According to iOS hacker Joshua Hill aka p0sixninja, many security vulnerabilities have been stamped out in iOS 6.

Earlier today, Hill tweeted that pod2g’s SMS exploit was among one of the security issues addressed.

It was back in August that the bug was initially brought to light by hacker pod2g, but as it turns out, it was more of an issue with the underlying framework of SMS, rather than the iPhone itself. It just so happens that the way the iPhone displays SMS messages made potentially made the vulnerability easier to exploit.

I guess we can all rest a little easier tonight knowing that Apple has our back, wouldn’t you say?

  • JerseyD

    Here’s a question. After I activate my iPhone 5 will restoring my 4S prevent future iMessages from going to it? I remember you reporting a bug that if you get a new phone iMessage can still go to your old device.

    • log out of iMessage if you dont want it to receive them (if your getting rid of it, log out, THEN restore) if you want to get the messages on both, just stay signed in on both.

    • I think you have to make sure that your 4S isn’t signed in to your iMessage account under the Messages settings and it should be ok. But don’t take my word for it. This is also going to be my first time encountering this issue when I also get the iPhone 5 (hopefully) on Friday.

  • Abhi M

    But I think they have put one more bug while fixing it. After installing ios 6, the real alert messages from my Credit card, other utility bills stopped displaying on my phone screen.. Whenever I try to open messages it will display blank screen.

  • notewar

    Thumb up if your iPhone 5 is being delivered TMR!!!!!

  • My messages don’t look like this. What theme is this?

  • sonia

    Hi, mine is iphone 4s. I just upgraded the iOS6. My problem is Messages (not isms) when i read are shown blank. Not the SMS of my contact list but those are SMS which i receive with number as for eg TD044053 ( or something with 8 digits). I dont know what to do.. Please help.