You have to feel for Samsung, it’s had a pretty rough week. First, it lost a high-profile patent suit to Apple which will cost it in upwards of $1 billion. And now it’s facing a US sales ban on 8 devices.

But this should help ease the pain: a Tokyo judge has just handed Samsung a court victory, ruling that its phones and tablets do not violate Apple’s patent related to music and video syncing…

Reuters reports:

“A Tokyo court ruled on Friday that Samsung Electronic’s mobile devices did not violate an Apple Inc patent, awarding the South Korean firm a victory a week after it lost a landmark patent case in the United States.”

The patent in question has to do with Apple’s technology it uses for syncing media content between iOS, and other devices. And it obviously felt that Samsung stole the idea, but the court didn’t.

In addition to the no-infringement ruling, Apple has also been ordered by Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji to pay all lawyer fees and other costs related to the lawsuit it filed late last year.

AllThingsD has a statement from Samsung:

“We welcome the court’s decision, which confirmed our long-held position that our products do not infringe Apple’s intellectual property. We will continue to offer highly innovative products to consumers, and continue our contributions towards the mobile industry’s development.”

While this is undoubtedly a sweet victory for the South Korean company, don’t expect it to rest on its laurels. Samsung is said to be working on a major legal counterattack against Apple, and plans to sue the iPad-maker as soon as it releases its next-gen iPhone over LTE patents.

  • Kok Hean

    What goes around comes around?

  • No more Obama

    apple loses in germany, the netherlands, the UK, korea, japan. but they somehow win in a court in silicon valley. do you see where i’m going with this?

    • Home country. plus I think there is more then just what we heard on news.

      • No more Obama

        i think its more than home country. if it were in texas, or another part of the country, not in apple’s neck of the woods or, should i say desert…i think it wouldn’t have come down the same way.

      • Yes, that must be right.

      • “should i say desert” … that explains pretty much why (probably) Apple had a different case there. Last time I check, all the tech masters and companies live in California.. not in Texas. In texas Apple (or other tech company) probably needed to make a pistol smartphone to win any case…

      • cruzcontrol1001

        I agree where did all these trolls come they need to go back under there bridge.

      • Yes, we are trolls because we aren’t 100% fanboys like you two. I love technology and gadgets… I have two iMacs, had the 3GS, the 4, the 4S. Just sold my iPad 2… got an Apple TV 3 after I gave my dad my Apple TV 2. I even had a Newton way back in the day. So I am not an Apple hater by any means. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to be critical of them when I think they are in the wrong. If that makes me a troll, then so be it. I will wear that title as a badge of honor. I refuse to blindly follow anything, be it a company or religion or a person. I will question things I do not agree with.

      • cruzcontrol1001

        Hey look what what the dog brought in. It’s funny how you take such offense to being called a troll. I hope you feel better now that you put your two cents though I’m just stating the obvious. I hope you know that you don’t me and have no idea what the fuck I do don’t have so next time think real hard Before you say such dumb shit.

      • No more Obama

        nope it’s all about the jurors being biased

      • Come on. Being biased is not having any evidence of copy and punish Samsung. But I think you know, deep inside, that even a child with 3 years old or less can spot very easily all Samsung cloned stuff.

        We all know that Samsung went to far. The list is so huge that I still think that Apple are being very friendly with them, because seriously, they could easily sue Samsung not only with those patents, but from plagiarism too. Take a lot on tha latest Samsung Slate Series and tell me that Samsung designers got inspired by the water too…

      • No more Obama

        take a look at the 2006 prada phone from LG. where do you think the iphone 4 got its look from?you know he bezel, flat back (iphone 4 looks better of course)…macbook air? from a 2004 sony viao. apple copies all the time. get off your high horse. apple got so many ridiculous patents because of people being biased towards apple. be objective like me. i like apple products too. im just honest. be honest with yourself. you can argue with people on this blog all you want, but at least be honest with yourself. it’s healthy.

        tell apple they shouldn’t sue samsung outside of silicon valley because they just keep on losing. all the other courts say the same thing. samsung didn’t copy and apple needs to pay legal fees or damages

      • Did you saw at least the Apple iPhone prototypes much older than the Prada one? Wich BTW was introduced in 2007 and not 2006 like you said, like the first iPhone was, so, Apple copied LG in just a few days?! Did you realize that the Sony Vaio 2004 doesnt look at all a Macbook, they only have a similar keyboard? And I actually know pretty well this because I owned one of those sony’s laptop.

        I mean.. jesus… I really hope that I got the change to send you the big list from what Samsung as already copied from Apple.

      • I think a 3 year old is smart enough to know that you can’t claim ownership over something that is not yours. Apple did not invent shiny rounded corners on rectangles. A green icon with a phone handset on it. Well let’s patent that and call it revo-freaking-lutionary!

        The jury apparently couldn’t figure out that Samsung and LG had smart phones out with similar shapes to the iPhone before the iPhone came out. Apparently they had their head too far up their Apple loving asses to see that multi-touch and pinch to zoom was being demoed before Apple ever released the iPhone. The jury blatantly refused to see prior art. I agree that the jury was biased based on location. The trial should have been outside of California. Hell, make it Kansas or Wisconsin… make sure the jury isn’t patent holders or have any other ties that would definitely point to biasness.

