Apple added the Spotlight search tool to iOS back in 2009, with version 3.0. The page, which can be accessed by swiping to the left of the Home screen, allows you to search through the content on your device.

While it’s a nice idea, the feature itself has long been criticized for its limited functionality. Compared to its counterpart in Mac OS X, Spotlight for iOS is pretty hindered. Perhaps this is how it should work…

The above concept video was put together by designer Cody Sanfilippo, and it demonstrates his vision for how Spotlight should work. He believes that by including things like categorized search results and in-window action buttons, Spotlight would become more useful than it currently is.

But as cool is this may be, it’s more than likely going to fall on deaf ears with Apple. There haven’t been any recent updates to the feature, outside of iOS 6 adding folder labels, and Siri can already perform most of its tasks.

At any rate, we like the thinking here. Maybe the idea will make its way into a future jailbreak tweak. Or maybe one already exists.

What do you think of the Spotlight concept?


  • LOVE IT !

  • Get a job at Apple. NOW!

  • louie

    Jailbreak tweak time! will work well on the iphone 5 once it can be JB

    • keegandonley

      on the taller 4″ screen there would be just enough space!

  • lovely, alright our folks over at cydia should get working

  • Now that is awesome, I wish Apple would do something like this with Spotlight on iOS because the way it is now is pretty much useless.

    • JamesR624

      They shouldnt even call it Spotlight. Spotlight on OSX is a powerfull search engine to find exactly what you want on your mac. This is just a small filtering system with no actuall search or productivity tools. I’m sorry but every time I use OSX, it reminds me just how fucking crippled mobile OS’s are. Hell, even a highly customized android rom is still complete crap compared to the powerful file and application featues on OSX.

      Unfortunetly, I’d hoped iOS would eventually become as powerful as OSX but it’s going the opposite way. Instead, they’re dumbing down OSX to match iOS.

  • Spotlight is useless to me.
    That’s why I install the NoSpot jailbreak tweak on cydia !!!
    Problem solved !!

    • Or just don’t swipe to it on your homescreen? lol.

      • Not really. You can still accidentally activate Spotlight by pressing the home button. I don’t use Spotlight either and wish Apple moved it to the Notification Center. The thing I don’t like about NoSpot is that it doesn’t have the rubberband bounce and makes my iPhone feel like an Android.

  • Awsome !

  • I see this being implemented in iOS 12, if implemented at all. What kind of the most advanced mobile operating system on the planet requires jailbreaking, Cydia and tweaks?

    • mnm0071980

      Is that why Android users have to root their phones in order to get the latest software update, when their phone has the specs for it in the first place and Android and Google won’t give it to them?

      • OK, first of all, saying “Android and Google won’t give it to them” is like saying “iOS and Apple won’t update this and that”. It makes no sense. Android is an operating system made by Google, just like iOS is made by Apple.

        Second, Nexus S, an official, pure Google experience smartphone came out 2 years ago, and it has officially been updated to Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android, back in July, over the air.

        Third and last, ones to blame for lack of updates are OEMs. Google doesn’t create those skins on top of Android (which later only delay updates). OEMs do, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.. Blaming Google for that is equivalent to blaming Apple for shitty Cydia tweaks.

      • sdgsdgsdfg

        Can’t we all just get along?! Apple and Android systems both have it’s flaws. Can we not just leave it at that?

      • Yes, BOTH have flaws. You’re absolutely right. Can’t we all be realistic and accept that?

      • sdgsdgsdfg

        Yes. Yes WE can!

      • Dave_Lui

        @Tr1pTr0p,Truly said but you intrigued a doubt in me, why only Google’s Official Nexus carries the royalty to get all+latest updates first? Isn’t that a way to attract people towards buying their Officially tagged device, where as other Devices with better Specs are lagging behind under different Brand name.
        Google can roll-out Upgrades universally to at least high end devices.
        Where as Apple on other hand does it perfectly well, even for a Device which was launched in 2009.
        As for OEMS, they don’t *completely* change Android OS, but mostly “UI Launchers”. I’m just considering the fact, why OEMs get too much delay being on ‘Open’ OS too.

      • It goes far deeper than just a launcher. Some OEM Android versions are so deeply skinned they can’t and will never be updated. In many cases, it’s pure business. Why should they update every year, when they could sell you a new phone? I hate that attitude, but hey, business is business. Even Apple once charged for iPod OS updat.
        Google supports and develops an open OS. Others use it, completely lock it down, customize it and don’t later on support it. I really don’t see how can that be Google’s fault. It’s like blaming Apple for not supporting Cydia. It’s unofficial software, and it is up to it’s creator / developer to support it.

      • Dave_Lui

        @Tr1pTr0p:disqus, That was insightful mate 🙂

      • mnm0071980

        What you said in the beginning makes zero sense, but okay.

