The iPad mini officially launched on Friday, and much like the online pre-order sale, it looks like initial stock has gone rather quickly. We’ve heard several reports now that many retailers are sold out of the 8-inch tablet.

But don’t worry, if you haven’t gotten your hands on a mini yet, Apple just opened up a new option that could allow you to get the slate next-day. That’s right, you can now reserve the iPad mini for in-store personal pickup…

As noted by BGR, Apple has added the ability to view your local Apple Store’s iPad mini inventory and reserve a unit of your choice for next-day pickup (or whenever its available). Just like with the iPhone 5, the option is available between 10pm and 4am, and the device must be picked up within 24 hours of making the reservation.

This may not be the ideal solution for everyone, but with minis sold out in stores, and shipping estimates for the tablet still showing two weeks online, this is easily your best bet for getting one sooner rather than later.

  • Yeah I went to the Apple Store they also have a sign say you can now reserve for pick up…… which is good I guess….

    • What about this?

      Would you rather wait on the street at 6am? Or even earlier.


      Press the F5 key at 10pm in front of your computer? And go pick it up next day.

      This is how I got 2 of the iPhone 5 on the 4th day since launch.

  • seyss

    iPhone 5 is now being sold UNLOCKED in Canada’s Apple Stores

  • this pick up service is worldwide? or US? in spain the pick up program sucks, there is no way to get an iphone 5 on applestores

    • Check with your local Apple Store.

      In Hong Kong, it is like lottery… someone might get 2 days in a row… some might not…

    • I walked into El Corte Ingles this weekend and purchased iPad mini with no problem. They also had iphone5 in stock.

      • but they are not unlocked you need to buy them with a phone company

  • The iPad mini was sold out within 15 minutes, that’s such a shame Apple.

  • twited21

    My local tesco has plenty in stock anyone want one