SwipeAway is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to easily kill running apps with a simple swipe within iOS’ App Switcher. The tweak includes two options in the Settings app: the ability to swipe up, or swipe down to invoke the killing measure.

This certainly isn’t the first tweak that allows you to kill all running apps, but it’s likely one of the more intuitive methods for doing so. Take a look at our full video walkthrough inside for all of the details.

As mentioned, SwipeAway contains two gestures to kill all of your running apps. Unfortunately, the swipe down gesture is not as preferred as the swipe up gesture for smaller devices like the iPhone or iPod touch. You can see a good example of why this is in the video above. For a device with more screen real estate like that iPad, then either gesture is be suitable.

As you can see, SwipeAway is far from a complex tweak; it’s a simple effort that does one thing particularly well. If you want to give it a shot for yourself, then check it out on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

SwipeAway is a free download, so if you’re looking for a more convenient method to kill all of your running apps, then it’s certainly worth a try. Be sure to let us know what you think about SwipeAway in the comments section below.

  • jose castro

    its ok but killbackgrounds is better, i like the buttons

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Kicks into safe mode on iOS 6.

    • i agree. 🙁

    • do any app killers work on ios6

      • Matt

        KillBackground works fine without problems.

      • thanks for the info..anyone got an answer for gridlock or infini dock?

      • Matt

        Not supported yet. I don’t know why it takes them so long to update these tweaks, I’m assuming it’s because there’s no untethered JB yet but hopefully it’ll change soon.

  • Jeff, you wrote BigBoss repo, it’s in ModMyi

  • I’ll stick to KillBackground & AlwaysClose. Then i can quickly close all apps, or just the ones i want. And with KillBackground you can filter apps you doesn’t want closed with the button.

  • Eric Morgan

    Doesn’t work with multistory. Causes respring.

  • I used to have a tweak that would let me swipe to kill individual apps – lost it over time, does anyone know the name?

    • I use CloseEnhancer to handle my multitask apps. You can swipe up your apps indivual to close. A really fast way except for pushing a red min the whole time. Plus if you hold your home button for 3 seconds all apps close, I like that faster but it works.

    • czbird

      MultiCleaner can do this as well…

    • SwipeAway version 1.1 now supports killing individual apps…

  • The only thing I don’t like about this tweak is that there are Samsung GS3 ads in the Cydia description. Jk

  • MJ

    awesome app

  • marco1993

    I would rather use killbackground or removebackground. Preferably removebackground because it gives use activator gestures and button control and you can choose how you want to remove multitasking app

  • Toni

    Try ‘removebackground’!

  • This is very intuitive and more seamless than KillBackground. It eliminates the need to put the app switcher icons into wiggle mode. It works great with Zephyr!

  • well i didnt want to kill all apps…. 😀 some apps i really need them to always standby….

    • I’ll talk with Sirifl0w about this feature, thanks!

  • SwipeAway 1.1 is live. I added iOS 6 support and the ability to kill apps one by one.

  • Corey Regan

    No backgrounds for iphone 5 screen size

  • Such a shame it doesnt work with JLauncher… that would have been perfect if you could overide JLauncher’s Loadout and just swipe across the iPod. 🙁

  • jlocicero

    Just found this and I quite like it. Before installing SwipeAway I was using BatteryDoctorPro to kill apps and free RAM. I don’t even know if it was really doing anything, but it played to my OCD and allowed me to have a nice clean App Switcher. I didn’t actually use any of the other features of BatteryDoctorPro (I don’t have much need to turn off radios and other toggles) but I liked its design especially in Notification Center. I like the fact that SwipeAway has no buttons or anything else that shows it is running. It is fairly elegant that way, and faster than killing apps the normal way.

    So killing apps this way, does it have the same effect as killing them the normal “jiggly” way, except faster? That’s all I want. Mainly to satisfy my OCD and neat freak manner. 🙂

  • amar

    use batterydoctorpro the ultimate solution to all these problems…….trust me, do no go by the name