Apple is going to unveil a new smartphone next month, there’s very little doubt about that. And an iPod refresh is also pretty much a given. But a new, smaller iPad, though, seems to be much less of a certainty.

A new report, however, is out this afternoon, that adds weight to the theory. According to some of Apple’s premium retailers, the company has recently asked them to start tripling their iPad display space…

MacRumors reports:

“MacRumors has received word from multiple Apple Premium Resellers in Europe that Apple has requested they set aside additional table space for iPad displays over the next few weeks. One of the sources specifically cites September 12 as the Apple-imposed deadline for the adjustments to be made, while another source indicates that their store is already at work on tripling the amount of display space dedicated to the iPad.”

It’s not known whether or not these changes have anything to do with the rumored launch of the iPad mini, but the September 12 date does make it seem like it has something to do with next month’s media event.

Alongside the smaller tablet, Apple has also been rumored to be launching a retooled version of its new iPad this fall, with a slimmer profile and some tweaked internals. But that talk has quieted in the last few weeks.

Nevertheless, with multiple new product announcements on deck, next month is shaping up to be rather interesting.

[image via Fortune]

  • ReanimationXP

    Still not buying it. It’s not the right time to release (same time as iPhone), and we’ve seen next to no parts leaks when the iPhone 5 is blown wide open.

  • NinjaCEO

    YES!! I can’t wait for this to drop. iPad Mini LTE baby!!

    • Gorgonphone

      yes i will get one and may even sell my ipad3 for it..

  • MadAndronicus

    Also from MR: Update: We’ve heard a bit more from our reseller sources, who now share that the changes started rolling out three months ago but that Apple is just now pushing them out to the “V2” store locations. The reasoning behind the shift stems from the iPad accounting for 55% of dollar share and 61% of unit share among sales at the resellers but only representing 15% of display space. With the changes, the iPad will account for 45% of showroom space.

  • TheAntman217

    It would’ve odd to have the iPad mini presented at the iPhone/iPod event instead of the usual iPad event in March. All those who just purchased the new iPad would be pissed. I think it should be released alongside the iPad 4 so everyone can see both of the next iPads at the same time and will be able to choose which one they want.