We told you yesterday that court-mediated talks between Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Samsung counterparts fell apart as the two frenemies are scheduled to duke it out in a high-profile U.S. lawsuit next Monday, July 30 that could easily have serious ramifications for both firms.

The two sides just couldn’t agree on the value of each other’s patents, it’s been said. Patent expert Florian Müeller did some digging and discovered Apple’s terms, including the money value the company put on Samsung’s patents…

According to Müeller’s post over at his FOSS Patents blog, Cupertino wants Samsung to pay up for $500 million in lost profits, $25 million in royalty damages and a whopping $2 billion for the profits Samsung “unjustly received” using Apple’s intellectual property.

Apple is also offering half a cent per standard-essential patent per device, or  $0.0049. Samsung wanted something in the neighborhood of 2.4 percent on Apple’s sales based on its patented wireless and cellular technology Apple’s mobile products utilize.

And as pointed out by Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at the Fortune blog, Apple is also seeking the following for its patents Samsung allegedly infringed upon.

$2.02 for the “overscroll bounce” (or “rubber-banding”) ‘318 patent
$3.10 for the “scrolling API” ‘915 patent
$2.02 for the “tap to zoom and navigate” ‘163 patent
$24 for use of any of Apple’s design patents or trade dress rights

No wonder Cook and Samsung couldn’t agree upon terms of an eventual settlement, the two companies clearly have vastly different expectations as to the value of their respective patents.

If Apple wins the case, Samsung will be in big trouble as the court will enforce sales ban on its products in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Should the South Korean conglomerate prevail, however, Apple’s legal position could be weakened as it is using the same patents assert against Samsung in its fight against other Android backers.

It is generally thought that Samsung has way more patents related to 3G/4G technologies than Apple so Cupertino is conceivably treading on thin ice here.


  • 1) I never even new what 3G was until Apple. Did anyone? Did 3G even make any difference before Apple?

    2) Why is it so important to go to court and all over this stuff? Why can’t Apple and Samsung just be happy with their sales? Now, because they’re greedy, one of the two might not be able to sell any phones anymore and how does that help the consumer?

    3) As the song goes…. “Why can’t we be friends”?

    • Kurt Lewis

      so you trying to saying in a round about way, apple invented 3G…yes, we knew what 3G was before the iPhone. apple was late to the game. the thumbs down to your comment. that was from me

    • maurid

      Because you never heard about 3G before the iPhone doesn’t mean everybody else didn’t.

      • I can’t help it if I was too young to care or even know about products before Apple. As far as I’m concerned 3G didn’t matter till apple.

  • Just wait until the next iPhone uses LTE. Samsung’s definitely going to have it’s day in court. And I’ll never be able to understand why Apple says Samsung’s products look like theirs (besides OS)…like, wut? Pretty sure any Apple fanboy or Samsung fanboy will be able to differentiate between say a Galaxy S 2 and and iPhone 4S.

    If Apple wins, I’m going to completely drop my support for them unless my next iPhone can read minds or something. With all that money, I’m sure they can build a epic iPhone with tons of features and such. But so far, even with all the money they already have, the iPhone seems pretty outdated. Maybe if they win they’ll actually Innovate for once. Really wish Steve Jobs were here right now…

    • Kurt Lewis

      agree with everything you said. except for that last line.

    • I have to agree as well. Once LTE hits, and Samsung has their field day with Apple, we’ll see who’s squander to whom then. Or Samsung could flat out refuse to keep making parts for Apple, then see how fast they’d change their tune. I can see Samsung and Apple both having to pay each other for damages in the end, but these companies aren’t going to be getting along very well after all this.

      • Indeed. It’s exactly what Job’s envisioned. Total thermonuclear war. And at the end of the day, we’ll have two battered smartphone companies who’ll barely have the time and resources to make anything anymore. I’m exaggerating of course, but you see my point.

      • He did also say that he’d drain every cent Apple has on this war against anything and everything. If Tim Cook can’t see that this is going to hinder innovation of any product in both Apple and Google, then I feel bad for all of Apple.

    • Bye then, hope some Chinese company Wiil copy what you do on your work and you will be out of work

      • Yeah man, Apple is definitely going bankrupt off all the hundreds of billions they make every year! And by the way, Samsung is Korean, not Chinese.

  • Promise Chigozie

    I have always had respect for Apple as a product, a corporation and brand. Now i feel so disappointed because you don’t pick a fight with someone you do not recognize as a threat. It was even amazing to me that Apple uses Samsung’s Screens and wireless technology. So whats the fuss about Patent rights when you are dependent on others? Sorry to say this. the way i see it, Apple is going Under!

    • maurid

      I hope it goes down. It’s always been downhill since Jobs passed anyway. Samsung (and Google) are HUGE companies, like icebergs, you can’t see how big they actually are, and Apple is playing with fire right now, they just don’t know yet.

      • Quite. Samsung’s entire business isn’t just off smartphones, they own heavy machinery companies, hospitals, theme parks, home appliances, and they’re deeply rooted in the shipping industry as far as I know. And Google has taken huge leaps in self driving cars, Google Glasses, search engine, etc. At the end of the day, each company has made significant progress elsewhere in the practical parts of the world. But Apple must rely on the sole iPhone of theirs.

    • It’s funny how Apple is suing them for wireless when they use Samsung’s wireless tech. Backwards much? If I were Samsung, I’d just stop making the parts for the Apple. Apple knows they’re the best, that’s why they use them to make the parts. I guess Apple forgot about the “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” adage.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    Apple should charge Samsung with half the cost of the R&D of those features once and end it at that

  • The problem Samsung faces in this battle is the same as the ones Motorola/Google face. Apple didn’t want to be bothered with paying for the rights use their tech but they licensed it as a standard and gave it FRAND status. None of Apple patents are licensed that way so they can essentially ask almost anything they want. Samsung and Motorola have to offer “reasonable” rates, not saying Apple’s offer is anywhere near reasonable!!

  • Falk M.

    Fine fine, fight all you want, but can the judges please decide on a ruling AFTER I got my next iPhone?
    I’d be mad as hell to artificially wait for my device just because Samsung and Apple had their menstruation and the judges have to play kindergarten teachers. >_>