Great news for all of you iOS gamers out there, Firemonkeys has just taken the lid off of Real Racing 3. The title is one of the most popular racing franchises, if not franchises in general, in the App Store.

This will be the first game out of the new mobile development studio, which is made up of Firemint and Iron Monkey staff β€” two independent studios that were recently acquired by Electronic Arts…

Alongside the announcement, Firemonkeys showed off a trailer of Real Racing 3 and its amazing console-like graphics.

On top of the upgraded graphics, Real Racing 3 will feature several other positive changes, including the addition of real race tracks, and real cars. Porsche, Audi and Dodge are already on board.

As you may recall, Firemint has kept the Real Racing franchise on the cutting edge of iOS gaming technology. It was one of the first games to support 1080p output, as well as multiplayer AirPlay Mirroring.

Needless to say, this will be one of the most highly-anticpated iOS titles of the year, as soon as a release date gets announced. All we know so far is that it’s expected to land sometime this fall.

So, who’s excited?


  • Great Game but i still love Asphalt 7 more than any car game race ever… I mean any car game both PC & Mobile πŸ˜‰

    • PereZ!

      Asphalt series are shit compared to real racing.

      • aphalt is arcade and real is simulator so they are not to be compared.
        but real racing has the best game

        other then Dead trigger..

      • dude the best game is INFINITY BLADE 2 no doubt

  • abujafer

    I hope they focus on physics more than graphics this time… it really breaks the game for me when a wall bump causes the car to swerve out of control, when the graphics are this good.

    • Well is that how real physics works? hence the name ” REAL RACING” bump on a rail driving down a freeway at 70-90 MPH and see if you lose control….

      • abujafer

        … Losing control is one thing, spinning 180 degrees instantly, in the air, after a mere paint exchange, is another.

  • balen seeder

    Just NFS Undercover

  • Real Racing 3 will be great! just like the previous game…

  • yeh yeh ios games are as good as console game but half the fun simply because touch screen consoles suck for 99% of games.,.. please apple make a damn real controller option for ios.. please…

  • I just deleted real racing 2 from my ipad cuz I didn’t have space to install infinity blade 2 skycages update but I loved it

    • who cares?

      • I guess you cared enough to comment on it.

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  • I love real racing, it reminds me of Gran Turismo on the PS3 and Forza on the Xbox.