It’s easy to get carried away with Tim Cook’s “we’re really sorry” apology to customers over sub-par mapping experience in iOS 6. After all, everyone is holding Apple in high regard as the company has literally become a yardstick of quality for smooth, pleasing software folks actually love to use.

“If the hardware is the brain and the sinew of our products, the software is their soul”, Steve Jobs once said. And when that soul is left in darkness, Apple’s brand gets tarnished. We’ve seen it happen with MobileMe and it sure looks like history is repeating itself as iPhone customer satisfaction drops due to the Maps fiasco.

Or is it a fiasco? Like every misstep of Apple’s, this one feels like it’s been blown way out of proportion by click-hungry, bloodsucking media vampires (Antennagate, anyone?). iDB is curious to hear your thoughts on the Apple Maps situation so I’ve put together an interesting little poll embedded right below…

Cast your vote now and meet us in comments for amusing analysis, should be interesting…

Not sure if you saw Joy of Tech’s take on Mapgate (here and here), but a related Hitler meme is always nice to watch.

Here are a few tweets that caught my attention.

I also love this pro-tip: If you don’t like the new iOS 6 Maps try the Panorama feature in Camera.

I wonder what would make the harsh critics feel better about Maps mistakes.

Perhaps a free bumper case to make their Maps app work better?

Comic via Chainsawsuit.

  • CollegiateLad

    I think life will go on…

  • Timothy Do

    What Apple needs to do is to allow users to downgrade their firmware back to 5.1.1!!!!!!!!

    • You can’t downgrade an iPhone 5

      • Yes you can. It’s called the Galaxy S3. ( shit cubed )

    • CollegiateLad

      No way. I’m not giving up turn by turn. Google hasn’t updated maps on the iPhone since 2007. Meanwhile they were consistently adding features to Android. And to say they care about their ios customers this week was a slap in the face. At least with apple’s solution, we know it will receive frequent updates. I’m glad they ditched Google maps!!! Good riddance.

      • Kurt

        Google did make the crap YouTube app or crap maps app. It was CrApple who did and never updated it. Apple. Not google

  • Obsidian71

    Since when did these reviewers become the re-incarnation of René Descartes? To read the reviewers …suddenly they’re all cartographers. Certainly overblown but every Apple launch has to reveal something negative to talk about. If it wasn’t Maps they’d jump back on to Foxconn Workers or something like that. Negativity sells.

  • well i dont need the pool to prove that Apple fucked up on mapsi’m sticking to IOS 5.1.1 and my iPhone 4S jailbroken with the “same” features as IOS 6 ^–^ LMAOO

    • jose castro


  • Apology is a way to show formality and sincerity. If apple fix the maps then everything would be fine. We can’t blame apple, it’s their first attempt at this!

    • When others do the same thing and release a shitty phone, everyone screams at Google and the manufacturer. But when Apple screws up, here come all the excuses; “it’s their first try”, “service will get better over time”, or even “it works great, you’re using it wrong”…

      Apple is directly responsible for this mess and deserve every bit of criticism.

      • Man. Someone is taking this way too seriously. Get a job or even better, get a girl.

  • VATekMan

    I love how in all the options, there is not… “I think that Apple screwed this one up.. I wish that they would bring back Google…” or anything else along the lines of the fact that people do have the right to be concerned or upset over the change and the apology was warranted and things have not been blow out… interesting….

    Also, this is an interesting article coming from a site that loves to blow out everything pro apple out of proportion.

    • Lol. I thought the exact same thing. We have the ‘Right’ and the ‘Centre’, but the ‘Left’ is missing from this poll. I gotta check to see if this blog is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    • SamsungAppleFan

      Exactly what I thought. Didn’t vote for that biased crap either. This is bs as far as apple goes. They knew before hand this crap was going to happen and released it anyway making it as though the new maps rocked. And now they apologize? Do they really think we’re that naive? Good thing I never will own ios/iphone on my cell phone. It just can’t compete with Samsung. As far as tablet goes, thats another story….

  • Lol. Ppl tripping. It’s not a big deal. It works fine for me.

    • Those who are “tripping” are people who need maps, but they can’t use them, becaue they suck! There are other people on this planet, you know?

      • ThisBrian

        Yeah and it works for other people too, remember there are other people on this planet, you know?

      • What a smartass comeback. Too bad you failed miserably. So freaking what if it works for some or even the majority? Services such as maps (or any other important/popular service) are used by a lot of people and they expect those services to work. If they don’t work for so many people, then yeah, it’s a big freaking deal.

      • ThisBrian

        Oh, I sorry I didn’t know you were part of world order. Make sure at your next word order meeting to tell your followers that the App Store has many more choices to help the masses. You are greatly needed in the informing of all people in all areas of the globe. Keep up the good work leader.

  • I use the maps and just double check the location with googles map on the web if its wrong I send in a complaint of error and I just drop a pin on the place I want the turn by turn to take me

  • Maps have been perfect for me so far. The GUI is much better than G Maps and i really do like Vector-based cartography. Haven’t had a single problem as of yet. I don’t use any other alternatives because i want the default Maps app to get better.

    • Maps aren’t there to look good, but to work good. www idownloadblog com/2012/09/28/poll-apple-maps-apology/#comment-665599000

      • ThisBrian

        Learn to read he said it works perfect for him. Works great for me to, I believe it has issues but in my area no issues so far.

      • It works perfectly for you, but it doesn’t work perfectly for others. Which is the whole point. I don’t think you realize this, but there are other people on this planet, you know?

      • ThisBrian

        Yes there are so move on to your droid planet, there is only one reason you are on this forum and it’s to bash Apple. When everyone can see your droid comments on every article.

