If you’re getting as tired of all of the patent lawsuits as we are, then you’ll happy to hear that Google and Apple have opened the lines of communications regarding intellectual property matters.

A new report is out this morning claiming that Tim Cook, and Google’s CEO Larry Page, have been involved in behind-the-scene talks over a range of things, including mobile patent disputes…

Reuters has the scoop:

“Google Inc CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim CEO Tim Cook have been conducting behind-the-scenes conversations about a range of intellectual property matters, including the ongoing mobile patent disputes between the companies, according to people familiar with the matter.

The two chief executives had a phone conversation last week, the sources said. Discussions involving lower-level officials of the two companies are also ongoing.”

One of Reuter’s sources says that one possible outcome of the negotiations is some kind of truce involving disputes over basic features and functions in Google’s Android operating system. But it’s not clear if Cook and Page are discussing a broad settlement, or something more specific.

The news of the talks certainly comes at an interesting time, as tensions between Apple and Google are running high. Not only has Apple recently started publicly distancing itself from the search giant, but its recent scuffle with Samsung is believed to be a warmup for their inevitable court battle.

Either way, we’re just glad it’s happening. Imagine a world where Apple and Android partners compete for customers in the smartphone space without all of the litigation. Hey, it could happen.

What are your thoughts on Cook and Page talking?

  • Mads Teland

    There is something wrong writed on this post, please fix that πŸ™‚

    • WHAT?

      • Mads Teland

        Google Inc CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim CEO Tim Cook have been conducting behind-the-scenes conversations about a range of intellectual property matters, including the ongoing mobile patent disputes between the companies, according to people familiar with the matter.
        The two chief executives had a phone conversation last week, the sources said. Discussions involving lower-level officials of the two companies are also ongoing.”
        If you see that “Google Inc CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim CEO Cook”, that’s wrong writed πŸ˜‰

    • Geeks on Hugs


  • Geeks on Hugs

    Don’t negotiate with the old and evil ways of Apple Larry. They are snakes, don’t trust them.. Jobs declared Nuclear War on you. Dig in and fight. You will only embolden them to continue to abuse and bully.

    Apple employees and customers are by and large good people but the leadership were hand selected by a psychopath and groomed for paranoia, deception and a lust for top down central control of markets, regulators, employers, customers and competitors. Apple is in bed with autocratic regimes to aide their selfish ambition.

    Despite having the highest prices of any products in the market they work their laborers to suicide to reap every cent they can out of the hands of the worlds poorest and most oppressed people. They are evil. You won’t out snake the snakes.

    • macboy74

      Yeah and Google are saints. Come on,

      • “dont be evil” …. then silently steal data from people around the world over wifi…

      • Geeks on Hugs

        No question that was wrong but its not on par with Apple’s depraved behavior.

      • No, Google in fact is worst. Apple don’t sell our privacy because that’s not how they earn money. Apple devices are expensive compared to some Android devices? For sure. But that’s the Apple model to make profit.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        OMG you got a targeted add. That’s just as bad slavery.

        Once Apple stops employing slave labor we can begin discussing any kind of moral equivalence.

      • Dont talk crap. The same company that buid iphones in china is the same where almost any pc and mobile industry are. Even the 3 big console games… Dont be hypocrite because theres 100% chance that your use one of those devices…

      • Heatfan316

        I see you haven’t changed a bit macboy, Tim and Larry are probably trying make things better so the two can co-exist without litigation, but no macboy is a Steve Jobs suck ass and still wants war.

      • macboy74

        That’s right I have not and will never change. And I’m a little disappointed that Tim is even speaking to that half baked fag. You’d think with all the money this privacy hoarding fag has he would se a dentist. It’s a good thing Google has had success with their iOS ripoff os called android and they didn’t stay with their original coping of the blackberry os and their device form factor.

      • Heatfan316

        Typical sheep, if you had cerebral angiography it come back lookin like contents of a construction site bathroom! Yeah I’m saying your brain looks like shit because you talk a lot of shit. The sgs3 is starting to take smartphone sales away from Apple and since Samsung has been found guilty of infringement here in the US(nowhere else) sales have skyrocketed, Apple will eventually dig itself into a hole it’s inevitable and you’ll be looking like a dumb ass as usual:)

      • macboy74

        Typical isheep blah blah blah. What are you two years old?

