My favorite iOS browser, Google Chrome, has been updated to support the larger screen size of the iPhone 5. The update accompanies iOS 6 compatibility, as well as the often included stability and security improvements.

All of you who were using Safari in the interim, can now return to your regularly scheduled program.

There will always be a debate over what browser is best on iOS. Purists and speed seekers stick up for Safari due to its superior Javascript engine, and the fact that it’s the stock Apple Internet client. On the other hand, those that appreciate better syncing, bookmarks, and history, tend to be swayed by Chrome.

Whatever camp you were in, there’s no arguing the fact that without full screen support for the iPhone 5, Chrome was a hard sell. Now that that support is there, the conversation becomes interesting again.

Which browser do you prefer?

  • Alex

    Jeff, I have a problem with chrome on my new iPad and my iPhone 4s, when i switch between multiple tabs, chrome tend to refresh the pages every time!!!
    and this cost more bandwidth? removed and re-installed but nothing changed.
    i remember your 100 tabs video noting like that happened with you i think.

    • There’s not enough RAM to hold all the tabs.

      • Bob

        Why can’t the data be temporarily held as storage?

      • David Villamizar

        Because Chrome is not that smart I guess

    • just go to chrome settings and de-activate them -.-

  • when they say ios 6 support i think the facebook share will be now use the ios 6 api

  • Yes, the wait is over !

  • I still prefer Safari because I love using reader, it makes stories a lot easier to read for me.

  • klouud

    ” On the other hand, those that appreciate better syncing, bookmarks, and history, tend to be swayed by Chrome.”

    I use Safari because it does these things better than Chrome IMO

  • I prefer chrome on a jailbroken iPhone. It’s the default broser, and with Nitrous, (i think at least…, but quite honestly, I’m ashamed to say I can’t tell a big difference.) is just as fast as Safari. The UI is just nicer IMO.

  • Muhammad

    For some reason google chrome constantly crashes on my iPad 2 but works perfectly fine on my phone and mac

  • Safari ….

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    need reader for chrome..

  • Funny how I tell everyone I know to never use Chrome for Windows, but I tell those same people Chrome for iOS is the best. At least it was when I was on 5.1.1 and had it jailbroken.

  • RB McKinney

    Still waiting for Dolphin Browser to update 🙁

  • Johnathan Jennings

    They really need to get to updating apps.. Having this big screen and tiny apps Is really bothering me..

  • I prefer Chrome, but, honestly, speed matters too. So, until IOS6 is JB’d on the 5, I’m sticking with Safari. As soon as a JB is available, I’m using Ori and Petrich’s tweaks–along with Nitrous–to make Chrome my default.

  • dady king

    I like crome but I can’t live without safari..

  • I think Chrome’s UI is much better. I like being able to swipe tabs closed also. But I prefer Safari for iCloud tabs. Also, I’m not using Safari on my Mac exclusively (something I never did before) because of double tap to zoom. So convenient when reading a lot of stuff.