Apple’s iPhone media event isn’t expected to happen for another 6 weeks, but the tech world is fairly confident in what the handset is going to look like. Since May of this year, we’ve seen several parts surface from different sources that all point to the same two-tone design.

And more evidence of the theory has surfaced today. Some new pictures are starting to make their way around the web of what some folks believe to be a finalized prototype for the next iPhone…

9to5Mac points to the photos from Neowin. The site says that their source encountered the non-working handset at the MBK Center mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

“The pictures seem to confirm what we saw in the video, and after reaching out to the source (who is an ex-staff member from a long time ago) he confirmed that the iPhone is not a working device, but a “non functional replica prototype” and in his own words, “pretty accurate too.”

There’s obviously no way to confirm the legitimacy of these photos. And it’s very likely that the device is fake. But authentic or not, its design matches up perfectly with everything we’ve heard so far regarding Apple’s next smartphone.

With all of the evidence we’ve seen over the months, in favor of this design, it seems very likely that it’s accurate. And if not, well then Apple will have pulled off one of the biggest misdirections in history.

  • Juraraw

    I still think that design looks pretty bad. That empty space between the fourth row of springboard icons and the dock drives me especially crazy.

    • Tavish Satrom

      It’s going to be enough space to add another row of icons…

  • johnhicks06

    wouldn’t it be running ios 6? doesn’t have the ios 6 maps or settings icons and why does the battery icon say it’s charging even though it’s clearly not plugged in?

    • I am guessing the screen you are seeing is fake and is a cardboard insert like the ones that come with most iPhone cases. As for the rest of the phone…….guess we will have to wait and see.

    • its just a prototype friend its not a real display its DUMMY and the display is just a still image

    • Tavish Satrom

      It’s a picture. That’s not a working device. It’s just a picture inside the screen to look like a phone. Lot’s of manufacures do that.

      • Yeah sure, its all just BS. Mr X bullshit. Why in the hell would Apple force ALL and i mean ALL developers to complete redesign their app interface for a 16:9 screen, the strenght of iOS is that there isn’t any fragmentation, unlike Android.

    • Following on from johnhicks06 comment, also why is there pages of apps yet there is room on the reported 4″ screen for an extra row of icons?

      Next report will be telling its already jailbroken?

      • Kevin Clear

        You can do that on iOS 5 without a jailbreak…

    • Best Ikheafe

      Lol! The iPhone is charging. Hmm, But its not plugged in. That must be ABRACADABRA.

    • first off all ios6 doesnt come out till they show the actual phone at the event, of course if wouldnt have ios 6

    • roro1

      It is wirelessly charging, duh!

    • Just a pic. If you see in it says its charging but its not plugged into anything.

  • I may be wrong, but I think that the new iphone will not even close look like this.

    • I’d wager your absolutely right apple isn’t stupid they have a plan in motion along with a backup!

  • That screen does not look right to me and the home button is off a bit. The screen almost looks like those cardboard inserts that come with some iPhone cases….

    I bet i know what this is! You know those crappy display models they have at Walmart and other stores?! Where the screens dont work at all, i bet that is what this is. A non-functioning display model.

    • It’s supposed to be a non-working/dummy prototype…

  • 100% FAKE look at the home screen, it says its charging and its not plugged in… Def not real.

  • Whahaha look good at the back of your iPhone and you’ll see that the Apple logo is fake !

    • also, word iPhone uses a different font (look at original photo on Neowin site, the letter e is different)

  • seyss

    why do you people insist in this type of back? apple will never drop that back

  • Lol @ With all of the evidence we’ve seen over the months, in favor of this design, it seems very likely that it’s accurate. And if not, well then Apple will have pulled off one of the biggest misdirections in history.

    Did it ever cross those Apple blogs mind that these cases could just be based on the fake rumors that 9to5mac, macrumors etc have been spreading?

  • Fake, but I like it!

  • But authentic or not, its design matches up perfectly with everything we’ve heard so far regarding Apple’s next smartphone. <— That's the problem, all those case makers are just making these fake models based on rumors. You actually think Apple couldn't make these test models in Cupertino?

  • several points, the phone don’t have iOS6, the battery is charging but is not connected and the green and blue color are wrong and looks like a print, where is the 5 row?, and everyone who have an iPhone can give me the reason, my iPhone don’t look like this if the sun is over the screen and i take a photo to the device, and why the headphones plug in in that position like the iPod? sorry for my english 😛

  • smtp25

    Let say it IS the real new iPhone – It still sucks big time .. looks just like the iPhone4.. so you get a new back and the screen is a tiny bit bigger – still the same boring phone we’ve already got – The S3 looks pretty bloody good

    • since when does the iphone4/4s suck lol? the fact youre also comparing a revision model (4s) to a brand new handset is also quite amusing

      • NeverEver

        I think its fair to compare competing companies top of the line phones to each other. I also just think s/he is saying is that a it sucks that the change isnt that great overall, not that the actual iPhones suck.