        “Yeah I’m saying your brain looks like shit because you talk a lot of shit”
        You wish you were as smart as me buddy. I have a masters in engineering bring it on. We can’t all be fry cooks like yourself.

        “The sgs3 is starting to take smartphone sales away from Apple”

        Apple has had the same dam phone out for 2 years moron and there still SELLING 12 million a quarter. Selling not shipping. And how is shipping 10 million units worldwide in three months skyrocketing sales????

        “Apple will eventually dig itself into a hole it’s inevitable and you’ll be looking like a dumb ass as usual:)”

        lol that’s a good one. If you believe that you must be a two year old, cause you’re thinking just like one. By the end of this year Apple will own the smartphone market again like they did two years ago. Along with the tablet market which they have owned since 2010. And a few other surprises up their sleeves just wait big boy.

      • Heatfan316

        Bwahahahahaha I’m laughing so hard my stomach is cramping, you dullard I guess you don’t read but Samsung has sold, keyword here sold over 15 million units before this litigation began and now since Apple won their case sales here have skyrocketed and by the way Samsung sold more than twice the number of Smartphones Apple did last quarter, listen pal you can’t argue with me you’re out gunned, I’m bring facts to the table what are you bringing your bullshit masters. LMFAO

      • macboy74

        WOW like I replied before your two year old moron.

        “By the way Samsung sold more than twice the number of Smartphones Apple did last quarter”.

        Get f**k out of here. Samsung who puts around 20+ smartphones a year sells more than Apple who puts out one. Amazing!!! Hey I bet Ford sold more cars this year than Rolls royce has.

        “Listen pal you can’t argue with me you’re out gunned, I’m bring facts to the table what are you bringing your bullshit masters”.

        First off I am not your pal. Second you haven’t brought sh*t to the table but bullshit.

      • Heatfan316

        Hey dumb ass Apple is selling 3 different phones FYI get it right, but that still doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is total sales, see that’s the number one excuse for you ibots Samsung sells more phones I don’t care how many phones Apple sells they will never outsell the total amount of phones that Samsung sells get it through your head. There is something else I would like to address you guys basically buy the same phone every year, the UI hasn’t changed since 07, your updates are not even updates they’re jailbreak patches, you get updates once a year with a few new features last year you got Siri Wow! Nobody even uses Siri anymore, Android 2.2 still has more features than iOS 6 that’s pathetic! And now you’re going to talk about fragmentation, it’s real easy to take care of that problem all you have to do is root and add clockwork mod recovery and flash a rom it’s that easy, but some of you ibots couldn’t do something that simple, it’s to hard for some of you guys, Macboy you are perfect example of that, you have limited computer skills you truly are the tech stupid.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        Brin donated more in 2012 to charity than Jobs did in his lifetime. He just bought up a bunch Silicon Valley land to rent to families below market value.

        Yes they are not saints, but as mega corps go Google and it’s founders are far more gracious and charitable than most. Even Bill Gates is utilizing his fortune to help the poorest of the poor in the world. Compare to Steve Jobs who, despite supposedly being a Buddhist, focused his dieing days on slick consumer products and corporate image. He had the capacity to do so much good in the world but never lifted a finger.

        Its really ironic and sad when you consider the public perceptions between Jobs and Gates. Gates turned out to be a hero but is villified and Jobs, a self serving company man until the end, is revered in league with Ghandi.

      • macboy74

        Who cares about who donated what to who? And you’re comparing steve jobs weath of 6 billion to bill gates over 55 billion lol. What have them donations done? Theres no cancer cures. People are still starving in the world. The world is still the same. Bill donating $1 is the same as him donating a billion. Nothing has changed.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        “Who cares about who donated what to who?”

        The people who think Jobs was some kind of humanitarian.

        “And you’re comparing steve jobs weath of 6 billion to bill gates over 55 billion lol.”

