As Microsoft is gearing up to launch its highly-anticipated Surface tablet next Friday, October 26 (just three days following Apple’s iPad mini keynote), the company began teasing the public with the first Surface commercial Cody told you about. And now, the Windows maker has officially revealed price points for the tablet: the ARM-based entry-level Surface RT will start at $499 for the 32GB model, the same asking price for Apple’s third-generation iPad with sixteen gigabytes of storage…

The price excludes, however, the Touch Cover which is an optional purchase (available in white, red, black, blue and purple) that will run you an additional $119.99. The Type Cover is ten bucks pricier at $129.99 and is available only in black. If you buy a 64GB Surface RT with a Touch Cover included, the combo will set you back $699.

These prices came via Microsoft’s online store.

The page was briefly available before Microsoft pulled it, but The Verge has been able to screenshot it.

Here’s the aforementioned inaugural Surface commercial.

The Surface RT goes on sale online and across Microsoft’s retail stores on October 26, alongside worldwide release of Windows 8. The device has vapor-deposited (PVD) magnesium chassis, it’s 9.3mm thin, weighs in at 1.5lbs and comes with a built-in kickstand.

The company will hold a Surface press conference on October 25. The Surface for Windows Pro 8 device will debut three months later.

What do you think about the price points?

  • The RT version starts at 499$ but the pro version starts 999$ (no cellular*) the commercial reminds me of the new iPod touch commercial

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Idb should do a versus video 🙂

    • ipad/ios is nothing compared to windows.

      • Lordthree

        Windows in name only. All existing x86 software is now legacy. Windows ecosystem has no software at all. Surface is DOA.

      • Blahfoe

        I agree with you totally i think the Windows tablet is too little too late The ground that they would have to make up it’s tremendous This sounds like something Microsoft should’ve put out a long time ago

  • Apple should get ready cos Microsoft Surface could be their biggest rival ever. As for Google/Android, well this could be your demise if care is not taken. Anyway, I’ll be buying the 32G-Surface and of course my iPad2 can wait behind a little xpecially now that its on ios6.

  • More drop test? NAh just saying

  • lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    This could be a serious contender. Still waiting for a video that actually shows off the features.

  • Its not a tablet unless its an iPad and to make matters worse its Windows…I only spend my money on Apple and ONLY Apple 🙂 Have fun with viruses Micro$oft fans!!!!!

    • Clearly, you’re just an apple fan boy, that knows nothing of technology. I don’t understand people like you. Apple is not the only company that makes great devices. And yes I am an apple fan. I own a MBP, iPad, i’m currently on my 3rd iPhone ( iPhone 5). I prefer the OS yes, but I can still appreciate other devices. I bet you think the GS 3 sucks, when in fact it’s an amazing phone. And the new Windows devices are getting better each year. In fact I hope the Surface does well. After a while, technology gets boring when there is only one maker to chose from.

      • i am a fanboy and i consider anything non apple to be inferior and a waste of time to even look at. Apple has great service…Android has Indians who cant even speak proper English!!! (Im speaking to you too Micro$oft fans!)

      • ExRoot

        Without even seeing it for yourself. Are you people adults? Do most of these responses come from teen boys. Are you parents? Absolute statements like these come from small minds.

        Sorry but jeez…….

      • Clearly you’re a waste of time. Android has indians? Um most of the time you have a technical issue with your phone, you call your phone provider and try to work it out, or you go to the store where you bought it from. And if you’re in america, they speak english. You’re not funny, and your absurd.

      • You find me ANY store that has the level of quality Apple stores have and say that bullshit one more time. NONE because Android is made by fucktards who sell other fucktards like you copycat devices which arent even close to the level of precision and effort that Apple implements when making ANY of their devices. the first iPod looks WAY better than the GS3, which i couldnt give a fuck less about. Call Apple support and you will see that you get an American whereas Android and other PC fans have to call these Indian retards who only know two words in the English language.

      • @facebook-1799657635:disqus This is how ignorant you are. If you even read my posts before. I don’t own an Android, I have an iPhone 5. And if all you care about is how it looks, that proves my point you know nothing of technology, and your opinion is worthless. Internals, the GS3 is remarkable. And runs very smooth. I picked the iPhone 5, because I personally like iOS’s simple layout better than Android’s cluttered widget screens. And iOS has a better selection of apps. But iOS isn’t perfect, and apple has been late on a lot of things. The phone came out without picture messaging. No camera flash on their phone. A terrible notification system, that was then revamped by the influence of Android ( And cydia devs), which some was already around on phones pre-iPhone. Then to top it off, iOS still doesn’t have a better toggle system. It’s annoying having to go into settings to turn on and off wi-fi, bluetooth, brightness, and so forth. I personally was only JB my iPhone 4 for UI-Settings. And i’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. I tend to just leave wi-fi and bluetooth off majority of the time, because of the lack of convenience.

  • notewar

    no offense but i hope i dont have to install antivirus on this beast

    • Blahfoe


  • why would someone buy the 64gb version..??…surface have a micro sd slot, a 64 gb card would cost $30…so for $529 you have 96gb…:)

    • Dan

      64 gb is more in the price range of 80-90 from what I’ve seen on ebay (was shopping for one for my GS3)

      • 32 gb one is for $15 for sure….so $514 for 64gb…;D

  • Is it me or the title of this article title misleading? I was thinking it was going to be about the iPad mini not the windows tablet.

  • ooouuu s..t is Daniel Cloud. Awesome comercial

  • Irfan Tarique

    This is windows RT meaning that it can’t run regular windows apps … It can only tun apps from their own dedicated store

  • Cesar D

    this is a shit.

  • Kurt

    IDB will need to change their name to WinDB 🙂 with these prices, windows is going to take over