File this one under “odd.” A theory started floating around earlier this year regarding why Siri was limited to the iPhone 4S. It had something to do with a noise reduction technology from Audience, called “EarSmart,” which allowed the phone to pickup sound from a couple of feet away.

But according to a recent press release from Audience, it doesn’t look like the company’s EarSmart technology is going to make it into the next iPhone. It says that due to events that occurred over the last few weeks, it feels it’s “unlikely” that Apple will use the tech in its new smartphone…

From the press release:

“Audience sells processors and licenses its processor IP to Apple Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries (collectively, OEM) for inclusion in the OEM’s mobile phones pursuant to a Master Development and Supply Agreement (MDSA). Pursuant to a statement of work under the MDSA, amended in March 2012, Audience developed and licensed a new generation of processor IP for use in the OEM’s devices. However, the OEM is not obligated to use Audience’s processor IP.

Audience now believes that it is unlikely that the OEM will enable Audience’s processor IP in its next generation mobile phone. Audience is not aware of any intended changes by this OEM to its use of Audience’s processors or processor IP in prior generations of the OEM’s mobile phones.”

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. For one, we’re curious as to what Apple will use instead of Audience’s noise suppression technology. Is it building its own solution? And two, what is this going to do to Audience? Apple is considered to be one of the company’s largest clients.

“Peter Santos, president and chief executive officer, commented, “While we are disappointed by this development, we are confident in the diversification of our business and see sustainable growth in 2012 and beyond. As such we are raising guidance for the third quarter of 2012. Looking ahead, we believe our expansion into adjacent markets such as Smart TVs, automotive, and notebooks, will continue to bring growth in 2013 and beyond.”

It’s crazy to think that losing Apple as a customer can cause this kind of stress. As MacRumors pointed out on Thursday, Audience’s stock was down more than 40% following the news.

For Apple to replace Audience’s tech means that it has something better in mind. So again, we’re interested to see what it has come up with. Maybe there will be more surprises next week than we thought.

  • We will just sit and wait for apple to release every single thing about the new iphone

  • seyss

    “the future of voice is hear” … FAIL slogan

    • Artur Gromulski

      Lol, u failed. It’s made on purpose…

      • seyss

        Still fail

  • It might have something to do with that little chip on the back of the screen that we keep seeing

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Maybe a much improved Siri, where she knows who’s talking to her.

  • What? Siri works for my iphone 4?!? They just kept it for the 4S so that people would buy it!!!

  • disqusted

    Are you sure that noise cancellation was their excuse? Just wondering because that’s the purpose of the second pinhole mic at the top by the headphone jack. Maybe it was echo reduction? Had something to do with noise or speakerphone.

    Also the ability to pick up a voice from a few feet away?! The iPhone 4’s mic is more sensitive than a clit, LOL… It will pick you up from across the room, easily. In fact, put your iPhone 4 on speakerphone and see how far away you can get and the person on the line still hear you clearly. The answer is “really far”. So if that was their official excuse, pick something less easy to call BS on. As said, it’s already been seen that Siri actually WILL work on an iPhone 4. The other guy had if right, it’s called “what other incentive do people have to upgrade from 4-> 4S?” Techies might appreciate doubled memory and A4-> A5 processor upgrade, but your average person could care less about that. What your average idiot WILL do, though, is definitely tell the salesman: “I want the one with Siri in it!”