Consumer Reports is an 80+ year-old American magazine that publishes reviews and opinions on new consumer products and services. It’s physical publication has more than 7 million monthly subscribers and is highly regarded among shoppers.

The magazine has quite a history with Apple, once giving the iPhone 4 a “cannot recommend status,” back in 2010, and then sensationalizing the iPad 3’s overheating issue earlier this year. But as it turns out, it actually really likes the iPhone 5

From Consumer Reports’ iPhone 5 review:

“The iPhone 5 fulfills its promise as a notable improvement over its fine predecessor, the iPhone 4S, and belongs in the first rank of smart phones…

… By boosting screen size, thinning its profile, and adding 4G LTE access, among other features, his newest iPhone shows every sign of being the most compelling yet.”

But the review wasn’t completely glowing. It pointed out — what else — the new Maps application in iOS 6 as a caveat. CR’s Car team, which reviews all kinds of navigation devices, said the app lacked functionality and suffered from gaps in maps data.

Of course, we already knew that the new Maps app paled in comparison to other GPS applications. Apple’s only been working on it for a few years, at best, and even CR was quick to point out that the service was beta-like, and “likely to improve over time.”

And it doesn’t appear to be bothering consumers at all. Earlier today, Apple announced that it had sold 5 million iPhone 5’s during its opening weekend — a new record for the company.

  • I give it a thumbs up to, I just got mine today after upgrading from a AT&T iPhone 4S to a new Verizon iPhone 5 I can tell a gigantic difference!

  • thatguy63085

    Honestly I’m leaving sprint to go to Verizon next month I’ve been going to a whole bunch of Verizon stores just to do the speed test and I can’t wait this is bye far the best iPhone I had everyone n I can’t wait I’m getting the black one just cause how stealth it looks

    • I’ve jus made the switch to Verizon today! I’m taking my iphone 5 back to sprint in a few days and my new one with Verizon will be in the mail in a few weeks. Sprints data is not getting any faster it is terribly slow. Doesn’t make sense having unlimited data if I can never use it. R.i.p sprint

      • Lol. My supervisor sent me some txts at the end of the work day from her sprint 4S- I didn’t get it till the nxt morning. Lol. I feel sorry for iPhones on sprint. Lol.

    • Mcsquared

      “This is definitley the best iPhone yet”… Stupidest comment that I’ve been seeing far too frequently among these websites. It is obviously the best current iPhone yet.. As the 4S was when it was released, as the 4 was when it was released, as the 3Gs was when it was released, and so on.. They weren’t going to release a phone that was worse than its predecessor..

      • SoCoMagNuM


      • they must come up with the new line with iphone 6. Let us guess what it would be….. The coolest and shiniest iphone yet?

      • Completely agree. However, too often, from experience, new products often are a step-backwards. One of the reasons I am glad Apple occasionally lags and makes the consumer wait–they want to make sure the experience is phenomenal. I am in love with this phone…. better be since I won’t have another one for two years. 😀

      • Kok Hean

        Some prefer the 4 to the 4S since the battery life is bad.

  • I hate iphone 5 it has nothing special to me i say it to myself if the iphone 5 dont have any radical diference i switch to the s3;)but i love my imac iphone 3gs iphone 4 and ipad 3 anyway:)so welcome android

    • SoCoMagNuM

      S3 is great phone. You will enjoy the features and the freedom of customization without having to rely on jailbreaks, reboots, resprings, shsh blobs, custom firmwares, itunes errors, etc. it works out of box. were also getting the jelly bean update in Oct with some performance enhancements.

      • Wipe that cream of your face.Google wants it back. Tell me this, does this looks like a fucking android blog princess.

      • Metroview

        Goddamn it L-O-L! I love you for this comment!

