Yesterday’s release of iOS 6 Beta 4 has brought another proof of the de-Googlification of iOS, with Apple unexpectedyl removing the native YouTube app because “our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended”. Google, of course, was quick to point out that it will be releasing its own YouTube client on the App Store shortly.

It’s much ado about nothing, really: the vast majority of videos embedded in web pages play in-line in the mobile Safari browser and users can always browse a much larger selection of clips via the mobile YouTube site.

That didn’t stop Twitter and Techmeme from lighting up yesterday with hysteric reports over Apple’s move. Heck, it apparently rattled one guy so much that he announced switching to Android

So, first Siri began diverting lucrative local search queries away from Google, then Apple replaced a Google Maps backend with its own Maps in iOS 6 and now the native YouTube app is a goner. And the process of de-Googlification of iOS could become even more aggressive if this patent is anything to go by.

Perhaps the removal of the stock YouTube client signals Apple’s own video sharing solution through iCloud, as The Wall Street Journal recently asserted.

But let’s disregard the controversy for a bit and focus on the app itself.

We’re asking you to honestly tell us right below how often you were using Apple’s YouTube client on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Cast your vote right now.

Some of the headlines worth mentioning include The Verge‘s Niley Patel who opined that “Apple and Google both win by killing the native iOS YouTube app, but we all lose” and The Next Web‘s Matthew Panzarino who wrote that “it’s all about money and machismo”.

As for me, I was initially a heavy user of the YouTube app when the first iPhone came out, simply because I had never watched YouTube clips on my cell phone before. That said, the novelty quickly wore off and soon the app began to annoy me.

I was beginning to hate its clunky design and above all was enraged with the restrictions imposed on certain clips which only could be viewed through the mobile YouTube site (for example, try searching for Vevo music videos via the YouTube app).

Last, but not the least, it’s beyond my comprehension that Apple didn’t see fit to improve the app over time apart from a couple nice-to-haves, such as new YouTube sharing options in iOS 6.

If you’re looking for a great YouTube replacement for your iOS device, look no further than FoxTube. It’s a bit pricey ($3 for the iPhone/iPod touch version and $5 for its iPad counterpart), but does away with mobile restrictions and sports a rich set of features, like video quality settings ranging al the way up to 1080p, background audio, pinch to zoom, aggressive caching and scheduled playlists, to name a few.

Here’s your screenshot.

Per usual, MacStories editor Federico Viticci has a nice review up you’ll want to check out.

I bought FoxTube based on Federicci’s write-up and never regretted spending eight bucks just to have a much better YouTube experience on my iPhone and iPad.

With that in mind, you’re invited to detail your feelings about the YouTube app gone missing in iOS 6 Beta 4.

And please, do tell us whether or not you were using the native app actively on your iOS device.

  • we can’t use this app here in china it’s blocked as well the twitter and facebook!!

  • It’s terrible and very outdated to be honest. I use ProTube on my Jailbroken iPhone and iPad. I was excited at first that a stand-alone app would be developed by Google for iOS 6 then I remembered how long it takes Google to update their other apps 🙁

  • Erny Carrillo

    I always use youtube. Much faster than going on safari and trying to find the video. Its just quick n easy.

  • JerseyD

    I use it because it’s there an links automatically launch it. The app is very clunky though and never receives updates w iOS. I think it will be better in the app store. The web interface and protube are better.

  • Your missing the “Never, Protube is far better” option…

  • I use the web app in safari because i have more control over my youtube account. Its just generally a better experience.
    Foxtube looks insanley ugly and cluttered.
    I eagerly await YouTube+ by the Codethemed guys.

  • I think Apple will come up with anything better than the current “YouTube” stock app.

  • Honestly, I don’t like it as much. A lot of times, the video loads, and stops at a specific point, and we definitely have a fast connection.

  • I’ll stay with Protube over this.

    • Kok Hean

      The reason why I prefer YourTube over ProTube 😛

  • +1 for pro tube, its how the youtube app should have been…

  • What a lie! No one use this awful app! Just be honest and accept that this is the best move from both. Apple separates from Google and Google can show us an amazing app for iOS made from zero with all the advantages that only Google can offer.
    Greetings from Argentina and sorry for my English!

  • I’m glad the YouTube app has gone… It is such a pain to use, plus the videos never load because of my poor internet connection. I much prefer the web-based YouTube site, it’s so much more versatile.

