The iPhone has been everywhere — your car, your bike, your backpack — why not your flowerpot? A Kickstarter project is trying to raise the cash needed to build the Bloombox, a sleek combination of iPhone/iPod dock and natural habitat.

The Bloombox was born out of the combination of my three driving passions and my own need for a dock,” explains the creator, Brennan Conroy. The Kickstarter project has collected more than $3,000 towards its $5,000 goal for making a ceramic mold at Mudshark Studios…

Although we don’t known when the ceramic docking units will be available, one feature is certain: you can pick from a wide selection of colors, as long as it is white or black!

This is just the latest of a long line of Kickstarter projects aimed at iPhone owners, ranging from keyboards to covers.

Pledges start at $50 — which will get you your own Bloombox — and go up to $350. If you’d like to support the project, go to the Bloombox Kickstarter page.

    • what is that supposed to mean?

      • jose castro

        i think he ether could not delete or he thinks the idea is stupid.. lol i like it.. its different

      • Yeah I made a stupid comment so I put “…” The bloombox doesn’t come with the plants/rocks which is strange. Because that’s kind of the point of the “bloom” box

      • Oh, got it

  • I honestly can’t imagine many people buying this.

    • tbh I kinda like it. It can’t replace your sound system, but I think it would be cool in my bathroom or something

      • Dan

        It’s a nice idea, but when you think you have to plug it in somewhere to be able to charge your phone, it severely limits it’s use and aesthetic (spelling? my work browser is in french and doesn’t correct). If it was equipped with solar panels that charged your phone, then that would be the ultimate ‘green’ iPhone charger!

  • unusefull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!