Both big media and bloggers agree that with the next iPhone release come this September, Apple is going to debut a brand new dock connector to replace the aging 30-pin thing present on existing devices. The company will allegedly deploy the new dock connector across all future iOS devices.

Built with space in mind, the new connector was originally said to have 19 pins or fewer. A new report surfaced today sporting a crisp shot of the new dock connector with a metal ring inside the casing cutout, suggesting an exciting possibility: that the cable could attach magnetically, just like the MagSafe connector for Apple’s notebooks…

NowhereElse, a French blog, has the story (human-translated from French):

One of the two other pictures we were sent in high resolution shows us that the new dock connector that should be on the iPhone 5 seems even smaller than what we thought, even tiny compared with the current dock connector.

This shot is the first to show a metal ring around the connecting dock integrated to the frame of the phone […]. Does this confirm the MagSafe dock connector?

The big question pertains to the number of pins this purported connector might have.

It was first reported that the new dock connector will carry 19 pins inside it, but that may not be the case after all.

iLounge was first to claim that Apple’s smaller dock connector may have fewer pins than originally thought. 9to5Mac followed up, digging through the fourth beta of iOS 6 to discover “9Pin” mentions that suggest something along the lines of a 9-pin connector.

What do you guys think, how many pins will the new connector have?

And is Apple going to market it as MagSafe?

  • Tricki68

    I like that idea, with magnetic connection. Just wondering why the headphone jack is on the bottom like the old iTouch?

    • Because all rumors have been showing both headphone jack and charge port to be on the bottom of the next iPhone, just check back rumors, every single one, of this design says it

      • Tricki68

        I understand & know about the rumors, I have been following it like everyone else for months. Just wondered why they went with that design. I was never a big fan of that design.

      • logistically it makes more sense anyways

      • I think having the headphone jack at the bottom is a great idea if you think about it. You’ll have two cables running in the same direction like a computer with cables in the back. Also if you hold up your iPhone with your headphones attached, the cable will not get in the way of the screen.

      • So tell me how you charge in a dock and listen to music at the same time? And I listen to my iPhone all day at work but put it in my breast pocket. This sucks for that.

      • Who puts their iPhone in a dock and listens through headphones? Normally if you want to charge and listen to music at the same time you’d just buy a docking station with built-in radio / aux etc…

      • If your dock doesn’t have an audio out feed then your dock sucks.

    • Howard Ellacott

      Old iTouch? Every iPod touch has had it on the bottom. It’s easier to put into your pocket, and manage cables.

      • Absolutely agreed. So much easier to manage cables when they’re both on the same side. Makes more sense IMO.

  • ridiculous5

    My only question for the pic is, if that is the charging connector then why is the headphone jack on the bottom?

    • Because all rumors have been showing both headphone jack and charge port to be on the bottom of the next iPhone

    • because its been like that on ipods forever and has never been a problem

      • Tricki68

        I don’t think he called it a problem. Having the jack on the top kind of designates the top of the iPhone. After having it on the top for so long, it may take a little while getting used to. Let’s be honest, most of us haven’t used an iPod in a long time, with our iPhones having so much storage for music.

    • I always put my iPhone in my pocket heads first, so this is perfect, because if you grab your phone you have it in your hand in the right direction.

  • I say, if Apple is going to change the port, I also want a ‘MagSafe Mini’ as the connector. That would be a huge selling point. Tripping over the wire no longer makes your pretty iPhone fall off your desk. Super easy to connect the wire to the device. Am I the only one who has issues plugging the 30-pin to the 4th Gen iPod touch ?

  • That would be great 🙂

  • I will not be getting the new iphone… “i dont like change” X-D

  • Kok Hean


    • That’s what caught my eye too. Is it wider? Just a bit?

      • Kok Hean

        It’s definitely wider.

      • thank god its wider..

