The iPhone 5: super-glued on one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam

Human nature is generally tricky, sometimes odd and quite often hard to fathom. One of the more awesome ways of observing us mammals and our peculiar interest in valuable objects is the classic dollar-bill-on-a-string trick.

Surely you remember this one from your childhood: some joker attaches a string to the underside of a dollar bill and hides behind a corner. Then, when you reach down for it, the person yanks it away. But that’s so last century.

A more contemporary take on that classic formula: stick an iPhone 5 to the pavement in one of Amsterdam’s busiest squares and watch what happens…

Bragging rights for this prank rightfully belong to the team (via The Next Web).

By the way, that’s a nice (and inexpensive, dare I say) idea to get exposure, guys!

As you know, Amsterdam is home to one of Apple’s prettiest stores in the world, here’s what its interior looks like.

As for this prank, my favorite has gotta be a random guy at mark 1:48 who first casually looks over his shoulder to see if anyone noticed anything. Then, he walks hesitantly around the device a bit as he gathers courage to pick it up as if this somehow was his “lost” iPhone 5.

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