Apple has seeded iOS 6 GM (Gold Master) to developers this afternoon. The GM version of software is typically the final beta release, used by devs to work out all the kinks before Apple pushes it out to the general public.

And if you happen to be a part of Apple’s iOS developer program, you can find iOS 6 GM in the dev center. Apple has also posted Xcode 4.5 GM. We’re downloading now, and will report back with anything noteworthy.

  • Any news on a torrent for non-devs?

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  • looking for one now lol

  • Mac Kiser

    Download Link for members without a dev account?

  • Metroview

    Come on iMZDL….

    EDIT: Download links are coming up there! 3GS and iPhone 4 so far! Waiting on 4S links!

    • are the link also for non-devs without a registered UDID?

      • Metroview

        I’ve gotten the GM of iOS 5 from them last time and didn’t need to have a registered UDID. This GM is highly likely to be the exact same as the one releasing in a few days.

      • so i’ll wait a confirm just to be 100% sure, but in the meantime i’ll start downloading it, thanks 🙂

      • Metroview

        Confirming that iOS 6 installs with no problem! I just did it! You do NOT need to buy a UDID registration to install it from their site! 😀

      • AWESOME!

      • Marco

        How to install IOS 6 GM ?

      • Metroview

        Same as you do with any other IPSW. Shift (Windows) or ALT key (OSX) and click restore in iTunes.

  • OTA?

    • Ricardo Batista

      Over the air

    • Ricardo, i know what it means I was asking can we update via OTA…


  • i found a link to the GM its at sinfuliphone web site im downloading the torrent now the file size is 912mb and i will see if it works. update: the download did work.

  • Is Passbook functional?

    • Metroview

      No. Neither is Genius in the AppStore yet. Those should be functional by the time iOS 6 officially releases.

      • Genius in the AppStore works just fine in the last Dev version before GM…