We were expecting all sorts of clever maneuvering and cunning legal tactics in the Apple v. Samsung case, but in all honesty nothing could have prepared us for this.

Seemingly out of the blue, Samsunf on Friday filed a motion that asks the court to take a closer look at the stickers Apple plastered on the back of Samsung devices which are part of court exhibits pertaining to the case.

The Galaxy maker argues that Apple just recently attached large exhibit labels to the backside of its devices in a manner that purposefully obscures Samsung’s trade dress (the visual appearance of a product or its packaging).

Samsung names three devices in its motion, among them the Galaxy S Captivate (pictured above) which Samsung argues could deceive the jurors with its large sticker that intentionally obscures “a distinct checkered back panel”. No, really…

Patent expert Florian Müeller writes on his blog FOSS Patents:

Samsung’s motion uses the word “obscure” countless time, but where there is nothing, nothing can be obscured. Samsung’s motion accuses Apple of “e by covering up large portions of the backs of the devices, by blotting out textures, shapes, colors and other information that consumers see”, but I don’t see that any distinctive elements get lost this way.

Another case in point: the Galaxy S Showcase 500.

Is Samsung’s trade dress significantly obscured by Apple’s labels?

You be the judge.

  • Krishna Sagar

    I’d say those Stickers by Apple were actually a visual improvement!

  • “Samsunf on Friday” – Samsung**

    • Collins Takyi

      It’s really surprising that, in the eyes of apple dogs, if and when apple farts, it smells really…really good but anybody else does the same thing and it becomes the worst thing ever. All the stuff apple steals from the jailbreak community to enhance their OS is considered as the move in the right direction but when the tables are turned…it’s considered a crime Instead of you thanking Samsung and all the other phone manufacturers for keeping apple on its toes for pushing them to come out with more innovative products, all u guys do is bash them. Imagine a world with no variety, one TV manufacture, one car manufacturer, one computer manufacture etc…and what do you guys think iOS would be without the Android, windows and the jailbreak community pushing apple to be better?

      • Kok Hean

        No matter how much I try, I cannot find any link from your comment to his.

      • I got a notification, read it, and I was like “uhh?”

      • Kok Hean


      • apple can do whatever it wants with ehat it getsactually from the jailbreak community because none of the things are patented. apple is going after what they have legal rights over that samsung stole. jailbreak is an invalid argument in your case.

      • I support competition….but the problem comes when samsung says they are better den apple…
        Plus its not samsung who is keeping ios on its toes…its android….there plastic phone sux…atleast HTC provides some quality…

      • Apple is willing to sell license rights to the Patents – its just that Samsung has been avoiding paying those license fees.

        Apple must pay license fees for tech they they didn’t develop – they expect the same of users of their technology.

        If you developed a new technique or technology, you would expect to get paid for it – right!!!

      • Guest

        U simply do not hv the cash to buy apple stuff, so why bother posting comments?

  • All I have to say is: welcome to corporate lawsuits. Both sides will say anything and everything they can that pertains to the case, so really, this isn’t surprising at all that it was brought up.

  • BoardDWorld

    This simply shows just how desperate they’re getting…

  • pegger1

    Although technically not hiding anything. It clearly takes away from the look of the device. Apple knows all about presentation. Do the stickers need to be on the device, they do the same job next to it.

  • Then why don’t they just ask for them to be removed.. If the judge thinks they have a point then let the judge have the last say…
    Or have Apple put a patent on it ! Lol( sorry couldn’t help myself)

  • This shit is RIDICULOUS
    They act like little kids

  • Dear samsung. Deal with it.

  • The judge should say: kids, enough! Go to sleep NOW!

  • Actually. These exhibits are basically the same thing as real evidence that may be shown during a real trial. The packaging and labeling requirements for evidence are pretty specific. I’m bettIng that in this case as well, packaging and label requirements while not quite as strict, are still pretty specific. And those labels were the easiest way to identify their “evidence” without damaging it.

  • Why Samsung, why? The back of Samsung Galaxy S is just black color, what information can I get, except the color, by looking at the back? You can clearly see that, apples sticker isn’t covering the “Galaxy S” writing and that ugly Camera above the sticker, in what way will someone Confuse it? Good lord..,

  • Sarrah John

    I love Galaxy S specially its sensor touch. But i don’t why people prefer iPhone over Samsung?