      • You’re wrong in thinking how simply because you own their products they should be allowed to do whatever they want with no criticism. Well, I ain’t gonna do that. imageshack us/a/img690/2091/imageywr.jpg

      • Good morning sir,
        Mean’t no dis respect in any manner nor was i speaking for everybody who uses Apple Maps. But I do care about how my apps look, but more so about their functionality, which is where i said that i haven’t had a single problem with the app (GUI or functionality). This comment, in no way, implies that i believe the iPhone is perfect. That is all.

  • jose castro

    stuff happens. its nothing new, there always 1 or 2 problems… nothings perfect.

  • I honestly hate the media so much for blowing things out of proportion.

    Oh shit, the antenna works this time round. Oh hey, they have a new maps app, it must have few bugs in it.

    At least it isn’t hardware related, and can easily be fixed with a software update. Just be patient, honestly, what did you expect? It is Apple’s first attempt at a maps app.

    • SamsungAppleFan

      Dung, just stfu man. Do you even know how long it took google to get to their current level in terms of maps? Apple is not going to “fix” this in a year.. or 2 years… probably a very long time bud. You got something brown on your nose…

      • Wow, you’re really mature arn’t you? I’m happy to wait for 2 or more years for a fully featured map apps with turn by turn navigation, 3D mode and all that other good stuff. What google is doing is denying iOS users from these basic features and functionality, thus widening the gap of features between their own map app for Andriod and Apples.

      • SamsungAppleFan

        So now it’s googles fault…

  • I hope this will drive apple to go back to the drawing board and keep updating maps until it’s flawless.

  • BigDaddy

    People are throwing this apple map thing way out of proportion just like they did with Siri. It is work in progress, it can only get better from here. I understand that people are used to google map but it was missing a lot of things like turn by turn, voice direction. Although android had those features already but since it is a competition, google wouldn’t it come to iOS. You can’t satisfy everybody at once, if it wasn’t for the map, I am sure something else would have come up. Give it a chance and let’s see what it can do.

    • ic0dex

      Thank You! that’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone.

    • Siri has been around for more than a year and it’s still in beta, some people use maps heavily on a day to day basis or let’s say a few times a week, you want them to wait another year for imaps to get better ?

  • Chaotic Buddhist

    This has been blown WAY WAY WAY out of proportion. The desire to break the story that will bring Apple to their knees has led to this. Weeks of stories about how bad the map is. Has anyone tried making a phone call with the thing? It is a phone after all. How about calendars? Tasks? No? We’re just pissed about the new maps app because, what? It isn’t Google’s anymore?
    There is nothing to be mad at. Use the phone or don’t. Don’t like the maps? Don’t upgrade. Don’t like iOS? Go buy something else.
    This shit has to stop.

  • JerseyD

    Way to load every response w a statement that basically says NBD.

  • Apparently, my city only has a couple streets. How convenient! (goo_gl/gy57e) Situation is the same in the city where I’m supposed to move in a few days. (goo_gl/qmYmo) These cities have around 100,000 people each. Well good luck to me finding my way around! Thanks Apple for making my life so easy! I’m seriously starting to regret ever getting an iPhone. Useful and functional cheap ass plastic is far better than useless premium high quality glass and aluminium / stainless steel.

    So… How’s that Google versus Apple thing working out for you all? Is everyone happy now?

    • Kurt

      Samsung should make a truly strong metal bezel (also raised) around their screens on their smartphones. Who cares if it’s plastic or gold as long as it doesn’t affect performance?

  • ic0dex

    Hold on this is the best Tweet from @Jason_Diaz: “We are truly sorry for adding turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, Flyover and vector-based maps. — Tim Cook”

    Seriously people when was Google going to add all of this to the Google Maps App? I feel like a lot of people are just repeating what others are saying out there.

    • True. Since the first iPhone, the Google Maps app has not been majorly updated with any of the new awesome features. Who knows, Google may have never added them for the iPhone. Apple may have just been tired of waiting.

      • ic0dex

        I think it was in 4.0 when they add the street view and that was the lat update.

  • What did iDB ever do before Apple Maps were released? We’ve been getting dozens of articles everyday since iOS6 launched about how “suckish” apple maps are. I’m not defending the app, I agree it needs a lot of work but is there really NOTHING else to blog about?

  • iDB has yet to make a poll with effective response choices. You guys need to get your shit together. What happened to “rate satisfaction of ios 6 maps between 1-5”? At least make sure that the categories are mutually exclusive. I mean, according to this survey, a person can say that they like the new maps, but that means that they dont think mapgate was blown out of proportion? Either have questions mutually exclusive, or allow for multiple choices. All polls on this site have been useless so far

  • Seriously, just as BigDaddy said it has been blown way out of proportion. I actually like the app. Personally it looks better than Google’s. I’ve used it on the 4S since the Gold Master and I don’t have issues with it. I don’t have access to public transit so I don’t complain about that part. Everyone just sounds like a bunch of little kids crying over nothing which is what kids usually do.

  • I don’t mind the maps app. It works fine in chicago. I think it gives apple the opportunity to do maps their way. As long as theres a stand alone Google maps app its ok.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    How about the option where t mentions how apple was arrogant calling their mapping application “best” with their usual

  • prghon

    I think iDonwloadBlog owes us an apology too for messing up this poll.

  • Lets not get sweet here with apple new maps; they were bragging alot about and look what they turn out to be worse than google maps!

  • Apple Maps FAIL! #ILost

  • Nicek1d

    I hope apple is working it’s A off on the next ios update.

  • ThisBrian

    I really like the maps app, works great in my area. I think it looks better and it’s easy to use compared to a lot of navigation apps.

  • pique

    there needs to be an option for “Thanks for the apology now let me I go back to iOS5”

  • Miras safadi

    apple…what are you doing apple?! … apple…… STAHP!!