Apple website confirms iPhone 5 name, LTE, iTunes 11, new iPod touch and iPod Nano

Who would believe that Apple’s own website could be such a great source of information when it comes to finding out what we can expect from today’s event?

As if there were any doubts that the new iPhone will indeed be called the “iPhone 5“, a quick search on Apple’s website gives us the confirmation we need…

Unfortunately, the links return a 404 error for the time being but it’s safe to say that those pages will be live by the end of today’s event.

But it doesn’t stop here. If you search for “LTE”, you’ll also be served a link to this page, which isn’t live either for the moment. A search for “iTunes 11” and “new iPod touch” returns similar results as well.

Soon this won’t matter anymore as we’ll have the news told directly from Tim Cook. Stay tuned, we’ll be covering the event to the word!

[via 9to5mac]