Ostium is a new jailbreak tweak that adds a screen splitting animation to Notification Center. The tweak works with a two finger pinch gesture, along with the more traditional slide from status bar gesture.

At first it appeared that the developer was only going to release Ostium for iPad, but iPod touch and iPhone support were added late in the game. I can definitely see the two finger pinch being more suited for the iPad’s larger screen, but as you’ll see, it works reasonable well on the small screen too.

Ostium features a settings app that allows you to disable the split screen effect for the traditional Notification Center gesture (slide from status bar), along with outright disabling the springboard two finger gesture.

There’s also an option to enable Notification Center’s slide animation, for a combination of both styles. Personally, I prefer to leave the slide animation off, because it makes the tweak’s effect more pronounced.

I think it would have been even cooler if the developer added a visual zipper teeth for a true unzip animation, but I’m not sure if that’s what they had in mind in to begin with. I’m just thinking out loud here.

Ostium is available on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for $0.99. If you decide to try it out, let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • JamesR624

    I’m getting sick of the nickel and diming of the jailbreak community. A dollar to get a ONE different animation for the notification center? This along with SO many other fun stuff made useless by it’s price almost make jailbreaking not worth it.

    I’m not trying to troll here, but to get these types of tweaks on android, they’re free because people know the power of community lies in SHARING. Why is it that the jailbreak community feels like Apple or even AT&T when it comes to money?

    I understand big tweaks like intelliscreenx costing a dollar or two but a dollar for NEARLY EVERY SINGLE TWEAK? C’mon. The point of jailbreaking was to free your device, not just transfer all your money giving from Apple (a trusted company) to some random guy living god knows where who’s mostly just reverse engineering and tweaking Apple’s already existing code.

    Yes. I REALLY appreciate all the hard work of jailbreakers, both the tweak makers and crackers, but c’mon. A dollar per tweak that usually is as simple as just adding ONE animation or a new gesture?

    • You’re an idiot. The point of jailbreaking is to “free your device”, as in freedom, not cheap leech everything for free. Even the most basic tweak takes a lot of time and work to make, why shouldn’t they get something for it. Do you work for free? Come on, it’s a $1! No ones forcing you to buy it, and your certainly not entitled to it simply because you managed to follow a Redsn0w tutorial.. As for Android having this type of tweak for free, BS. System level UI customisation (ie. not the launcher) on Android is extremely limited despite what the clueless pimply faced Fandroids might say. Show me any Android tweak that is similar to this. For the record, I think tweak is pointless and won’t be buying it, but doesn’t mean the developer doesn’t have a right to try and sell his work.

      • You are absolutely right. It is entirely up to the developer to create and set the price, and up to you to decide whether you want to buy it or not. Simple as that.

    • David Henderson

      Just wait until it hits xsellize.

      • Stealing stuff like this is just pathetic. I get the justification for stealing stuff from big corps like Adobe and MS. But taking $1 away from some poor guy who’s given up hours of his free time just so you can save ONE DOLLAR is just stupid and beyond cheap. If a dollar is so much maybe it’s time to look for another job.

      • JamesR624

        Oh yeah! Downloading APPLE’S code that someone just modified is HORRIBLE. I really should pay that random person I know nothing about a dollar or two for just taking Apple’s EXISTING CODE and tweaking a couple lines! He totally deserves it!

      • OK, now you’re slowly crossing the line. If it truly was easy as modifying a couple lines of existing code, everyone would be doing it. It isn’t really that easy as you think.

      • That’s not what coding a tweak is, moron. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t post it.

      • JamesR624, You have no idea what you are talking about and just making an idiot out of yourself. Bet you have never coded a thing in your life.

      • Why not you try and sell it for free, genius. Doub you even know what mobileterminal is for.

      • seyss

        cry more. steal = take away. pirate = copy

      • Not gonna, lie that was pretty funny!

        It /was/ a joke, right?