      • Samsung copy Apple in more than just one device, so shoud be sued. Chinese copies are bad enough, now having a big brand copying other brand it’s sad and stupid. And more stupid are the people who defend them. Period

      • But you guys act like Apple never copies either. They are as guilty as the next guy. Shall I remind you of this?

        “Picasso had a saying: ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal.’ We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas…I think part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on it were musicians, poets, artists, zoologists and historians who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world.” – Steve Jobs 1994

      • Apple never copied shameless like Samsung does. It’s not just the iPad and iPhone.. it’s almost the entire apple products that they have ripped-off.

        And second, do you know what mens
        “Good artists copy, great artists steal”?

        It’s not literal saying that “we” should make copies or clones. It’s about getting inspired by great ideas but make them look different, being better, improve them, not making a “so obvious copy”.

        And when Steve Jobs mentioned that was because of the Xerox idea (where he bought that idea because Xerox didn’t believe on their own project). But he never copied or cloned what Xerox did. It was a unfinished, alpha project… and not even a Operative System, just a concept. He said that all computers should work like that and made the Apple OS with a GUI. But if you see both, theres nothing that look like what Xerox did. And second, he bought the idea, trading with Apple stocks… and third, he praises and give credits to Xerox about that idea. Exactly on the video where you found that.

        That my friend, it’s not stealing or cloning, like Samsung did.

        1. They copy with no shame.
        2. They don’t admite that.
        3. They don’t respect at all the patents that other companies own.

      • The fanboyism is strong in this one

      • No more Obama

        if @Int3nsive:disqus could marry steve jobs ashes, he would.

      • I will just leave this here…

        “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs

      • Stealing great ideas doesn’t mean “being copycat”.
        You really think that Picasso / Steve Jobs meant that “literally”?! lol

        Apple owns some ideas, other they pay to use them. Apple have paid millions and millions to use patents that they don’t own.

        Because if they don’t, they get sued. But from your logic.. “Ow, Silly Apple.. why you bought SIRI if you could just stole the idea from SIRI Corp”.

      • No more Obama

        excatly…you may not be able to reason with int3nsive but you proved your point to everyone else who read it.

      • Samsung had to pay Apple money and had it’s products banned in South Korea, it’s home country.

      • No more Obama

        both companies lost here in korea. but in the states the biased jury threw out samsungs case and award apple whatever they wanted. it wouldn’t have been that way if it were in another part of the country.

      • I was just adding on to the “home countries should protect their companies” bs. And again (this is seriously like the tenth time), something I stated as fact was downvoted. And what’s worse, is that it was for Apple. Wow people.

      • No more Obama

        i voted you up broski. i for one don’t mind a little biased behavior as its understandable, albeit it’s wrong. but the way it was in silicon valley is just awful. here in korea they punished both companies, which surprised me. i thought koreans would be overtly biased. amongst my friends, my fellow americans are the obnoxious ones being so unfair and ridiculous about this. treated samsung as a thief going into a store and stealing candy.

      • I was surprised South Korea punished them too, but from what was shown here in the US, it was clear both companies copied each other, and copied Sony as well. I just find it ridiculous that only Samsung was punished here, yet everywhere else it’s been Apple or both of them punished. As an American, I’m completely ashamed of our justice system right now.

      • No more Obama

        same here, not a proud day to be an American

    • Except the patents in question are different, case to case.

      • TheAntman217

        Thank you for being intelligent. You get a +1 from me 🙂

      • No more Obama

        you obviously replied to the wrong person haha

      • TheAntman217


  • usotsuki

    of course they will, otherwise who is stopping apple from suing Japanese phone makers next (Sharp, Toshiba, Sony, NEC etc..)

  • Thedarkmaster

    The last sentence of this article shows what path Samsung are taking. Saying they will sue over LTE patents when the next iPhone is out sounds like a patent troll rather than an innovative company

    • Geeks on Hugs

      Apple will reap what it has sown.

      Live by the lawsuit, die by the lawsuit.

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Do more before 9 am than most people do all day.

      It’s the quicker picker upper.

      Did somebody say McDonald’s?

  • I really wish apple lost this time

  • So usa is the only normal country in the world? Since its over there apple wins and thats where all these crazy patents come from. And the rest of the world are wrong? Makes sense

    • Cloning stuff is only normal to fandroids, south koreans and chinese peolple. Patente are ment to protect intelectual propriety. Something that samsung and their friends doesnt know. Btw samsung wasnt banned only in usa last time i check…

      • No more Obama

        after apple steals from others, apple clones its self year after year. “think different” don’t you mean “think the same”
        into the 6th year of iOS and it looks exactly the same. even the ugly scroll bar in mac OS has the same look for about 15 years(blue white stripes)…’think different’ is laughable
        i want apple to think different. i want apple to wow me, i want apple not to release the third gen of the iphone 4

      • Yes sure. Its on apple dna. Every device they have is a clone. Ugly blue scroll bar after 15 years its the same… Sure you know apple very well… Lol.. Thank you for enlight us with your such, deep, experience you have.

      • No more Obama

        thanks for admitting that buddy. you’re not such a flaming fanboy after all

      • Which other countries that didnt lift the bans? Phone sales never got affected in any of those cases. My point still stands