Hmm, what to do with all of that extra screen real estate? How about adding a clock?

For every city you have added to the Weather app, you can now quickly tell the time in that location, courtesy of a new clock positioned right beneath the name of said location.

There are some other subtle differences between the Weather app on the iPhone 5, and previous iPhones as well. Take a look inside as we break it down for you…

iPhone 4S Weather app

iPhone 5 Weather app

Notice the differences between the hourly forecast. The “hourly” link on the iPhone 4S is replaced with the current time for the location, and the hourly forecast is in an always opened horizontal scroll menu, instead of a list like previous iPhones. On the iPhone 5, you can’t close the hourly forecast with a tap, it’s always available.

Now you have another convenient spot to tell the time for your favorite locations. Of course, the Clock app is still available, but it’s nice to be able to kill two birds with one stone if you need to know the weather too.

What do you think about the newly updated weather app?

  • Felipe Moscoso Cruz

    I guess the iPhone 4 doesn’t have enough horsepower to support this…

    • ic0dex

      I hate it when Apple does crap like this but we all know why, so you can buy the iPhone 5. This goes for all of the iPhone 4 owners.

      • KewlDewd

        You hate it when Apple does what? Updates their weather app to take advantage of the larger screen? Yeah, that just chaps my hide.

      • Ashton Pal

        That person means they hate when Apple adds features that won’t be available to older iOS devices forcing people to buy their new products.

      • KewlDewd

        Right, and I was attempting to explain that this isn’t one of those situations.

      • I’m sorry to hear that your old iPhone is obsolete now that the Weather app has been minority changed.

      • Ashton Pal

        @twitter-406714108:disqus : Old iPhone? I have the 4S and that is not “obsolete.” You must not have anything better to say if you’re going to claim that once a new iPhone is released, everything else before it is obsolete. If Apple released another iPhone for Christmas, the iPhone 5 would become obsolete too. Am I correct?

      • Apple would never release an iPhone at Christmas. Never happened, so your comment doesn’t make sense.

      • kevin

        the screens bigger? is your screen as big as an i5?

      • Ashton Pal

        @disqus_gRxor0I9oT:disqus: “the screens bigger?” Why are you questioning that. Your comment does not make sense.

  • ReanimationXP

    Could have and should have been updated on the 4S app. Is this iOS 6’s weather app or iPhone 5 only?

    • iPhone 5 only, since the screen is longer the hourly forecast is able to always be visible on screen.

      • ReanimationXP

        Make the top graphic a bit smaller, move the “updated” and Yahoo nonsense to off-screen, bam.

        “Hourly” doesn’t appear to be a link anyway. Not sure why it’s not the time to begin with.

    • They’re showing 2 different versions of the iOS 6 Weather app… The one with the time is iPhone 5 only, though

      • ReanimationXP

        I caught that.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Yup. I’m totally convinced now, the iphone 5 is REVOLUTIONARY!!!! Zong hourly weather!!!

  • this is just mind blowing!

  • Cedric

    Apple Manager: There’s too much whitespace within the weather app running on an iPhone 5!

    Apple Software Developer: Let’s add some useless crap to the app!

    Apple Manager: Got any ideas?

    Apple Developer: Sure. What about the local time?

    Apple Manager: Do it!

    • No Whammy

      10 people don’t have an iPhone 5.

  • @dongiuj

    A swiss world clock.

  • shinx2ran

    if they improve the whole new camera (liquid lens, if possible) I would happily switch to 5. heheh

  • I guess my 3GS won’t have that right
    -jk 😀

    • Kurt

      iPad 1 sure doesn’t.FU Apple

  • Simple aNd smart ,)

  • musl1m

    for me the new weather app on iphone 5 doesn’t let me check the weather hourly for the other days listed like it does on previous models

  • tyyy

    ummmmm the iPhone 4S has this…

  • Martin N

    mine keeps showing “Weather unavailable” yet everything else is working fine – any ideas?

  • pj4me

    Personally, I think you’re all getting too excited over nothing. LOL So they make a little change to the weather app. Big deal. I think it’s funny how everyone argues that “mine is better.” LOL And they’re all iPhones! Lol So who cares if it’s a 4, 4S, or 5 — any one of them are just fine. I do have an iphone 5, but was very happy with my 4!! I didn’t buy me the 5, my family did because they all have them. As soon as you upgrade, tomorrow there is something better. So who cares about keeping up with the iPhone Jones’! LOL