    • I do agree with you about this tweak! Look at BytaFont, if anything that should cost a dollar, or Zepplin. This is kind of a rip, I would not buy it. Maybe someone will? I know that developing even a tweak like this is time consuming and he should get paid for his work if he asks. Its up to the developer to give back to the community, to make his tweaks, themes free. Its not up to the consumer to decide that…lol Just think if we all had our way. Everything would be free. I don`t agree with the price of some items, services or goods. But that`s my choice if I would want to pay for something I may enjoy. Just because you don`t think this tweak is worth a dollar, others may disagree and find it fun to have on their iDevice. A dollar is not much these days, you probably spend more “Dollars” on everyday BS that you don`t even need. So support a developer, people don`t have to develop these tweaks, then were would you be? Stuck with boring ol Plain iOS.

    • It’s a dollar, it’s not like they’re asking twenty bucks for a basic tweak.

      When you get the iOS developing business, why don’t you go ahead and release all your tweaks for free, Mr. experienced developer?

      And, tweaks aren’t designed using “reverse engineered apple code.” They’re designed using code written in Theos, generally, or other methods if that’s that developer’s chizz, but they’re not just someone staring at lines of Apples code and seeing what they can rip from it.

    • I’ll much rather pay for the jailbreak itself, than tiny tweaks, such as this one. If jailbreak can be free, and we all know how much time and effort it takes… Then why can’t small tweaks be free, or at least cheaper?

    • you say android tweaks are free, but be honest….almost all of them look like crap and work like crap. They lack an advancement and creativity.

      • JamesR624

        Oh yeah! I forgot, looking pretty with the right lighting and textures is MUCH more important than functionality. What was I thinking? Oh yeah! I was thinking that tweaks people develop for android for free care more about helping one another than just lining their pockets with cash.

      • yes, the OS should look pretty! If you want to go back to windows 95 be my guest.

        If I were a developer and I spent a month on coding just some cool tweak, I would really love to get paid 1 dollar for it and then go and focus on another new cydia projects.

        Money helps and motivates to do more good than bad.

      • JamesR624, it’s not about looking pretty idiot, it’s about usability (the two just generally go hand-in-hand). Also, if you really think this guys “lining their pockets with cash” by selling this tweak your clearly completely clueless. Making even the most simple tweak like this takes days and he might make a couple hundred bucks from it. So like $1-5/hour. Big whoopy doo. Go back to playing video games and leave the developer talk to people who actually have at least half a clue.

    • The best solution is:
      Release a free version, with no options
      And also release a pro version with customization(like lenght of animations, direction etc.) for eg. 1$
      that sounds the best imho

    • As a tweak developer, I judge work to have its priced judged by the developer on how much work went into it – not what it does.

      If the developer of a tweak which says Hello on the startup of SpringBoard wants to charge for it, but took five days of nonstop work to do it, let he charge what he wants for it. If something like FoldMusic had taken two hours to make, no matter how awesome, I’d have made it free.

      It’s unfair to see stuff that barely took any effort under a price tag – but well, who can prove the developer did almost nothing? Who can prove otherwise? Same way it’s unfair for a worker who produces around $1k in goods a month to get $300 a month (go communism!).

      But well, it’s life. The developer defines the price under his standards, same way every product in capitalism has its price defined by the company which produces it. Will we start complaining about how expensive coffee is, how few effort went into it for coffee to be charged as it is?

      (Personally, I don’t think a tweak like this was hell to make, but I guess it was not easy either)

    • The problem is not just what a tweak does or how much it costs but that so many people pirate tweaks. Most stuff has 97%+ piracy.

  • PathKiller29

    I was thinking about adding something like this to WeeRoll way back when , (like 6-7 months ago) thoughts?

  • This tweak is beautiful and smooth. I’m not sure why do people start a debate over a developer charging a dollar for such a tweak. It’s reasonable, IMHO and it makes going to NC a smoother process. I’m liking it so far.

    Anyway, has anyone encountered a problem where NC page dismisses when you tap at the far end edges of the screen(iPhone)? It becomes difficult to clear any unwanted notification within the NC. I’ve emailed the dev regarding this issue.

  • With this tweak, can I make it so I don’t need to use the slide down/up? Because I like using kbshortcuts and it never works when Notfication Center is on the screen.