        6 billion dollar is a MASSIVE fortune. You have no concept of numbers if you don’t understand that.

        “What have them donations done?”

        Are you serious? LOTS! Do a google search. OMG dude there is a world of things happening out there. Things exist even if you don’t pay attention.

        “Theres no cancer cures.”

        Dude, what are you talking about. Tons of people get cured of their cancer. There’s no panacea but there are tons of treatments and the survival rates climb every year. Not to insult you, bro, but you are seriously ignorant of the world you live in.

        “People are still starving in the world.”

        A lot less because of people like Bill Gates.

        “The world is still the same.”

        Less time on blog sites and more reading news, scientific journals and studying history for you.

        “Bill donating $1 is the same as him donating a billion. Nothing has changed.”

        And a math class. πŸ™

      • macboy74

        Ha Who ever said Jobs was a humanitarian? Jobs was about making great software and great products. Which he has done pretty much his whole short life. And you say I need to read some news. Here’s my concept of numbers I make over $80,000 a year as an architectural engineer I have a $20,000 boat a $45,000 car and a $350,000 house in the suburbs of Buffalo NY. Now lets compare that someone who lives in the city working a $10,000 a year job at taco bell that takes the bus and lives on ramen noodles. Like I said comparing Bill to Steve is like comparing an Apple to a stop sign. If Steve didn’t want to donate HIS money thats his business. Bill can empty his whole account to feed the hungry, donate to cancer or whatever and people are still gonna get cancer and still gonna starve. And billy boy will be broke. I went to school for 6 years so I have done plenty of studying of more than you can possibly imagine. And ill spend as much time on as many blogs as I please. As far as your other smart ass comment about me taking a math class. Maybe do some research on what my whole career revolves around.

    • I disliked because u comment was to long to get to point

      • Geeks on Hugs


  • The real reason they’re talking, is because Motorola (now owned by Google) just settle out of court with Apple in Germany over Motorola’s countless standards-essential patents. Apple was forced to license them all or face a sales ban on all of their products. Motorola could take that to here in the US as well, and it with the way the Samsung talks went, you can imagine how the roles would be reversed: Google the big man and Apple as the little man. Motorola has the patents for a crap ton of standards essential parts, and could easily cause a sales ban in the US on all Apple products if they wanted to.

    • Geeks on Hugs

      As much I loath what Apple is doing a sales ban is last thing I want. We need to lower the barriers to enter and innovate in the market, not raise then.

      If I were Motorola I’d settle the claim by telling Apple to just sit down, shut up and get on with business so long as they leave their competitors alone in the courtroom and engage them in the market. And maybe tell them to put a billion into salary, benefits and improved conditions for their blue collar workers in china. For chrissake they’ve got one tenth of a trillion dollars in cash. Its unconscionable what is occurring in Apple’s manufacturing facilities.

      • I couldn’t agree more. To me, sales ban settle little, if anything at all. I’d rather the whole patent system get thrown out, and companies let the consumer choose what’s best. Ya know, that “capitalism” thing everyone is so gung-ho about πŸ˜‰ lol

      • but wouldn’t that mean any company can copy or steal what ever you want to call it other companies product innovation? (hence the iPhone) dont get me wrong I love competition and innovation it’s a win for everyone especially the consumer.

      • It would force companies to actually innovate, while allowing what is standard to still be used. The OS’s would still be different, but the standard things (pinch-to-zoom, LTE, etc) would be open for everyone to use.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        Exactly. Settle this in the market like men, not in the courtroom like effete cry babies.

    • AMB_07

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself, hats off!


      • Geeks on Hugs


    • Yet again, something that’s a fact I said was down-voted…this is getting ridiculous. Look it up, seriously…

    • Jonathan

      Google should let any Android OEM with a significant amount of product sales (HTC, ASUS, Samsung, LG, etc…) have access to their patents owned by Motorola and vice versa. I like my iPod touch just as much as everyone but Apple is just going fucking apeshit.

  • I sincerely hope Google will demand $30 per device for licencing the patents in question, just like Apple demanded form Samsung.
    I’d really like to see this patent charade bite Apple in the a$$.

