16GB iPhone 4S now just $99, 8GB iPhone 4 is free, 3GS is a goner

By , Sep 12, 2012

As we expected, Apple introduced some new price points for its current iPhone lineup alongside the new iPhone 5. As we just reported, Apple’s new handset starts at the usual $199.

This has effectively pushed all of the previous iPhone models down a peg on Apple’s list of smartphone models. The 3GS is gone, and the iPhone 4 is now available for free…

That’s right, at participating carriers, you’ll be able to snag the 8GB iPhone 4 for $0 on contract, similar to the way you could with the 3GS. It’s going to be hard to find a better free smartphone out there.

Likewise, Apple has dropped the 16GB iPhone 4S down to just $99 with a two-year agreement. Again, I dare you to find a better smartphone on the market that’s under $100 without being in a promotion.

Apple says it has “the best phones at every price point.”

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  • Ray V

    You would have to be an idiot not to take this offer. iPhone 4 for FREE lol. Forget that 5.

  • im upgrading to a iphone 4S! Glad i waited, Craigslist here i come!

  • disqusted

    Uhm. What about the 32GB iPhone 4S? I agree about screw the iPhone 5, but 16GB isn’t enough. I was hoping to sell my iPhone 4 (32GB) and get a 4S (32GB), essentially doing a parallel upgrade for free pretty much. I figured a 32GB 4S would be about $200, which is what I could sell this for. I’d be able to upgrade a little and break even. I’m not getting a 5, though.

  • Raghab Mukherjee

    someone ship me one of those IPHONE 4S in India. its too costly here.

  • duy anh

    How to buy iphone 4

  • coolbuddyiash

    hi this is iash from india and i also want an iphone 4s as it is certainly very costly here