Dash — the app switcher enhancing jailbreak tweak from SBCoders — is now available for public download on Cydia.

As we previewed a little over a week ago, Dash allows you to replace iOS’ stock app switcher for a full screen switcher reminiscent of WebOS.

The tweak works on both the iPhone and the iPad, and features a variety of interesting animations that can be easily switched using the Settings app. Dash can be purchased for $1.99 on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. If you decide to take it for a spin, be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comment section.

  • It appears to only be working on iPad right now, says it requires one.

    • I purchased it first on the ipad and then went back to the iphone and it allowed me to download it. it’s obviously an error but in the meantime, that’s what some can do.

  • Unless it’s just me, it’s showing it’s only for iPad in Cydia…

    Well I guess they fixed that issue. Lol

  • Yeah, but it does not suppot iphone ?!?!!? Unable to Purchase, this………

    omfg mistake?

  • Looks like they may have set the dependency incorrectly. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Kok Hean

      But Mission Board > Dash…

    • Mission Control is better

  • yeah now :=)

  • ok its good thanks for that

  • CooBy

    I can confirm: it does work on iPhone as well!!!

  • CooBy

    And the v1.0 initial release is already out there.

  • Badazzdes

    Working on iphone 4S… 😀

  • TP Folair

    Jeff. Already own/bought CardSwitcher. Is there a reason to switch?

    • SimonReidy

      Something I noticed in the video that made me prefer card switcher, is the way Dash switches to an app when you select if from the switcher. In CardSwitcher there is no annoying animation and when you click a card it quickly zooms straight into it. With Dash it looks like when you select a card, that it still invokes the default “ios app switch” animation (where the card does a circular motion to the left to switch you to the app) which to me is highly distracting and time-wasting.

      There could however be an option to disable this animation which I’m not aware of it, and if so this tweak definitely has more style than CardSwitcher. It just doesn’t seem as fast or practical (yet) at first glance.

  • thor_molecules

    “Dash looks like it could have been designed by Apple.”

    This statement reflects the thinking of the traditional Apple die-hards in the blogosphere. Even when it is an feature clearly ripped from another product (in this case, WebOS), it still gets treated like Apple inspired or outright invented it.

    Very strange.

    • virtualcappy

      I believe this sort of animation was present on macs long before the Palm Pre (Damn, still can’t say that with a straight face).

      • thor_molecules

        Really? There’s a Mac that allows you to dismiss running tasks by swiping up on the screen? I’ve been using Macs off and on for about 20 years and I’ve yet to see that, let alone any touch-based Mac for that matter.

        Please share with the rest of us.

      • I think he was being sarcastic, hence the “can’t say that with a straight face” part at the end.

      • thor_molecules

        Ah! It appears as though my sarcasm meter is broken today.

  • The iphone version works great. The ipad version need work.

  • someone know how to change the no app image to the one is in the video i have search… but just found the image not how to 🙁

  • Pasilius85

    Anyone tried this along with Zephyr? 🙂

    • I haven’t ever been able to get app switcher replacements to work with zephyr but a work around for me is to use activator, I set slide in from screen bottom to simulate a press of the home button and slide in from screen bottom right to activate dash or whichever app switcher you want to use, granted its not as smooth as zephyr but it does the job

      • Doesn’t play nice with Zephyr. And have to swipe from bottom multiple times to activate. And not all open apps display. Needless to say, went back to Zephyr.

  • Desi Badassdes

    Question: Is it only an App switcher? It seems that doesn’t close/kill the app when you swipe up each App as suggested. I set activation method to Double Tap’ on status bar to invoke Dash and left slide up from screen bottom (still using Zephyr) to show the Apps that still running. When I swipe up from the screen bottom, the Apps still showing there…. 🙂

  • in cydia there is a screenshot with music controls…..where can i find them???

  • Gorgonphone

    eh its okay but nothing new at all.. multi flow is still the best at this and non are awesome since backgrounder is now working properly

  • Tav

    Very sad . My 2$ towards this app was not worth it. It is very delayed on my 4s with little tweaks running, and needs work on my iPad 3

  • No media controls, no control of the brithness, i’ll stick with imperium

  • js

    works good for me on the 4s. a tad laggy. it has crashed once. maybe an update will fix the few remaining bugs.

  • i wasted my $1.99 🙁 is crappy on my ipad3