iOS 6 GM

How to jailbreak iOS 6 GM with RedSn0w

iOS 6 GM was released yesterday, and it was shortly followed up by a release of the RedSn0w 0.9.13dev4 jailbreak tool.

Again, as with all RedSn0w releases for the iOS 6 beta, this tethered jailbreak will not install Cydia, but instead provides SSH access for developers.

Take a look inside for our full walkthrough that shows how to jailbreak iOS 6 GM with RedSn0w...

Apple explains new UDID replacement in iOS 6

Apple took a lot of heat over their UDID system earlier this year when it was discovered that some developers were misusing the information. And the criticism amplified a few weeks ago when hackers published a list of over a million device IDs.

In response to the hack, Apple released a statement saying that it was going to be replacing the UDID in iOS 6, and was banning the future use of the data. That replacement is called Advertising Identifier, and Apple introduces it in iOS 6 GM...

RedSn0w updated with support for iOS 6 GM

Apple seeded the final beta of its new mobile operating system to developers yesterday, iOS 6 GM. The update included a new Panorama mode for the iPhone 4S, and the standard bug fixes.

And like clockwork, the Dev Team has posted a new version of RedSn0w to support the release. So for all of you folks out there with A4 devices running iOS 6 GM, you can now jailbreak...

Apple seeds iOS 6 GM to developers

Apple has seeded iOS 6 GM (Gold Master) to developers this afternoon. The GM version of software is typically the final beta release, used by devs to work out all the kinks before Apple pushes it out to the general public.

And if you happen to be a part of Apple's iOS developer program, you can find iOS 6 GM in the dev center. Apple has also posted Xcode 4.5 GM. We're downloading now, and will report back with anything noteworthy.