    • luis felipe sv

      if you look carefully you can see that it isn´t wider :(, the iphone 4 is a little further back and that makes it look like the iphone 5 is bigger and also wider and thicker. I really got excited when I first saw it. No wider 🙁

      • Yes, you are correct. Did the math myself. Here we go.
        The dock on the iPhone 4/4S in the image is 6.5 mm, while in reality, it is around 2.7 mm. That means the dock connector is 2.4 times larger in the image. Now, on the iPhone 4/4S, if you compare the dock to the 3.5 mm headphone jack, you will notice that in reality, the jack is 1.3 times larger (in diameter). That means if the iPhone 4/4S had a headphone jack next to the dock, it would be exactly 8.45 mm in the picture (simple ratios). If you measure the jack size on the iPhone on the bottom, it is 9 mm in diameter. It is larger, which means it is closer to the camera lens.
        Now, if you have a different resolution and different pixel density on your display, the numbers will be different, but the conclusion will remain the same. Try it.

      • Impeach Obama

        no it’s definitely wider even with it being further back.

    • Impeach Obama

      now i want to see how the fanboys say they love the wider look when they said for months that the iphone is the perfect size and longer is ok, but not wider. let’s pay attention. i want a taller and wider phone. its too small and seem like a baby phone in comparison to the android phones which are too big in my opinion. but if i were a girl i wouldn’t mind since i would have a purse to throw it in

  • Joe Bingham

    Here’s my opinion on the moving of the headphone jack. Go back and look at the mock-ups of this new iPhone. You’ll notice that even though they’ve increased the screen height, they’ve kept the phone’s physical height almost the same as the 4/4S by shrinking the size of the bezel above, and below, the screen. It’s not much of a decrease, but enough to fit all of the components inside, like typical Apple fashion. You’ll also notice they’ve moved the front-facing camera above the speaker, and in this case having to move the sensor over to where the camera was. The sensor doesn’t take up too much space, but I’m willing to bet they’ve placed a larger battery in it because of the extra space. And with the introduction of the smaller dock connector, they’re able to keep the mic on the bottom (left of the dock connector) the same size, giving them the room to place the headphone jack there. Side note: the smaller dock connector also allows them to place a bigger/better speaker to the right of it (hopefully).

    It could also be from a usability point-of-view. Having the headphone jack on the bottom keeps the cord from your headphones from getting in the way. Whenever I’m taking pictures with my headphones in, I’m constantly having to hold them to keep the cord from getting in the way. Also, with the headphone jack on the bottom, when you pull the phone out of your pocket it’s pretty much in the position to be used immediately. These sound stupid, but you have to remember that Apple is a stickler for the small things, so…

    • And maybe, just maybe, the headphone jack will support data transfer (like ipod nano) to cover the less pins in the dock connector. That’s my theory of why them moved it.

      • Impeach Obama

        how do you transfer data with the headphone jack on the nano? what kind of data? sounds interesting

      • ReanimationXP

        He meant iPod Shuffle. They don’t have a dock connector – only a headphone connector. The device is charged and synced using an extra (4th) pin on the headphone jack.

  • i will not be getting the new iphone… “i dont like change” X-D

  • The new headphone jack location(if the rumors end up being true) is gay….. Gay gay gay to put out 5 phones with the jack in the same location, then change it is not cool, and for anybody that might actually be gay here i apologize for using the term, but thats what i think of the moving of the headphone jack… Straight frank ocean

    • AforAppleAforAndoid

      you’re a REAL Gay

      • Impeach Obama

        “you’re a REAL Gay aforappleaforandoid” i think you are hoping he is gay.

      • Stfu

  • Tavish Satrom

    Hopefully the charging cable is longer than the last model. I hate how short the cable is. Magsafe would be a sweet addition. Will make the charger more expensive though.

    • Not sure why you think it’d make the charger more expensive? Do you mean the cable? I doubt they’ll bump it up much if at all just because it’d have a magnetic connection.

  • Hold your iphone in your hand. Now shove it in your pocket. Now your iphone is upside down. Where would be the best place to put a head phone jack at this point guys? If you guessed the bottom well then so did apple. Lets think more and talk less

    • Siv

      Very well said. I was confused about the move at first but what you said makes perfect sense.

