When Apple unveiled its new smartphone last week, it also announced some changes to its iPhone lineup. For starters, the 16GB iPhone 4S is going to drop to just $99 with a two year contract.

In addition, the company is also getting rid of the 3GS, making the iPhone 4 its $0 offering. But according to some new information, it doesn’t look like all providers are going to carry it…

9to5Mac reported earlier this evening that Sprint is going to be removing the iPhone 4 from its lineup starting September 21st, the same day that the above-mentioned pricing is to go into effect.

We can now confirm the information, as iDB has gotten its hands on Sprint’s internal iPhone 5 Launch Guide. In it, the carrier tells its employees that the iPhone 4 will be removed from its Planogram, or pricing catalogue, this week with “more information and instructions” to follow soon.

There’s a good chance that Sprint is removing the handset because it can’t afford to eat the $500+ subsidy on each one. Remember, Sprint is the last of the big three carriers offering unlimited data.

Apple did say that the free iPhone 4 would only be available on select carriers. So it’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes down over the next few weeks, at Sprint and at other wireless providers.

  • Interesting. Also, Sprint doesn’t offer any kind of early upgrade, infact, after I have to shell out $650 plus tax for the cheapest iphone 5, Sprint still wants to add on an upgrade fee. Looks like they’re trying to make up for unlimited data in more areas than one.

    • Barbie Clancy

      You can get an early upgrade with Sprint with as much as 1or 2 months before your date to upgrade. I have done it.

  • Fuck me, that is shit!

    My iPhone 5 upgrade is costing me £0 with O2UK.

  • $print $ucks! The reason I’m dropping them as soon as I can… They are only concerned about maximizing profits, and giving sluggish as hell 3G coverage. Don’t get me wrong, AT&T is guilty of trying to squeeze money out of every pore, but at least they give more reliable service. I believe this will push more customers off of Sprint. A lot of people want an iPhone, and limiting your customers to Android freebies will definitely turn some people off.

  • I imagine that Sprint will simply re-allocate all of it’s iPhone 4 devices to Virgin Mobile and continue selling them at retail price

  • KikaidaO1

    The iPhone 4 works on Sprint? I thought the 4S was the first iPhone that Sprint offered?