      • Jim P

        They are like caca, they’re everywhere.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        lol. how about you take your own payload to the face. ive been following this blog for many years being that ive supported iDevices since the ipod classic upwards. didnt realize this site only covers apples products (oops it doesnt…not for some time though majority its apple and jailbreak news). this is one of many sites i visit to get the latest news on the devices i follow. just cause i own a different device now doesnt mean i cant visit/comment this PUBLIC blog. hell even Jeff and SP reviewed Adroid devices here. Guy above simply said he invested in a S3 yet he also owns many other iDevices (like myself). just cause we decided not to go with the iPhone 5…dont be so butt hurt about it. its not the end all be all phone cause well….there will be iPhone 5Ss and Galaxy 4s or whatever. Embrace technology and get out your apple tunnel vision.

        why i even wasted precious life explaining myself to you shows that i have faith one day you will be cured of your internet blog entitlement disease that plagues your emotions of sensitive technological subject matters that involve something other than an apple product. your right though. your entitled to your opinion of me but in reality…your opinion mean about just as much ya boy below said…..caca lol. mines prolly mean just as much to you but well… is what it is. my opinion. my comment.

      • you have to realize though dude, even if you mean well, this IS a ios devise page so when you go posting things about your boner for android devices people wont take it too well cause you look like a troll… just saying, i wouldn’t go on a star wars page and start bashing the franchise saying LOTR is better n’ shit. Food for thought.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Yall need to just grow up and be capable of having a healthy discussion on matters you dont agree with. The name calling like 4 year olds just shows lacking on many levels. Broaden your horizons.

      • carolinamic

        Well I hope u enjoy ur S3 on jelly bean because that’ll probably be the only is update it’s compatible with. And having to side load an os update is just as bad if not worst than trying to jailbreak an iPhone.

      • I admit, it sounds really good. I am tired of resprings and reboots which sometimes take forever. Not to mention loops.

      • snj12341

        S3 everywhere? Stop spamming !

    • thedarkknight80

      I don’t understand what you want in “special ” . The iphone 5 bleeds “special ” if you ask me : Best screen , best colors on a screen, most durable in drop tests, fastest mobile gadget in the world, lightest and thinnest, best camera, sexiest looking mobile device, best mobile gaming graphics, best score in benchmark , many great features in ios 6 ( i particulary love the “do not disturb” option ), maps will only improve and still in beta, Need i go on ?

      • SoCoMagNuM

        maybe you should go buy a lambo…i bet you hate the fact that your car is inferior. it has better stats. better engine better speed. its sexy. dont mention price either…you pay for what you get.

        for the record i dont know what car you drive so dont even mention that. its obvious. if you do actually drive one thats awesome lol.
        iphone 5 is not the be all end all phone. everyone has their own taste and expectations. theres few peoplein the world that dont suffer tunnel vision and people that do cant understand why cause all they see is whats in front.

      • thedarkknight80

        that was so deep, i almost cried 🙁

      • SoCoMagNuM

        i tried lol im glad your happy with your phone though. thats what the world needs.

      • Im sorry for my bad english but…To me speciel was iphone 4 beacuz the sexy look nice software ios and i fall in love whit apple but then iphone 4s came out and disapointed me (same look) ok i maybe tought the next iphone (iphone 5) has to be special and the ios too but what?u saw the same motherfu design!so i decides fuc! Iphone5 im go galaxy s3 it has many way bether feautures than iphone!and i know that if the iphone 5 was just 3 inches screen u would say the same thing to me and write the same comment!

  • Word to the wise- b careful with the black one. The back is painted and u can scratch it off easily. Mine got scratched up within the 1st 24hrs I had it. I took it to apple and exchanged it. But there was another issue with it and that’s y they swapped it.

  • I have to wait until october to buy an Ipod touch 5g 🙁

  • carolinamic

    I see a lot of negative comments coming from sprint customers about the data speeds. I’m currently on sprint and in my area it’s up to par with other 3G networks. Besides LTE is coming and I’ll gladly suffer away from my home wifi network instead of suffering in my pocket for over priced data packages.

  • AlgerianUK

    iPhone 5 battrey drains too fast when when phone is not in use. Also every time I try to swipe delete a recent call logs or missed Calls, the iPhone crashes or freezes, Isit just me or has anyone had this problem?

    • are you jailbroken?

      • AlgerianUK

        No am talking about my iPhone 5
        I got 3 of them all with same problem

      • Hey, buddy, I’m algerian, can we make a deal ?
        send me an iphone 5 from there and I pay you whatever you want ?.

        ping me : @toumi2

      • AlgerianUK

        iPhone 5 64gb white or black? You do know there is a 3 weeks waiting time here in the uk