Are your finding the iOS experience to be a bit on the slow side? Are you using an older iOS device, and finding it to be unbearably sluggish? If you’re jailbroken, and this has been your experience, then you might want to give this new tweak a go.

Accelerate is a recently released jailbreak tweak that speeds up the animations within iOS. While it’s technically not making the experience any faster, the perceived speed increase may go a long way towards curing your blues.

Take a gander at our video inside for a demonstration that shows how it works.

Accelerate features a vast array of animation speeds to choose from, and it also has built in options to disabled the acceleration effect for specific animations. I found the disable feature to be particularly buggy with my jailbroken iOS 6 installation on my iPhone 4, but your mileage may vary.

The good news is that Accelerate is a free tweak, so it won’t hurt to give it a try. If you want a perceived speed increase on your iOS device, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for free. Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

  • Thought I was see this on idownloadblog but I think it’s hard to belive that this kid is 13 that’s pretty dam cool its a good tweak too!

  • jose castro

    yey another one(sarcastic)

    • SimonReidy

      Be careful not to apply all speed tweaks at once. I did, and my phone was so that fast it ripped a hole in the space-time-continuum. Now Siri is eerily self-aware and referring to herself as iSkyNet.

      • Discord

        Lmao lmao lmaoooo
        Rofl rofl rofl lolololololol

  • We don’t need another accelerate kinda app. They’re all over the place and all do the same…

  • Irfan Tarique

    Can we have something to improve the consistency of the animations rather than making them awkward and boring? Like old devices skip the animations sometimes, but there could be a tweak that makes sure that doesn’t happen

  • Boligachi

    Does it damage your idevice? Thanks i admire you 🙂

  • Damian W

    The tweak advertises that it speeds up animations, but in reality it might slow down the overall iOS experience. This tweak probably only works well, if you are not using other heavy-performance tweaks.

  • Damian W

    i believe that if a kid makes the tweak, then if is gonna be very buggy. Just as it was the case with his previous tweaks. There are some teenage devs from Cydia, and some of them make really cool tweaks. However, they all have one common feature, they are full of bugs or compatibility issues with other tweaks.

    One of the best tweaks ever, Intelliscreen X, was made by experience, mature developers and it never really had a serious bug, if it did, it got fixed right away. If this dev continue his work on iOS, he will do great things in the future.

    • Jason Binet

      All are buggy because teens make them? So wrong, I am 15 old and none of my tweaks contain bugs…

    • Matchstic

      Same here, I’m 17, yet none of mine contain bugs…

      • Damian W

        When you make a tweak like ISX 6 or Zephyr then we can talk about bugs. There is no brainier to make simple tweaks

      • Matchstic

        Challenge accepted 😉 check out Convergance in Cydia once I finish it (ETA: ~November)

  • brantastic

    Yet another old tweak released under a different name. Yay -__-

  • ummmm why the hell do devs keep making the same bring tweaks over and over and over and over when we need a proper working version of back grounder instead,.?? this is so damn lame..

  • i think that clockwind is a lot better. this one is just not consistent at all and I dont like it to much. im going to go back to clock wind because that one fulfills all of my needs the easiest.

  • SuperDev

    This is the developer of the tweak. ClockWind had a lot of issues with performance and battery therefore it was removed. Accelerate works with higher iOS versions (I already wrote that the disable feature may not work properly on higher versions). The disable feature is new and totally awesome, so it is not just the same old tweak. I’ve even added more speed options and this time it does not affect the battery. I’m doing this for free and for the benefit of the jailbreak community so please show some respect. It’s really sad to see what I created so happily for the pure benefit of others be regarded with such comments. It’s the initial release and I agree it has a few bugs which I’m solving today. No one has asked you to download it so please shut up and continue with your business. You don’t qualify to comment “It’s the same tweak again”. It takes a lot of time an effort to make such tweaks and still make it compatible with higher OS versions. If you people can read it offers many more features then the speeding up option.

    • SimonReidy

      Fair call Superdev. Can’t even the imagine the time and effort that goes into coding these things, so regardless of opinions keep up the good work. The download figures will speak for themselves if its a good replacement to previous tweaks.

      Its easy for people to get negative about born-again tweaks (myself included) without meaning anything by it, simply because we’re all the hunt for something new and interesting to install everyday, but I agree there’s no need to be rude about it.

    • I appreciate this tweak. Don’t worry about the peanut gallery. 🙂 If they can only negatively critique without acknowledging your work at least, they’re not worth your time. Problem with people these days are they’re too hungry and unsatisfied and not enough work is appreciated. So keep doing what you’re doing but make it even more better. 🙂

      • SuperDev

        Im not re uploading an old tweak. You would understand if you were a developer, there are huge internal fixes alog with 12-14 more features. Adding more like disabling accelerate in certain apps and separate speeds for some animations. It’s not the same as any other animation tweak

      • SuperDev

        Sorry that was meant for the person below me 😛

    • Damian W

      dont worry, it is always like this. Once you go public you are exposed to the public critique. Nothing personal. We love the tweak.

    • jose castro

      dude its not that… it just this tweak is like all the other ones.. i give you credit good tweak.. but make something that other people don’t come up with already.. seriously there like 4 or 5 different tweaks that ALMOST do the same thing as your tweak.. yes its awesome that its for higher ios version but people get bored of it.. seeing the same thing for older versions of the ios and after a while people just don’t care for it anymore that why people are like this. i would not doubt it if people don’t give you much donations for this tweak. (i hope they do). i said my comment earlier because it reminded me of the other speed clock tweaks…. I am giving you a thumbs up but create something that will blow minds not bore minds.

      • SuperDev

        I don’t accept donations for this tweak.

      • Andreas

        Just to say that it is a great tweak, It has improved the performance of my ipod, and I don´t know if I´m wrong, but I´ve perceived that the games are charging way faster than they did before.
        Congrats, and thank you. I wish to keep finding tweaks from you.

      • Damian W

        at least he creates something. Other Cydia devs stopped doing anything, not even updates.

    • Jason Binet

      You will never get positive comments these days, sad but true. People always, ALWAYS find somethings to complain, 1000% of the time. I know how hard it is to work with objective-c, just ignore them 🙂

  • Before you bitch about the guy’s age, remember how young iH8sn0w was when he came to the game

  • CIRuthleSS

    Accelerate is a BS cydia app…suppose to work w/ all iOS…clockwind was great for me then it was gone. Accelerate does not work w/ Ipod Touch 2G. After Install there is nothing but a blank screen. Im officially pissed…