RedSn0w updated with support for iOS 6 GM

Apple seeded the final beta of its new mobile operating system to developers yesterday, iOS 6 GM. The update included a new Panorama mode for the iPhone 4S, and the standard bug fixes.

And like clockwork, the Dev Team has posted a new version of RedSn0w to support the release. So for all of you folks out there with A4 devices running iOS 6 GM, you can now jailbreak

From the Dev Team’s blog:

“The “dev4” version covers all the betas and yesterday’s 6.0 GM seed. There are some remaining issues with Cydia and fundamental modules like PreferenceLoader, so it remains an openssh-style developer-only release only for now!”

Yeah, you’re going to want to keep in mind that this version of RedSn0w will not install Cydia for you. And even if you manually installed it, a lot of packages and things are still broken.

The good news here is that it appears that the Dev Team is continuing to make progress with iOS 6. But there are obviously still many hurdles to clear. For example, right now, only A4 devices can be jailbroken. And things like an untether, and support for A5, and A6 devices are still unknown.

For most of you, we just recommend saving your SHSH blobs and staying away from iOS 6 right now. But if you’re determined to jailbreak, you can find the new RedSn0w on our Downloads page.