  • Appletiser

    rarely as i use the HTML5 version of youtube and have that link bookmarked on my homescreen, however the YoutubetoMp3 cydia tweak only works with the default ‘.app’ so it still gets used occasionally.

  • the iPad version of the stock youtube app wasn’t bad :/ I liked it

  • I loooove foxtube. I got it when it was free for 1 day. Now let’s talk about native Youtube, it sucks ! Some videos won’t open and doesn’t find VEVO (has its own app) and makes me wanna smash the iPhone. And I expect a youtube app which has the same design as the mobile site written with Objective C (well I hope so.) But what chocked me is that in 2010 interview with Steve Jobs he said he wants to always to keep working with Google and improve Google apps for the iPhone. And in the end we say that Apple has changed since Steve Jobs in many good and bad ways and I say this is one of the good changes in Apple.

  • not gonna make much of a difference if its On or Off!

  • Mordechai Eliyahu

    if ur making like 20 options u should have added the option if we like the ProTube from cydia better

  • I only used it a couple of times but once i found a better alternative, i never looked back again, right now it’s on a folder renamed “Not Used”, that’s how much i don’t care for it. Btw the better alternative is if your jailbroken, use Protube, if your not, use youtube’s website on your favorite mobile web browser, mine is chrome.

  • Mxtube! Nuff said!

  • stock app always sucked and showed me so many videos that are not available on iOS devices that it would drive me nuts.. I have been using ProTube since the day it came to cydia. ProTube is the way to go, it will never show you an unavailable video., however it could add some improvements.

  • ProTube is WAY better than stock app…

  • Majority of people have not even experienced the native YouTube app for iOS6. I use it so much more and I wasn’t the person who used it often. iOS6 is a game changer with integration.

    • Umm, it didn’t change. Pardon me if it did, but when I first installed iOS 6, it was the same.

  • SimonReidy

    I think if anything this is a good thing. The app has barely changed since it’s introduction in 2007, and far better alternatives are on offer. Given Google have been hugely improving their iOS apps of late (just look at Chrome and Google+) maybe they will re-release it in a nearlyupdated format that kicks butt over the old native Apple YT app? It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the same deal with Google Maps being much better too, given that app was never given any love by Apple.

    Like others are saying I agree that ProTube should have been included in the voting options too. Particularly as its the only complete replacement for the native YouTube app becuase of the excellent “Open in ProTube” extension, that redirects all YouTube links to ProTube instead. I have had the native app hidden away for ages!

  • No big loss to me. Rarely used it. Always jumped to the site when I needed it. Works great on CHROME.

  • Protube all the way

  • I use Netflix and Hulu Plus FARRRRRRRR more than I ever use YouTUBE.

  • Al

    As a result of the YouTube disappearing, decided to go with FoxTube. Cool app, the interface needs some attention, but it has some cool features..

  • ProTube is listed at $1.49 on BigBoss (in Cydia) and includes ProTube HD (for iPad), It would be nice for people like me that have never used ProTube to have an accurate price!

    • just spend 1.49 and you get ipad and iphone version.

  • I really don’t know what to vote for, I do use YouTube ocasionally, but I do it through the jailbreak ProTube app, never through stock or safari.

  • typo in the first sentence it should be unexpectedly

  • Carter Loose

    its a pretty bad app. I only use it when i have too we at least before I switched to android 😉

  • all apple stock apps are so basic and primitive that it just begs for more attention. None of them gives more in depth features that became normal in functionality for other apps, including iOS app store, mac, and PC. For five years apple has been feeding us with such a basic calculator that I personally have no use for it all. If I try to solve more complicated equations, I rather do it on the paper than use apple stock app. The funniest thing was that Apple could not put these primitive apps on ipad for over 2 years. Finally they decided to do it, I wonder why… 😛

  • Geeks on Hugs

    Well Google has been giving a lot of love to iOS with their apps. The latest Youtube app on Android is wonderful so if they have it for iOS that would be a fantastic experience.

  • I use it because i really dont like the mobile view for youtube on the iPad. Its just a bigger version of the iPhone. The stock youtube app feels more smooth and organized.

  • Apple made a terrible idea on removing the YouTube app from ios

    • I sort of agree. Okay, maybe I didn’t use it, but I’m sure a lot of people went mad when it first came out. Maybe they could’ve updated it?

  • Unexpectedyl, or unexpectedly?

  • TBH. I use yourtube. so much more better than protube

  • Protube all day long! Native app lags on iPhone and iPad both. Good riddance!

  • I have It disabled in my restrictions 🙂 that app sucks