As the Pebble showed us, consumers are very interested in iPhone-connected smartwatches. The KickStarter project smashed all previous funding records, garnering over $10 million in pledges.

As you might have guessed, the success has drawn others into the smartwatch space. And today, we’re going to take a look at the latest entry, the Strata…

The Strata is made by the folks at MetaWatch β€” a company founded by engineers from Fossil’s old connected-watch division. The group already has a line of semi-successful Android smartwatches on the market, and now it’s decided to turn its attention to iOS.

The Strata’s list of features is a mile long. It supports push notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Mail. And thanks to iOS 6, it also supports text messages. It can pull information from apps like Weather, Stocks, Calendar, and Phone, and can remotely control the Music app. On top of that, like the Pebble, the Strata is built on an open source platform. So developers can create iPhone apps that compliment the watch.

As you can see in the video, the Strata has a few other unique features going for it as well. In addition to being a smartwatch, it’s also a sports watch. It’s made of a durable polyurethane, and is water resistant. It also has a 3 axis accelerometer β€” for fitness uses, vibrating alerts, and a built-in Lost Phone alarm, that lets you know when you’ve left you’re iPhone behind.

Unfortunately, the Strata isn’t available yet. MetaWatch is currently trying to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter in order to start mass producing them. At the time of this writing, they were only about half way there. But there’s still 22 days left. If you want to help fund the project, a pledge of $159 scores you your very own Strata, in one of four colors. It’s worth mentioning, here, that it also works with Android handsets as well. MetaWatch hopes to start shipping Stratas by the fall.

What do you think of the Strata smartwatch?

  • Jordan Dixon

    Why are all these “smart” watches so damn ugly?

  • what language can we make apps for it? xcode or java?

    • Sina

      iPhone app developers can use the Widget SDK to place glanceable information on the watch or use the AppMode SDK to take control of the watch and provide a wearable interface for their app or service.

  • Seriously stop this Kickstarter. Kickstarter is just changing the whole business strategy. If it fails nothing goes in the drain for them. And I cant risk spending something without even knowing the review.

    • R u serious…stop providing a platform for talented entrepreneurs to seek funding and develope great products without diluting their ownership stake and further more ideas and ideals!!??? Have u no imagination! Do u not aspire to be a visionary one day?? Clearly ur just an idiot content with being a lowly consumer.

      • There’s no need to call him an idiot you can be respectful or don’t post on here then.

      • ouch. Thanks for showing hatred. anyways you’re right though. But I didn mean to stop as in stop. I did purchase 2 items from kickstarter though still waiting for it to arrive. But nowadays its just over flowing with stuff. They dont have to worry about perfection in this scenario. For certain stuff its perfect. But for this watch. How sure are you the connectivity is perfect. The battery life is splendid. Anyways realy sorry if i got u against. u seem pretty angry. But next time please show some respect. Thanks.

    • As it Slogan says, Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.. If your a genius and with a vision product that could change the world, with no means of funding it how would the world discover it? Stop Kickstarter? Ever wonderered why you have all this negatives and no positive on your comments?

  • Will this work with the iPhone 4 with limited compatibility, or won’t work at all? I’m so curious…

  • I’m still waiting for the iPod Nano to be jailbroken, so that the same thing can be done as this “smart” watches (except the water protection thingy) :/

    • Does the iPod Nano have Bluetooth inbuilt?

      • yes, so it can connect with Nike+. Bluetooth can be enabled for more stuff like they did with the 2nd G iPod Touch.
        I like the nano because of the touch screen and you can disable it with one button (ideal when you cheat at school when you put your stuff in the lyrics of a song)

      • Ronald Weaver

        No it does not have Bluetooth but it can with a adaptor. They sell them on amazon ect.

    • what i dont like about hte ipod nano is that every time you look on your watch u have to press the sleep button to turn the screen on. If you leave it on the battery will be drained very fast. On a smart watch its a lot easier …

  • Shut Up And Take My Money

  • I’v really liked the water protection part πŸ˜€

  • Motorola ACTV rooted still the best smartwatch.