      • smtp25

        Comparing because the iphone 5/6 doesn’t look much different from the 4/4s

  • you do know that bangkok is capital of fakes right??
    just look at the fake phone&SMS colors..

  • Is it just me or the Home button looks funky?

    • I also did notice that. If this truly are the real deal, I do not hope that the Home button will look like that.

    • Yeah it does

  • M Last

    look at the home button . different color?
    also ugly home button
    what do you think?

  • So disappointing 🙁

  • I don’t know about you guys but that Aluminum back plate with the white glass on top and bottom looks awful!

  • hamzino

    its looks like an iPhone 4. i wont be upgrading if the new iphone looks like this.
    i was hoping for a tear drop desgin

  • What you see isn’t a real-working model. It’s a display model that manufacturers use to show you how the product will look and feel. The display is simply a piece of cardboard created to mimic iOS. This is definitely a fake, but the design is pretty spot on when it comes to rumors. Frankly, I like the new design. Gives a bit of an industrial feel to it. While glass added that “Luxury” factor, you can’t disagree that when you drop this thing it won’t completely shatter your WHOLE phone.

    Just show me the design when the actual new iPhone comes out. Thanks.

  • this is so fake, I don’t understand how can anyone think this is real deal… This is not even a testing device… If you look properly, there is lots of small details, that confirm that this device has nothing to do with Apple. Screws, speaker and mic holes, icons…. even the logo on the back is a bit deformed. 😀

    • Hyr3m

      It would kinda make sense if they were making prototypes that go out of their premises to have them look somewhat fake and not have the correct logo or typography and stuff… when you think about it… although it’s pretty unlikely… But it’s not as unlikely as them creating a dummy prototype (which doesn’t make any sense on it’s own) that somehow gets in Bangkok for whatever reason (which almost makes even less sense).


    • Hyr3m

      Chill out dude! It’s fugly and we all know it; no need for caps and messed up punctuation.

  • Why do we insist on continuing to state the same thing over and over again? “Fake” “non-working” “charging but not plugged in?” We get it. It’s a mock up, guys. Chill.

  • @dongiuj

    That looks shit and hardly changed from 2 years ago. I can see the advert now:
    “Buy it because it looks very similar to the iphone you already have but jusy a little longer”.
    Personally i was hoping for a new better form factor and hoping for a better camera.

    • Hyr3m

      Maybe going LTE+NFC and changing the size of the screen is already so much of an upgrade that they can’t change the design as well‽ It makes a lot of sense when you take into account their beloved motto “improve as little as possible for each new iteration” aka “Milk people to the bone”.

  • Screen’s fake – the battery icon suggests the phone is charging, which it’s not.

  • Ronald Weaver

    I know its fake. I really don’t want the long screen tho. I hope this is not the next future.

    • Hyr3m

      The next future? Where’s the previous future then? And what about the current future?

      • Ronald Weaver

        Ok troll u know what I mean.

  • You are all probably blind! can’t you see it shows the light of charge in the statusbar while the iphone isn’t connected to any power source?! fake!

    • youre probably stupid considering its a dummy phone which means its a case with a printed out pic inside

  • Fake prototype based on rumors…..

  • Henri Parmentier

    it looks so innovative !, like nothing we saw yet from apple….

  • macboy74

    It will not look like this. I guarantee it.

  • It is one of the cheap copy out of the different ones developed in developed in Thailand & China

  • Utkarsh Bhatt

    Its obviously a dummy…… :p

  • Mike Logan

    Wow did anyone read what was said in the article or you just jumped right to post… here READ AGAIN

    he confirmed that the iPhone is not a working device, but a “non functional replica prototype” and in his own words, “pretty accurate too.”

  • Aaron de Silva

    The camera is sooo fake…
    Oh right, it’s a prototype.

  • I always wonder if any Apple employees go to any of these sites and says “Damn! That looks pretty close!” or “Damn! Who is leaking these??”
    Maybe all these are right, I mean I have seen a bunch of pictures today and they all pretty much seem to follow this same design. I just can’t believe that many sites are leaking the same type of “prototype” if they aren’t even close.
    I remember all this talk last year, and none of the reports and leaks were showing anything similar to each other (for the iPhone 4S, which no one had right on the name until a couple weeks before it came out). This time they are all looking pretty much the same, just saying..

  • Felipe LopezFelipeL

    One of the biggest misdirections? Because the iPhone on release day doesn’t look like what rumors reported? I guess if they released all the evidence on purpose.

    • Hyr3m

      That’s what he was implying…