So, the iPad mini is finally here. After all is said and done, the decision to buy one comes down to parting with at least $329 (or as much as $659 for a top-of-the-line model with 64 gigabytes of storage and 4G LTE cellular). You’ve probably read all there is about it, both here at iDB and on Apple’s web site. Today, we won’t ask you to reveal your purchasing decision. Instead, based on Apple’s presentation and web reporting, is the iPad mini everything you hoped for? Cast your vote right below…

And here it is.

That’s a non-scientific poll and it’s meant to be amusing so no jokes about another lack of a YES/NO poll, please.

Per usual, chime in with additional observations right below.

  • Where’s my retina display apple

    • that’s how they get you, if you want retina ya gotta go bigger lol

    • ummmmm…… Well, to be “honest” your “retina” display comes in exactly 1 month when we make THIS model OBSOLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • exactly, not a problem with that

      • iUser2012

        That would happen. Wait next spring. you will have new ipad with better front camera and A5X chipset. (A6X will be reserved for 3rd generation :-)) and current one will disappear from Apple comparison charts but iPad 2 will be still there!!! (that’s what happend to iPad 3 upon yesterday’ release of iPad 3.5)

  • i like it but the price is the killer here. you could spend the extra 70 and get the iPad 2. i think that apple will have a challenge selling this with it being so close in price to a bigger screen iPad 2. aside from the price it looks good.

    • adal.javierxx

      100% agree

    • Doubt it.

  • seyss

    I am the only one wondering if this thing has 2 speakers?

    • just one speaker the other is a mic. its odd b/c the apple web site does not say what it is but that’s my guess.

      • seyss

        the mic is on top according to apple’s technical details page.
        plus on iPhone 5 the bottom mic is smaller than the speaker.
        on ipad mini they both have the same size.

      • the reason its smaller on the iPhone 5 is to accommodate the head phone jack. but i agree. we will have to wait for someone to tear it down and tell us.

    • One a speaker and one a mic for Siri and other things

  • i wanted retina

  • 2Vini

    Coming up next:
    The all new and even smaller Lighting 3 connector 7th generation.

  • It costs $120 more in the UK than it does in the USA. 🙁

  • Really…it’s getting Siri and the iPad 2 is left in the cold…REALLY WTF!!

    • Since the iphone 4 (including it) all devices are capable of getting Siri. But Apple disappoint us so much…

    • iUser2012

      iPad 2 is still on Apple website because they need something “old” to represent shrunk iPad mini and iPad 3.5 with A6X as new on comparison page.
      iPad 2 was technically gone after retina display but they kept it to emphasize new iPad. now they still kept iPad 2 and ditched iPad3 for the sake of iPad 3.5 because nothing really makes it 4th generation and comparison with its true predecessor would only reveal A6x processor and HD front camera nothing else.

      these are Apple’s marketing tactics. I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar moves in the futur.e Be prepared.

  • When they were announcing the A5 chip and no retina I was like its gotta be $200 cause its so outdated on hardware! If you ask me, they blew it.

  • Maybe the price wouldn’t be such a problem if the device had Retina.

    • I was hoping it would start at $399 actually. I’m somewhat disappointed, I think they came in at the low end. I would like for them to maintain high profit margins and a growing stock/share price. The ASP average sale price will come in a little higher, helping profit margins when folks opt for upgraded models. The stock slid on this news but I think it’s short term as folks start to recognize it actually will have a much higher ASP.

    • It would of cost more with a retina

      • I mean: $329 for an iPad mini (Retina included) would be a no-brainer, and I think it’s time for Apple to standarize the Retina display on all iDevices.

      • iUser2012

        it already costs too much despite it is aimed at cheaper product segment with smaller size. retina would have justified the high price even though current ppi rate is 30% less comparing to its rivals

  • abujafer

    I don’t know,,,

  • CollegiateLad

    Can the A5 be jailbroken?

    • Nope, not now. The only jailbreakable devices (tethered) on iOS 6 is A4-devices and 3Gs 🙂 (untethered with old bootroom)

    • iOS 6 no… but as soon as the 4s is jailbroken this will be as well ..
      This is a 4s with out the retina and a larger screen..
      Just like the i5 is a 4s with a larger screen and a A6 chip..

  • All I wanted was a retina display, and I would have been sold.

  • I’m in the apple ecosystem but there is no way i would consider a iPad mini at $329.00 !