Today’s event isn’t just about the new iPhone. Apple’s Greg Joswiak is now on stage talking about new iPod products. First up was the all-new iPod nano with bluetooth and multitouch. And now we have a new iPod touch.

This is the fifth-generation of Apple’s popular mp3 player, and they’ve decided to give it a bit of a makeover. At 6.1 mm, it’s the thinnest iPod touch Apple has ever made. And it has the same 4-inch display as the new iPhone…

But the new touch doesn’t just talk the talk, Apple also gave it the guts to walk the walk. The device now features the company’s dual-core A5 chip, which features both a dual-core processor and dual-core graphics. The battery life in the iPod touch has also been enhanced — to support 40 hours of music playback.

As for cameras, the iPod touch now has a 5mp sensor, with backside illumination and all of Apple’s other iSight goodies like a Hybrid IR filter and Five-element lens. Autofocus and an LED flash are also onboard, as is the new Panorama photo mode. And the FaceTime camera is now on par with the iPhone, at 720p.

Also in line with the iPhone is the iPod touch’s wireless capabilities. It features the same 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi radio as the handset, and is now compatible with Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring feature.

Other details worth mentioning are that the new touch is compatible with Siri (not just dictation), and it will come in several new colors. Apple has also introduced the rumored “loop” accessory which is essentially a wristrap.

How much, you ask? Apple is keeping around the 16GB fourth generation iPod touch at $199. And the new iPod touch will retail for $299, for the 32GB model, and $399 for the the 64GB one.

Well, what do you think of the new iPod touch?


    I think this is a better buy for people who have an iphone 4S.

  • Hahaha no mini iPad like I said!

    • Lordthree

      iPad mini isn’t supposed to be announced till October. Way to go on calling the obvious tho. Did you also predict they wouldn’t be launching iPhone 9?

  • Skem

    Not as disappointing as the iPhone 5.

    • yep.

    • yes this is a great ipod but the iPhone 5 is long and ugly an lame..

    • Completely agree. I love that there’s now more of a color choice, and this has MAJOR improvements. This is a job well done. Apple gets kudos for this 🙂

    • Hyr3m

      Indeed! Crapple should stick to making portable music players with lower-than-average sound quality! At least they look somewhat good… I would consider this if they didn’t put a stupid lightning connector on it ^^. I’m not buying anything from crapple until they make it USM with a micro-usb3 connector.

  • Lordthree

    The corners look a little odd on the front facing pictures….

    • I noticed that too. Because of the angle, maybe. The strap?

  • Kok Hean

    For iPhone 4S users.

  • iFuture

    looks better than the iphone 5

  • Wow. I think I would rather have the new iPod Touch 5th gen instead of iPhone 5. Hmnn..

  • Shadowlink

    Ipod touch for 300??
    Hmm ipod touch or wiiu
    Wiiiu no contest

    • @joe ok…. your loss

      • Shadowlink

        My loss wtf??? Please fanboy dont make me laugh lmfao

      • Wii U sucks 4 hours of battery life,welcome to idownloadblog a blog for people interested in apple

    • wiiu is lame as hell

      • Shadowlink

        Ok BRO go play your cod games on your xbox with your boys 😉 and saying its lame is almost hypoctritical since its similar to the ipad well the controller at least. Makes me laugh that people are “loyal” to one company, but whatever there is no reasoning you can do here in this damn blog with nothing but fanboys

      • f96lrs

        if u dont like fanboys get off the site

  • Gerber

    Buying this bcuz I have a 4s. Does it come in black though?

    • yeah the black model also has a black front panel

  • shadyside4fyr

    No A6 chip?

  • WTF prices are the same has a contract iPhone 5 lol. Apple you smoking something?

    • Hyr3m

      They are ! I don’t know what it is but I think I want some ’cause it looks like some pretty fucked up shit ^^

  • Dominique Ovalle

    will the itouch 5g get a $199 version

  • wow! i will buy iphone 5 and ipod 5 too. te best phone never created.

    it have siri too
    just a pokerface

  • It looks pretty awesome. But now they took away the 8 gb so it won’t cost $200,
    it will now be $300 cuz now they have 16 gb and the rest are the same.
    Also i hear that they are making a strap so you can attach it and it supposedly won’t fly across the room or street.
    And Siri is supposed to be a tool.

    PS: The silver circle is the thing where the string attached.


  • Anaiya

    It look so good I want that of Christmas haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa