Allow me to introduce you fine folks to ProgressPercent. It’s a new jailbreak tweak that displays a percentage indicator under the icon of the current app you’re downloading, giving you a better idea of its status.

The tweak is invisible. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t know it’s there unless you are downloading an application, or pop into the Settings app. There’s just one option here, and that’s to disable it…

I have to say that the tweak works as advertised. When downloading an app, a percentage indicator appeared below its icon on my Spring board (see above). And it seemed to be right in line with the progress bar.

Bad news though for anyone who uses Springtomize or another tweak to hide their icon labels — it doesn’t work. I had to unhide my icon labels to see the percentage indicator, which is awful considering my setup.

In the end, I’m perfectly fine using the built-in progress bar to see the status of my app downloads. But I’m sure there are some folks, who don’t want to hide their icon labels, that will find the tweak useful.

If you’re interested, you can find ProgressPercent in the BigBoss repo, in Cydia, for free.

Have you tried ProgressPercent yet? Thoughts?

  • I just hate copied tweaks, Appcent was there long before this one ..

    • mhobb

      And it’s not there anymore.

    • “I just hate copied tweaks,”

      Tell that to Apple.

    • deepdvd

      Did you not notice that it’s free? It’s only useless if a new tweak is worse than the old one it competes with. Competition is great, especially when it’s free!

      • Let me summarize that: You call copying a Tweaks Source Code and releasing it under a new Name “competition”?

      • Kok Hean

        It’s kind of sad how your source code got copied and released twice.

        By the way, the guy told you that he didn’t use your code but is that really true?

      • I know that he has seen my Source Code.
        And once someone sees Code he will remember it, and it is very likely that he will use it if he tries to do something similar (this is a direct copy though), it might even be unintenionally, but still it’s using the Code of someone else.
        That is the reason why some open-source projects like ReactOS don’t allow people who worked at Microsoft (or had an internship) to help coding.
        But back to that Tweak, that guy has send me “his” Code to prove that he made it, but as I said, people always remember what they see, and doing the same thing, just in another way, (he made an if-statement out of my ternary-operation), And much more interesting was that he used the same Variable Name like me.

    • Kok Hean

      It’s okay, the other developer approved this one.

      • Not directly…

      • Kok Hean

        It’s kind of forced if you ask me…

  • jeff what happened to your video tutorials on these cydia apps you used to give us a visual feed back for the apps

    • Just look up AppCent which he made a video of a few months ago. This is identical to that.

      • mhobb

        The developer of appcent left the community and took all his tweaks down.

      • Ah, that should’ve been mentioned in the blog.

      • Kok Hean

        He sort of returned but as a private developer. He’s making tweaks on his soon-to-be repo.

    • Jeff doesn’t do all of the blog posts; This one is by Cody Lee. Jeff still does them, just seems like he’s slowed down a bit… Life does that.

      • Kok Hean

        He’s on vacation.

  • haridsv

    Is there a Cydia app for seeing the current download queue and its progress? More like how you can see it in the Android play store app.

  • deepdvd

    Yeah, I miss Jeff and his videos. It’s the main reason I like iDownloadBlog. Take it away, and you’re just like the rest. Are the rest of you too afraid to make videos?

  • Alec Vanek

    Jeff did a video on a tweak exactly like this a while back called AppCent

  • Tanju Hasan

    I think there’s a bug, there is no % indicator on the iDB icon ? /s

  • Ben

    Nice wallpaper…

  • My AppCent Tweak did the same. And I made AppCent open-source weeks ago…