9.7 on Windows.

Again, if you need some of the more advanced features like iFaith, be sure to search iDownloadBlog for other tutorials based on Sn0wBreeze.

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  • shoshi

    my iPhone 3Gs suddenly showed ‘Activation Required’. I’m on iOS 6 beta 1 legit. However, I cannot activate my phone, it says that “Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable.

    can someone help me plzzz ,what i have to do to solve this problem????

  • bakushaker

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  • dalliantbonita

    i cant get past step 7…was my screen supposed to have a usb and itunes logo??

  • inno

    error 1601.. help pls..

  • Azhar

    i stuck on step 9 normal setup process and not arriving at home screen
    help me ? i have i have phone 3gs new bootrom 359.3.2

    • Mogyessz

      i stuck too there with iphone 4.


  • Safari & calender are crash please check Sir….& when Come Final Cydia Come…Reply

  • Laurina

    Thanks so much the tutorial helped a lot πŸ™‚

  • disqus_Svoq3yGTSb

    Funny how when it’s creating a IPSW you have the option to play pac man!! I sure do love Sn0wbreeze πŸ™‚

  • RayMond Guzman

    i do not have i booty

  • nice tuttor,, i’ve just jailbroken my 6.0.1 3Gs without warning and any problem,, thks so much

  • Jacob Rawlings

    Does it keep all your app data? Like your progress

  • disqus_oBLY2AZW8l

    Jeff ,Please help in step restore with iTunes . Always error with no. What sould I do?

  • Guest

    when I get to step 7, it just keeps saying an error has occurred when I try to restore it with the custom IPSW, any suggestions please??

  • Benjamindb

    Does it work for the iPad 3th gen ???

  • Max Perrello

    So is this a semi tethered jailbreak? Can you use everything else but cydia when you boot it up normally?

  • Max Perrello

    Also, has anyone had this tutorial work for them?

  • bdub

    thanks man i’ve been waiting for this for a long time

  • Brown105

    Working for me 2 on iphone 3gs Old boodrom
    Thanks so much for the goodwork!

  • abdulazimbaksh


  • will

    stupid fucking idiots, just lost everything cuz yoru shit is bad. fuck off

  • Alex

    Is there a way to do this without a power button?

  • devinceoy

    on step 9 already.. iphone 3gs was unable to skip “Activating your iPhone” (on baseband 6.15 by the way) even if I’m connected to a working internet connection.. Any thoughts?

  • bigyan dhakal

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  • hell ov a guy

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    Thank you very much Jeff for this topic. Very helpful like usual. πŸ™‚

  • rickwr88

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  • Meagan

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  • lkim

    my iphone 4 is ios 6.1 then i done all the step but there’s a pop up on itunes “firmare is not compatible” i used ipsw 6.0.10

  • bilal khan

    custom ipsw with snowbreez 6.0 and 6.0.1 and stuck at the error 1601,1602,1604 plz plz help

  • bilal khan

    PLZ HELP ERROR 1601, 1602, 1604

  • Muddassir

    I do all the steps and restore My Iphone 3GS, but can’t found CYDIA icon
    and my phone show no service

  • Well i did as u told, but instead i am restoring to ios 5.1.1 with an iphone 3gs old bootrom. the snowbreeze_ prefix file was placed on the desktop, i went into Itunes, shift+restore, and the snowflake appeared, the installation was going well, and it finished, and the intunes said that ur iphone is being restored to factory settings, 5..4..3..2..1 and then instead of booting up, it just stays in that recovery mode and the screen remains black, i tried it the second time, it gave me error 1600, i used iRed and tried restoring again, the error didnt come again, but when the installation completed as before, my iphone started rebooting again, but itunes did the same thing, it just says your iphone is found in recovery mode

  • Guest

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  • Rao Ibrar

    i canot restore my iphone 3gs
    it gives error 1600 ????

  • Devante

    Thank you so much! Finally hacktivated my 4 after redsn0w wouldn’t work, cheers

  • techmom


    Step 7: instead of recognizing my iDevice, I get iTunes message:

    “iTunes must check the software update server to identify this device.”

    I did get the sn0wbreeze message:
    “Your device is now in PWNED DFU State
    Launch iTunes and press SHIFT + Restore. Restore to custom IPSW on desktop (If error 2003 in iTunes, unplug and retry)”

    but instead of iTunes detecting my iPhone 4, I get iTunes message:
    “iTunes must check the software update server to identify this device.”

    Please advise. Thank you very much.

  • techmom

    I have shsh backup, so I let it check. Then shift + restore. My iPhone screen remained black, and the restore errored with 3194. Any advise please? Thank you.