    • so why did it take them so long..??? cause its a bad idea for a phone.. good for music player like ipod but bad for phone..

    • Ok how about you try this. Hold the phone in your right hand, then put it into YOUR pocket. My phone goes TOP DOWN bottom up, everytime. I mean who rotates their phone to where the top (where the headphone jack is now). So the phone is sitting bottom down in your pocket? I mean come on. I think the bottom of the phone as @joe Bingham said i have noticed when playing music in my car via AUX cable that the cable because its on top, it does get in tthe way more often than I even knew till somebody else pointexd it out a while ago. If you hold the phone in your right hand, 99% chance that you put your phone into your pocket BOTTOUM up where the dock connector is. Test it out and report back! I would like a POLL on this!

      • I guess I’m a little confused, my phone always goes bottom down in my pocket so the headphone jack is on top hence the cord is a wee bit longer. I can’t imagine putting the phone in my pocket top down…

    • Impeach Obama

      i always like the ipod touch with the iphone jack at the bottom. and when i began using the iphone i hated it being at top. one i always had to twist it in my hand when putting it in my pocket. and the other reason, when im using the phone the plug goes up above the phone then goes behind it ( or i have to move the stupid wire) and i have to hold on to the wire. when its on the bottom it simply is out of the way.

    • Gerard Hampton

      Heres a crazy thought. some apps rotate the screen 360 degrees. why not the whole ios so it doesnt matter where the headphone jack is.

  • This doesn’t really look thinner as previous posts mentioned ?

  • notewar

    Just out of curiosity, do you think the that the iPhone can be charge faster with the new dock connector? Just wondering

    • ReanimationXP

      Charging “speed” is determined by amperage, which is determined by the charger. Cable won’t make any difference.

  • i am glad its wider so it wont be all long and lame looking

  • Changing the charging port pretty much screws me out of 100s of dollars in connection devices!! ihome, projectors, hdmi, car…Figures, thanks apple. Ntm, 2 diff ports for all 3 of my devices. That’s just assinine! No thanks!!!!

    • M.

      I know, but they had to do this and you know that.

    • ReanimationXP

      It’s called an adapter, I think you’ll get over it.

  • M.

    New magnetic connector would be so cool and imagine if you could plug it in in every direction without worrying which way it goes it 😀

  • M.

    Magnetic connector would be so cool! I bet we will be able to put the connector in in any direction without worrying which way it goes in 😀

  • macboy74

    I love how you blogs keep using this Chinese knock off as a reference to what the new iPhone will look like. Sad And the new iPhone will look nothing like the iPhone 4 design I guarantee it.

  • im not a fan of the pinholes :/

  • If I am listening to my earbuds, I want the headphone jack on the top (current location), if I am listening to the built-in speakers (like at my desk or on a walk at night), I just turn it upside down and face the speakers out (current location). Please Apple, don’t change anything. I won’t buy an iPhone 5 if the headphone jack and the dock connecter are next to each other, I hated that about some of my Android turds. No thanks!

    • ReanimationXP

      Cables all on the same side makes sense. You’re the minority, so get ready to go back to shitty Android phones. See ya!

      • Why would I go back to an Android phone when I have a 4s??? Go troll somewhere else douche bag. See ya!

      • ReanimationXP

        Said you wouldn’t buy a 5, what other option do you have? Not rocket science.

      • I have a 4s, therefore I prefer not to upgrade to the 5, it’s pretty simple.

  • ReanimationXP

    I’ve always thought it was retarded the ‘dock connector’ didn’t go mini and magsafe long ago, and super serial retarded that the headphone jack was on the opposite side of the phone as the charging table.

    In a phone with a shit battery, who the hell wants to charge and listen with 2 cables sticking out either side.. let alone using it in a car. Apple recognized this with the iPod Touch from the get-go.. about time iPhone got the same treatment, and about time both got magsafe.