Now that the iPhone Dev Team has released RedSn0w 0.9.13dev3, it’s easy to jailbreak the latest iOS 6 beta 3 release. This jailbreak will also work with previous versions of iOS 6 beta, such as iOS 6 beta 2.

Bear in mind that this is still a tethered jailbreak, and it will not install Cydia on your device. Since you must point to the current beta firmware, you need to be a developer so that you can access iOS 6 beta 3.

If you meet these requirements, then step right inside as we walk you though using RedSn0w 0.9.13dev3 to jailbreak an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 beta 3.

Step 1: Download and run RedSn0w 0.9.13dev3.

Step 2: Place your device into DFU mode.

Step 3: In RedSn0w click Extras > Select IPSW and point to your iOS 6 beta 3 firmware. RedSn0w should display a message stating that the firmware was successfully identified.

Step 4: Go back to the main page of RedSn0w and click jailbreak. Once preliminary configuration is complete, ensure Install SSH is selected, and continue. The jailbreak process should finish to completion.

Step 5: Once back to the Home screen on your device, place the device back into DFU mode, and perform Step 3 again.

Step 6: Click Just boot under the Extras menu subset, and RedSn0w will perform a tethered boot on your device.

That’s all there is to it, your device should now be jailbroken running iOS 6 beta 3. Keep in mind that while this will install SSH on your device, it will not install Cydia. If you want Cydia, then try our iOS 6 Cydia installation tutorial.

Are you a developer who’s successfully jailbroken your iOS 6 beta 3 device? Sound off in the comments below.

Update: After further testing, I’ve discovered that the Cydia method described above no longer works for me with beta 3. I apologize if the post was misleading in any way.

  • jose castro

    quicker and quicker every time… nice job team

  • WE WANT A5 TETHERED OR UNTETHERED, anywho great job dev team

    • jose castro

      patients man patients. stuff takes time. unless you think you can do it your self….. ( highly doubt it)

      • I know and the dev team is doing great and no way I can do it lol

    • Irfan Tarique

      Downgrade your idevice … And manually install the UI
      Currently there is nothing usefull on iOS 6

      • I have used maps in iOS 6 and found it very useful and I already downgraded

      • I have used the new maps and found it very useful and the UI sucks its slow and drains my battery anyways I already downgraded

  • Cydia installs using SSH but will not run, it closes as soon as you open it

    • i have the same issue

    • That’s a crash. Cydia hasn’t been updated for beta 3, nor should it, because developers can do everything over SSH. If you need Cydia, you’re not a developer and shouldn’t be using the jailbreak.

      • bryan beadenkopf

        Anyone can do anything over ssh. But who wants to? It is much easier with a GUI browser. Just because your a developer who chooses to ssh all of your tweaks doesn’t make you cool.

      • I’m not saying it’s “cool.” The point is that non-developers shouldn’t be using the jailbreak.

  • Can I make custom without update my baseband iOS 6 b3 with this version redsn0w?

  • Cydia crashes all the time

    • Irfan Tarique

      its a beta! what do you expect?

  • However I install 3d enabler via SSH on Iphone 4 in Canada and finally I have that gps voice that I was waiting on maps.

  • hi, it says

    That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w.

    and the version is 0.9.13dev3

  • Asmir Lalani

    When I jail broke my iPod touch it wouldn’t get off of the pineapple logo I need help plesae

  • Why does my Cydia keep crashing when opened??

  • Bikesh shrestha

    ipsw not supported