Human nature is generally tricky, sometimes odd and quite often hard to fathom. One of the more awesome ways of observing us mammals and our peculiar interest in valuable objects is the classic dollar-bill-on-a-string trick.

Surely you remember this one from your childhood: some joker attaches a string to the underside of a dollar bill and hides behind a corner. Then, when you reach down for it, the person yanks it away. But that’s so last century.

A more contemporary take on that classic formula: stick an iPhone 5 to the pavement in one of Amsterdam’s busiest squares and watch what happens…

Bragging rights for this prank rightfully belong to the team (via The Next Web).

By the way, that’s a nice (and inexpensive, dare I say) idea to get exposure, guys!

As you know, Amsterdam is home to one of Apple’s prettiest stores in the world, here’s what its interior looks like.

As for this prank, my favorite has gotta be a random guy at mark 1:48 who first casually looks over his shoulder to see if anyone noticed anything. Then, he walks hesitantly around the device a bit as he gathers courage to pick it up as if this somehow was his “lost” iPhone 5.

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  • lol, that guy was shady. Trying to playing it off …smh

  • jose castro

    that is a waist of a perfectly brand new phone

  • Those girls who are jumping on the phone, are stupid. Why you jump on the phone dumbass?!

    • Ikr? Look at that whore that runs away when she notices the guys coming for her. Fucking humans, will you ever learn?

      • umm you humans need to accept that humans are jus animals with over sized brains..

      • Hyr3m

        and iPhones are just phones with oversized pricetags.

      • >This. /thread

      • Indeed, they are. Good point. However, like I… you speak as if you are not one of them ¿ Yet then you say “umm you humans..” as if you’re saying that I, am but an animal with a big brain. /curious…

  • lol

  • Looked like it was only the shell. It wouldn’t be that expensive if you could purchase a shell and fill it with something hard.

  • not the real one, more like a dummy from china (US$20)

  • Love it wish i was there.

  • Would have been cooler if they had glued it face up and let people use it on the ground (if it was a real iPhone 5). Like have the camera app open and let people take pictures of themselves.

  • I would of got a hammer and a chizzle the front is a easy to replace

  • Kids used to do this at my high school with quarters.

  • my iPhone home button doesn’t function at ALL … HELP!!!!

    • Christian Mejía

      Go to you’re setting app and go to general>accessibility>assistive touch> turn it on and you could use a virtual home button

    • jailbreak your phone and install zephyr!….or order a home button from ifixit and replace it yourself!….

  • Swear to god people are fucking stupid, someone else could of bought that iphone

    • KewlDewd

      Could of? Who is the stupid one? Plus, your point makes no sense.

      • In a sense that doing this to it vs actualy fucking using it is ACTUALY a fucking waste of money… Now tell me, who’s stupid? I say whoever bought the phone jut to superglue it to the ground for his entertainment. Stupid humans, how ever will you fucking evolve.

      • Ps: faggot

  • The Apple logo on real iPhone 5’s is not chrome like in the video. that’s a fake.

  • Fake iPhone

  • Kurt

    The idea is so funny but the video wasn’t really funny unfortunately