        Apple update their phones, no? The 3GS is how old now? It’s going to get iOS 6. The idea that only so many of Android phones run on Jellybean when they have the specs for it is sad, and they are how recent? People – the ones who want to put the time into it – have to root and run a custom rom to experience what should have sold with the phone.
        Why did the GS3 ship with Ice Cream and not their new OS? All of these Android phones do that, forcing people to wait on a new software already out when their phone was shipped, yet it doesn’t come with it.
        People may say that Apple milks people for new phones once a year, but Android milks people to buy new phones more than once a year just to receive an update. And that makes it worst that only the Nexus S had Jelly Bean, yet the newer phones went backwards and shipped with an older OS. Make sense? Not to me.

        I blame Google and Android because isn’t it their software? And how can you blame Apple for Cydia tweaks when Apple has nothing to do with Cydia?

        Just face the facts: You guys buy your update software, we still get it even after 3 years.

      • Why is this so hard to understand? When Samsung creates a skin for Android, that Android is no longer the same. For example… Ubuntu is developed by Canonical. There is also Lubuntu, which is developed by the open source community. It’s based on Ubuntu, just much lighter and overall different. Do you expect Canonical to support Lubuntu? No, because it is not official software by Canonical. So why do you expect Google to support unofficial Android?

        “Why did the GS3 ship with Ice Cream and not their new OS?” Maybe they began working on it before Jelly Bean came out? Again, how can Google be blamed for unofficial software?

        “…Apple milks people […] Android milks people…” Android is not a company, but a product. Please, get it through your head already. Thanks. If you’d actually pay attention to these things, you’d notice how vast majority of devices are refreshed yearly. Only difference being the timing. What you see are Android phones coming out every month, but is actually happening are new and refreshed Android devices by different manufacturers. That is the beauty of Android, plenty of competition and choice for consumers.

        “…how can you blame Apple for Cydia tweaks…” I’m not blaming Apple, that’s why I’m trying to say. I’m pointing out how Apple cannot be blamed for anything regarding Cydia. The same goes for blaming Google for not updating an HTC phone with Sense on it. It makes no sense. Pun intended.
        Also, saying how you “blame Android” for anything is nonsensical. Again, Android is a product. Would you blame iOS for not supporting iPhone 3G, or would you blame the developer – Apple?

        “…You guys buy your update software…” You guys? I’m an iPhone guy, just fyi. And no, Nexus S owners didn’t buy their software update, they got it for free, several months ago, over the air. A feature that has been on Android for 2+ years, but only added in iOS 5. But hey, that’s a different topic. For now, just face the fact, you’re factually wrong in almost everything you said.

      • Guest

        haha, you write all that crap (i didn’t read it by the way) and all you get is a bunch of thumbs downs. (maybe not a bunch but still) hahaha

      • This article is pretty much dead, so I assume the only ones who downvoted my comment are you and the person I replied to. Don’t you think that’s pathetic? You created more than 5 sock accounts just to downvote and flag my comments on that other article, and now you’re listing through my comment history and replying to old comments. Please, just get a fucking life.

  • Come on jailbreak community lets get this made!!

  • I never use Spotlight, but with these features it would become very attractive to use!

  • Move this to Notification Center so it can be easily accessible from anywhere!

  • Nice. That wud b awesome.

  • Quick somebody should but a patient on this!!!! Lolol

  • Nice I really like this idea. By default I always disable Spotlight because the function was useless and was a memory hog. Now if they implement this into a jailbreak tweak, I might consider to use Spotlight again.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    This makes me miss Jan-Michael Cart’s concept videos:/

  • William Worlde

    Not quite sure what you’re talking about! I’ve got a 3GS running 5.1.1 and tested the features you said were missing up until 2:24 just because I got tired, as Spotlight did everything up to that point that you said it should have!
    Exactly how do you folks come up with these reports?! You’re supposed to be the experts. AND, if there are features after where I stopped at 2:24, THOSE are the ones your article should have highlighted.
    Another mindless piece of “reporting”, a term I’m using VERY generously!

  • i wish this was real for iOS6

  • Andy

    I feel like that would get extremely cluttered and you’d have to scroll through multiple pages of apps. This is the reason why I delete everything in my task switcher.

  • They should at least work on their app switcher
    Double tapping the home button is anoying

  • I would love a jailbreak tweak rather than apple makes it

  • Zorvage

    I smell a JB tweak!

  • Video not available in Germany…music blabla …

  • LOVE this concept. If this doesn’t come out for iOS, it needs to be in Cydia. Can’t WAIT for this. This is EXACTLY what Apple needs to do – Apple prides itself on CREATING demand, well, if people don’t use Spotlight now, Apple should WANT people to use it, and this is a GREAT way. Excellent Work!

  • Oxx

    Apple will ne er go for it, its too complicated for most of the retards that use the iphone

    • Kurt

      not to be rude to them, but you are so correct

  • Kurt

    apple needs to take cues from other companies and start innovating. its fine and dandy that so many people are followers and want the same as everyone else and don’t want change, but a lot more people do want change and don’t want the same-good, but not great OS experience

  • Miras safadi

    it’s awesome! apple should totally do it, because it will be done via jailbreak it will make the idevice slow