Wow…it looks like the inventory for the first round of iPhone 5 pre-orders on Apple’s online store has already been completely exhausted. Now, whenever you try to pre-order, you get a message saying that the iPhone 5 will ship in 2 weeks, instead of arriving on September 21st like it originally stated.

The question now is, how much will the shipping times continue to increase as the day wears on? We’re barely an hour over the initially availability, and the shipping time is already at two weeks? Either Apple didn’t have enough inventory for demand, or this launch by far exceeds last years iPhone 4S debut.

What’s your experience been like with ordering? Were you able to successfully grab one?

  • Kok Hean


  • Lame, couldn’t even get through the site till 3ish

  • is better to order through the carrier you choose… it took nearly an hour with AT&T but got it done

  • looks like if I am going to try and get the 5 i wont be ordering it online now

  • JerseyD

    Wow. That was fast. lol at my friends who said ‘I’ll just do it in the morning’

    I ordered 2 from apple had to order the 3rd from AT&T due to a 2 phone limit

  • Ordered 64 GB white AT&T from Apple Store iPhone app. 3 retires. Went right thru. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cruzcontrol1001

    I had a buddy tell me he’d order his when he wakes up in the morning. I guess he will be pissed today and next Friday. I’m glad I got mine.

  • Just ordered mine on apple store app. Said delivered by the 21st.

  • I got mine about 10 minutes ago with will deliver on the 21st

  • sdffsdfd

    ordering the iphone 5 was just he worst online ordering experience ever and now I stayed up to get it and my order just says 2 weeks

  • I got a reservation with Apple……….idk if it was pushed back

    • any idea if my reservation (made at 12:13 AM PST) falls in this category?

  • As I started the checkout process it was still Sept. 21 within 2-3 mins until I checked out it was updated to 2 weeks on my receipt. T_T sad panda… well at least I’m getting it in a still reasonable time, so that’s a positive in my book.

    • Ker

      I bought 2 one says 21st and the other 2weeks ugggh I guess it’ll be kinda like a continued Christmas lol!

  • I tried to order this morning (UK Site) and bank kept declining payment. Sorted that out and now ordered mine.

    The UK site STILL shows as shipping on 21st Sept! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • hey guyes IS THERE AN international IPHONE 5 . because i couldnt find it on the pre-order page?? any help?

  • Thank GOD I was on time! I ordered 2 from Apple and one from Sprint! 1 week baby!

  • Scott Hankes

    order was completed by 12:04

  • Ordered through carrier and said its be 21st

  • Ker

    Both apple site and AT&T site were jammed went to apple app and bought two one says delivered 21st the second says ship two weeks…pretty positive I did my number for the second ๐Ÿ™ sad panda. Would it matter the number if I just took it to the store when I got It and said I want this number on it instead?!

  • Dan Y

    I preordered at verizon site at 3:30 am est. and had super smooth transaction. Said delivery on 21st

  • So close but yet do far.

  • I’m glad I got my order in within seconds … = )

  • Just order it and it said two weeks but when i change from 16 to 32 gig it showed will deliver by 21 now idk when exactly im getting it ๐Ÿ™

  • Melvco

    For what it’s worth, it seems that (at 2:15 am PST) both Verizon and AT&T are still showing ship dates of 9/21. Not sure if it’s just an inventory glitch or what, but worth looking into.

    • Yeah I ordered mine on AT&T since Apples says two weeks do carriers have a different supply that are shipped to their customers or something.

  • one of the first guys! it took me like 4 minutes to pre order on at&t! yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lucky! I sat and tried for about 30 minutes then gave up and went to apple’s site. No problem there. AT&T’s servers suck ass apparently.

  • It still says “Coming soon” on our(Czech) Apple store. The 4S 16GB dropped 50$ to 700$ and the 4 is 8GB for 475$.
    Seems too pricey for me still. We’ll see if the prices drop a little bit more after they unveil the price of 5.

  • 2 Days after the event nobody talks about
    – the the iPad 7 inch
    – the fact that they use a custom port instead of MicroUSB (Industrial Standard)

  • Wow, in the first hour they alredy sold out all iPhone 5 for the 21th! O.o

  • Amber Pacific

    Does anyone know if the iphone 5 is already shipped in australia? Mine’s still saying processing and i was one of the first to get it.

  • AT&T site says it will arrive on the 21st, not sure whether to risk it, or risk standing in line.

  • ThisBrian

    Has anyone received confirmation emails yet, I ordered mine right when the bell opened on the Apple Store App. It gave me a confirmation number but no date on the confirmation page. Seems like it would be automated to send you a confirmation email right after you ordered, but it seems like it took a couple of day last year if I remember correctly.

  • I stayed up till 2:40 A.M trying to pre-order from AT&T website, but it was so bogged down with all the traffic it was IMPOSSIBLE to do my upgrade. So i went to Apples website and upgraded my line (luckily they are linked with your at&t account) with no problem and says it will be delivered on the 21st! Glad I stayed up late last night to order.

  • im pacific coast so stayed up til 12:01… the site was down for maintainence forever. then i ordered mine. getting it the 21st oh yea baby!

  • U ordered at 6am

  • Falk M.

    Ordered mine already.
    64GB black… Yummy, come to papa! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • This happens with every products launch of any company: low initial stock, then it builds up. Not really sure why people are surprised.

  • I got on the apple app at 12:01am by 12:05 am I had ordered my two iPhone 5s. That was fast.

  • My confirmation says deliver on 21st

  • i have a quick question, anyone please reply. i ordered in iphone 5 as of last week, i was just wondering for those who had ordered and recieved their iphone 5s, did it take up to 14 days to be JUST shipped or thats how long it takes to be shipped AND delivered?