    • moofer

      $30/device for FRAND patents? You’re clueless.

      • Well, what can I say? trolololo

    • chjode

      I believe the going rate was something like 0.25% of the sales price. So, for a $650 iPhone, it would be ~$1.63. Moto wanted to charge Apple a whole bunch more and that was the root of one of the lawsuits in Europe (I think).

  • Miras safadi

    it could be a step forward for “killing android” as Steve jobs wanted, or it could be kissing google’s ass just so motorola won’t ban apple products(since motorola is owned by google)

    • In fact, Android broke more patents than the iPhone and iOS…not only from Apple but from other companies like Microsoft and Oracle. And this whole case against Samsung have made all companies re-think about copying stuff. Motorola owns frand patents, wich makes Apple very confortable. Google, in the other hand only bought Motorola to make their patent list more richer, because from all the companies, they are the ones who are in the bussiness in less years. So they need to get their portfolio more richer.

      At this moment, they are probably making some deal about cross-licensing agreement (like apple and microsoft did), to avoid copycats… like samsung.

      • Miras safadi

        Good point!

      • Anirudh B

        None of the 7 patents Motorola recently sued Apple over are FRAND encumbered…

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Frand patents will never cause a ban so long as they pay the price but 30 dollars for frand patents it’s more like 2-3 bucks chump change from what they are about to make from Samsung. At they end of the day they they still have to license those patents whether they like or not. If not they will face a lawsuit for unfair competition the difference between frand patents and one you don’t have to license if you don’t want to.

    • Wild kids don’t know how patents work. They are just mad because they want a cheap iPhone and Samsung are trying to do that, by copying Apple in almost everything.

      In so many android devices, they want precisely the one who looks like a iPhone and iPad… Go figure… πŸ™‚

  • If this reports is correct, I’d be curious to see how Tim Cook will handle the situation. Tim cook is an Operation guy. He thinks practicality. He thinks money. Will he fulfill Steve Jobs’ last wish of going thermonuclear on Android, or will he just try to improve Apple’s bottomline, working out a deal with Google? I don’t know. Tim Cook has been pretty clear in the past that Apple would keep enforcing its patents.

  • chjode

    Honestly, I’d like to see a big world-wide cross licensing announcement between Apple, Google/Moto, Microsoft, and whomever else wants to throw their hat in the ring. Perhaps this will be the start of that.

  • Now two titans will go at it! Now this will be news I will follow. They will discuss license deals. Apple has effectively taken out the foot out from a giant. They went after the small guy before taking out the giant. If Google doenst agree to terms apple will try to sue again and maybe reap in the estimate of double digit BILLONS.

    • Geeks on Hugs

      Google doesn’t make money on Android. Good luck getting a judgment against someone who puts out a free OS for the good of consumers and markets.

      • Are you serious? Google earn money with Android, or do you think they are angels giving android just for free?

        Any Google account used on Android is profit to Google, by selling our information to ads, like they did since.. ever, much before Android was available. And Any brand to use Android must pay to google a fee, for each device.

      • Geeks on Hugs

        Show me where the line on their income statement where they make any direct profits off Android. That’s what you’ll have to show in court. Android donates its employees to work on an open source project. Google doesn’t own Android. Look at Amazon and B&N who use Android against Google in fact.

      • Google earn money with Android. Like I said, with Ads… 30% of the Paid Apps.. selling all our information. They track us in any corner. And carriers / brands are not allowed to change that codes. It’s the “tricky way” that they use to make people think that they don’t earn money “directly” from the Android.

  • Tim Cook is such a good CEO his middle name is CEO……
    Read first line of the quote, in the article. πŸ˜‰

    • “Apple CEO Tim CEO Tim Cook” lmao

    • Geeks on Hugs

      Haha…”you wanna CEO? CEO is my middle name!”. If I ever have a kid I’ll give him a middle name that will help in job interviews. πŸ˜›

  • wonderboydave

    im sick of this patent war already. but apple and google as partners competing?? thats like the US republicans working with democrats, nothing really works out.

  • Patents are fucking stupid. They’re meant to inspire innovation, not cock-block competition. Leave that to copyright.