iTunes, Apple’s more than a decade old jukebox and digital content management software, could be updated today alongside the iPhone, iPod and possibly iMac and the AirPort wireless base station lineup.

This comes by way of search engine queries that also revealed the iPhone 5 name earlier today alongside LTE, new iPod touches and revamped nanos.

This information aligns nicely with a Bloomberg report earlier in the summer which claimed iTunes would receive a substantial makeover by year’s end…

9to5Mac editor Seth Weintraub has some interesting intelligence on iTunes 11:

From high-level AppleCare employees, currently training for iTunes 11, we’ve heard the new digital player has been re-designed from the ground up and is much sleeker and faster.

The upcoming update may also explain the wonkiness of the App Store over the past week or so.

It is a high time that Apple reboots the sluggish resource hog that is iTunes, wouldn’t you agree?

  • rosssimpson

    Can’t wait 🙂

  • On Windows iTunes can be really unstable. I think its a good time for a refresh.

  • Make it work properly on Windows.

  • Yes.

  • I still wish I could load music on my phone without the use of iTunes or an alternative. I’d much rather use Explorer to browse my phone’s directory, get to the music folder and drag and drop my songs there.

    Maybe iTunes 11 will perform better under Windows 8 than the current version of iTunes.

  • My PC died yesterday, dammit!

  • JerseyD

    Does anybody have inconsitency w wifi sync on PC? Most times my iPhone doesn’t show up but others it’s just there and works flawlessly

  • Finally!!!
    Ps, commenting on here from safari on iPhone is ridiculous.

  • ReanimationXP

    It’s a good thing redsn0w can do restores on its’ own now.. or at least I think it can, and at least with the current iPhones.

    My lunch money says they take away or unintentionally break our ability to install custom ipsw or use SHSH’s.

  • rohta

    I do hope so. It is incredible how awful iTunes is since its inception, in completely opposite of what Apple always states. It is ugly, doesn’t “just work” and is sluggish.