Many developers unhappy with apparent iCloud syncing issues in their apps, leading some to disable the feature altogether

iCloud sync is a helpful feature not just for Apple's first-party apps, but also third-party alternatives available in the App Store. However, it appears that there has been a lingering issue causing many third-party apps to run into issues with iCloud sync. Which is leading many app users to point the finger in the wrong direction as Apple remains quiet on the subject.

HomePod wallpapers for iPhone

In 2018, Apple launched its first speaker in more than a decade. The HomePod was the very indirect successor to the Apple iPod Hi-Fi speaker. This time, coming with a completely new design, voice control via Siri, and pairability for stereo sound or whole home audio. The rounded cylindrical design was instantly iconic, but the device was not.

These inspired HomePod wallpapers for iPhone recall the curved, mesh edge design.

How to fix FaceTime not working on Apple Watch

FaceTime failing and not working on Apple Watch

It's easy to make a FaceTime call on your Apple Watch using any of the four ways. But in some situations, and for some users, FaceTime on Apple Watch might fail repeatedly and not work. If you're one of those who cannot FaceTime from an Apple Watch, here are the solutions to fix this issue.

This guide applies to all Apple Watch models running recent watchOS versions, like watchOS 8.