Starting with the iPhone 5, Apple is going to be changing the dock connectors in all of its future iOS products. The new Lightning plug will be replacing the decade-old 30-pin connector.

Worried that all of your old speaker docks will become obsolete? Don’t be. You can either purchase a 30-pin to Lightning adapter, which Apple sells for $29, or you can grab the auris…

The auris is a new Bluetooth music receiver that plugs directly into any 30-pin speaker dock, allowing you to continue to use it to play music from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

It’s small, about the size of an iPod shuffle, and doesn’t require any batteries. It also takes advantage of the new low-power Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and can store up to 8 paired gadgets.

Tochkraft, the developers behind the auris, says that they already have a fully functioning prototype. And they have taken to Kickstarter to try and raise $40,000 to start mass production. If you’re interested in helping fund the project, $27 puts you on the pre-order list.

As I was writing about the auris, I discovered that there were already similar products on the market. Well then what I’m about to say applies to them as well, what an utterly fantastic idea.

What do you think of the auris?

  • I think im the only square person that uses a Bluetooth still… but i cant leave home without it. Smart invention!

  • I think the main problem with bluetooth receivers is the audio fidelity, or specifically the lack of it. The success of this little gizmo depends on it

  • Cool

  • cruzcontrol1001

    While my dock has Bluetooth and 30 pin connector. I would like to dock my new iPhone with it as usual so I bought Apple’s adapter for 30 bucks. I just can’t justify spending another 200-500 dollars for a new one after just buying the 64 gb iPhone. I think buying the connector is more logical. If it doesn’t work well with the new connector then I will be investing in a new dock station. We will see how that works out.

  • Nice.

  • chjode

    Similar Bluetooth 30pin receivers are available on eBay for $12.

    • yeah but they are only bluetooth 2.0 which is a huge difference to 4.0 –> the range is so much bigger on 4.0 !

      • chjode

        Ah, good point!

      • disqus_lXqRpUMvSb

        not with this model it only has a 2m range

  • ch

    The biggest oversight here is the ability to charge your phone when it’s docked…

    • smtp25

      Agreed, your bluetooth dongle stays charged while your phone goes flat AND now you can’t have your phone sitting in your dock where it logically belongs, Want to change the track, find your phone :/

  • Pair with pear anyone?

    • I think i would of liked the pair one myself, it seems better quality. I will be getting one of these because of the new dock connector.

  • These products have been out for at least a couple of years now.

  • Nice !!!

  • Mike G

    The problem with these devices is they will not work unless your dock is plugged in. The batteries (even rechargeable batteries) cannot power the receiver.
    I purchased a similar product and tried it on several docks and would only work if plugged in to an outlet or USB. If your speaker dock is always connected to an electrical outlet, they work fine. if you have portable docking speakers such as the Logitech Pure-Fi 2 or Memorex Party Cube and use in battery-mode, the receiver will not work.
    CoolStream has a similar product so I contacted them and they indicated the same information as the i-Wave brand I purchased…the dock must be plugged in.

  • disqus_lXqRpUMvSb

    It doesn’t work out of a 2m radius…….Poor product…..