Echoing an earlier prediction by BGR India, The Economic Times has it on good authority that Apple is ready to launch the iPhone 5 in the 1.24 billion people market of India this coming Friday, November 2. The App Store now accepts local currency and everything is seemingly ready for the launch as Apple works to achieve its self-imposed goal of bringing the iPhone 5 to a hundred countries across 240 carriers by year’s end. According to web reports, come November 2 the iPhone 5 will also land on store shelves in Bulgaria, Croatia, GreeceMalta, Romania and Thailand and is also expected to hit the Dominican Republic and Mexico…

The article states that Apple originally wanted to launch the handset in India last Friday, but delayed the release by one week. As part of launch preparations, the company last Friday started billing in Indian rupee on the App Store.

The handset could be available across greater number of retailers and is expected to be sold contract-free, beginning at 45,000-50,000 rupees, or more than $850, for the entry-level model with sixteen gigabytes of storage.

It’ll be interesting seeing how the iPhone 5 performs in a country where 220 million handsets are sold per year. Unfortunately, these are mostly sub-$100 prepaid devices and Apple doesn’t have a sub-$100 contract-free iPhone to compete with numerous Android cheapos.

An average income in India is about a $1,000 per year. Excluding India’s upper class and the usual gallery of tycoons, well-paid managers and rich folks, India is also home to the largest concentration of people who live below the World Bank’s international poverty line of $1.25 per day.

Apple’s exorbitant pricing model in India coupled with the premium play that the iPhone still is has cost the company dearly: IDC pegged the iPhone’s second-quarter market share in India at only 1.2 percent of all handset sales, half the level a year earlier, versus a whopping 51 percent for Samsung.

Apple reportedly hasn’t abandoned plans to expand its presence in India by building its own retail outlets in the country, but complicated government regulation has so far proved an insurmountable obstacle.

I’m curious to learn from our readers in India their thoughts on the iPhone 5 availability and pricing in their country.

  • Guest

    I live in India, and have pre-ordered my iPhone 5. For $850. It will be in my hands on 3rd November. I think Apple should lower the prices of not just the iPhone but all products by Apple available in India. Every Mac in India is $460 more than Macs in other countries. I bought the iPhone because I need one to develop iOS Tweaks. I’ve already developed iOS tweaks like Torch, SliderWidth, TestBanner etc. I don’t have any cousins or friends outside India who can get me the iPhone, so had to spend $850 here.

  • Too pricey.almost my 2 months income

    • Jasmeet

      But again it’s Apple. 🙁

  • RS 50,000 for a phone?
    no thank you..
    im good with the ipod touch 4g…..

    although i wanted to upgrade to an iphone :

  • Iphone 5 with a price tag of 45000 is definitely very pricey. Samsung S III comes for 2/3rd of the price or even 1/2 and probably a decent laptop too

  • JetLee

    Quite Late,people who use iPhone regularly here (India) have already purchased their iPhone 5 from nearby countries using ‘grey’ market,

    I got my iPhone from Singapore for Rs.55,000 about one month back,now getting bored with iPhone,planning for Nokia 920!

  • this is very big price for indian peoples .

  • Guest

    I know it’s too prices. But it’s always been the same for all Apple devices in India. Having an apple device in India earns you lot of reputation & class. I m definitely going to upgrade from my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5.

  • Jasmeet

    I know it’s too pricy and it is always expected out of Apple here in India. I have decided to go for iPad(4th gen) instead of upgrading my iPhone 4.

  • Roman

    …Zibreg, you owe me lot of money! I don’t care if you use drugs or what, I just want my money back! I’m tired of chasing you, pick up the phone and send me my money back!! R.

  • Thomas

    “India is also home to the largest concentration of people who live below the World Bank’s international poverty line of $1.25 per day.”

    I really didn’t understand the purpose of adding such a sentence here.

    I feel the percentage of sales of phones, ranging from $350 onwards is very significant in India. And in my humble opinion, a phone will have its rightful share in the market depending on whether or not the the price of the phone is justified by the factors/features that defines the phone.

    No. I’m not saying that the features of the iPhone aren’t good. I’m just saying its way too overpriced.

    And that is exactly the reason for low sales of iPhones in India. Not the poverty line. Or the number of people on, above or below it.

  • Very exp won’t be able to compete with samsung.

  • Srikanth

    I have no idea why this blog talk about “India is also home to the largest concentration of people who live below the World Bank’s international poverty line of $1.25 per day.” while we are discussing about an iPhone.

    Any way I have per ordered 16gb iPhone today.

  • Yuri

    Still no iPhones for South Africa 🙁

  • maverickmax

    its not about the people being able to not afford an iphone..its a problem of carriers not supporting schemes for apple products,,..sad but true

  • dady king

    I love apple so no Dought wt the price is .. It’s a class product .. So m getting one From Mumbai, India

  • luckyarcher

    The reason why Apple’s in India guns a blazing is because the GS3 has made huge inroads into the techie hubs – namely B’lore. They did not go the carrier subsidised way because the earlier carriers deliberately spoilt Apple’s image by screwing up subsidy plans. It turned out that grey market handsets turned out cheaper to run than to get from carriers.

  • I still havn’t got my iPhone 5 in the USA but other countries are getting there’s. Does that make sense.

  • The Galaxy S3 launched here at Rs.40000, so 45500 isn’t that much more to be honest.

    I’ve pre-ordered 2 and will get delivery on the 2nd of November itself.

  • Phone carriers in Mexico already confirmed iPhone 5 for nov 2 and guess what, it’s not as expensive as any other iPhone before. I have a 4 and my contract will be over by August next year, just in time for the 5s or for a vet nice 5 with a reduced price 🙂

  • fan boy

    with 55,000 I can get a IMac.No thanks

  • nikkifromindia

    You idiots remove apple logo from our Nation Flag…

  • Vasantlal Shah

    Although its overpriced in India its reasonable considering tax structure of india and brand name of apple. Apple should price iphone higher compare to s3 just because of their brand image

  • I’ll buy the 64GB version from my store at Delhi, 😛 I’ll get 5% off too 🙂 as I’m already sales Executive ISC from apple. It’s almost in our main storage area

  • Nix

    Cant use the phone to its full potential .
    Maps in iOS6 are POOR !!
    Also Location Reminders dont work ;(