It almost seems unthinkable, but there is a strong possibility that AT&T might charge to enable FaceTime over cellular capability in iOS 6. 9to5 Mac posted a screenshot that shows a dialogue box prompting the end user to contact AT&T in order to enable FaceTime over cellular. This is indicative that AT&T could perhaps plan on charging customers to use this feature, despite the fact that their customers are already paying for the data.

As Mark Gurman notes, this is highly similar to the process that users go through to enable the Personal Hotspot feature on the iPhone. Of course, we can’t say for sure whether or not this “feature” will make the final GM version of iOS 6, but I’d say it’s possible judging from the screenshot provided from the iOS 6 beta.

The question is this: Is AT&T brave enough to actually go through with this, further alienating an already highly pessimistic user base? I can smell the backlash already…

For the record, I can safely say that I will switch to Verizon if AT&T goes through with this. Actually, I think I’m going to switch to Verizon anyway, since AT&T doesn’t even offer LTE in my market yet.

To be clear, we’re still testing our iOS 6 installation to see what we find. Remember, that just because this pop up appeared in a pre-release version of iOS, doesn’t necessarily make it law. For the sake of conversation, though, tell us what you’d do if AT&T were actually to go through with this?

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • Metroview

    So glad I filled my contract with AT&T before this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go through with that. Greedy bastards. Straight Talk FTW.

  • Cant i just use 3G Unrestrictor to jump this Money-Grabber step!?

    • Yes, of course, assuming you’re jailbroken. But AT&T, remember, they would probably devise a way to tell if you weren’t on their plan and try to force your hand. Never thought I’d say this, but Verizon, here I come.

      • ndog21

        No don’t fall for verizon go to spring share everything is horrible

      • ndog21

        Don’t go to verizon share everything is horrible but they have the best network

      • I have Verizon for my iphone4s, my son’s samsung SIII and my Ipad 3 LTE. We all share 1000 minutes and 10 gigs a month and my cost is 263.00 a month. I don’t think thats so bad!!

      • adam lompis

        Your kidding right? I am all for Verizon, as their service beats any but my god, we have 5 lines and 2 tablets…my bill will be outrageous!

      • I’m still on Unlimited plans for our 4 phones and our bill is close to that. We share 1200 minutes and each have unlimited data, for as long as they’ll let us. I don’t see how switching to Verizon would be helpful though, you still can’t FaceTime unless you’re on wifi. Over cellular doesn’t even work.

      • They think we have a lot of money to spend with their stupid data plans…here in Brazil this is the SAME thing…i spent so much on the device and just cant use the data plan the way I want!

    • thats what i was thinking

  • And that’s why we jailbreak.

  • Roc

    Switching to Big Red??? Not sure they always follow suit after AT&T does some shyt!!

  • ndog21

    Don’t go to verizon there share everything plans are horrible and they expect me to pay $649 per new phone I’m going to sprint

  • Infone

    Just enter 3GVenice as a boolean value in your N90AP.plist and enable it. Apple does this already for the deaf.

    • You got my attention on this but I don’t know what you mean by making Facetime work in relation to a setting on the iphone for the deaf. How do you do it???

      • Infone

        You can use iFile and navigate to system/library/core services/

  • Kurt Lewis

    does anyone here actually use facetime?

    • DarekSlaby

      Very popular between my family. Mostly the younger kids use it to chat with other young kids in the family. It gets handy at times.

  • For the record, I live in Orange Beach, AL and have Verizon iPhone4s. You could not give me a free AT&T phone. There coverage is terrible and no LTE. I use Verizion and there is nothing wrong with there new plans. LTE is blistering almost everywhere in the US from Verizon and my son’s new Samsung SIII is kicking the crap out of my weak 4s. I lived In Birmingham, AL before I came here and AT&T and T-Mobile was pathetic there also. Sprint was the number one phone company for coverage there and sadly had to leave them when I moved here because there coverage was bad and they can not update their towers to transmit over 60%. I was told this buy many of the reps that came out to check the tower in Foley and surrounding areas here. Jeff Benjamin, I thank you for all you do but if someone needs to have a phone to travel overseas, get something that does not require data. Get real people, your going to stick a sim card from another provider in your phone when you do go out of the country and your not going to pay the ridiculous prices the US charges. Stick with what will work in your area. But I will never go back to AT&T.

    • I got my kids ipods for the Facetime. And we usually use this feature at home on WiFi. I will always jailbreak my phone, so who cares if the providers start to screw us for data time to use Facetime over LTE. Jailbreak takes care of that. This country is the only country that won’t unlock a phone after a few months or after a contract so we all get screwed once we purchase a phone or contract. Visit some other country and you will find out how they unlock “any” phone you buy after a couple months or a contract.

    • i would take free iphone and unlock it

  • So Jeff, the author of the article is going to switch ato a company that wants to edit your Internet if they get there way? I’m sorry but I’ll stick At&t. I still have an unlimited plan so they won’t be able to charge me to use FaceTime over 3G like I currently do.

  • Does this only happens in the USA or what?

  • macboy74

    And what Verizon won’t charge? Yeah right. They may have a little better network than AT&T but they nickel and dime you as well. Just saying

    • as of now, FaceTime is only available over WiFi with Verizon. But yes, they do nickel and dime ya.

  • Why we have to pay other fee(data related) when we are already paying the limited* DATA plan…

    I am lost… do we have to pay whatever they ask for? Hotspot… Facetime… soon the iOS…

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I thought Apple wated to stop the grip of carriers. They shoul do somethin about this

  • I don’t think they would charge for this because they have several other video chat apps that are free that work over 3G… most notably Skype. Charging a separate fee for FaceTime would just make it irrelevant.

  • If you’re going to go to Verizon because AT&T *might* charge over Face time, or because your market doesn’t have LTE, I will lose some respect for you. Besides, you’re not missing anything when it comes to LTE. All it does is eat through data and devours battery life. I live in Dallas and I would know. And as far as Face time is concerned, why anyone would do it without WiFi is beyond me.

  • Geez can’t win for loosing… Tht is so ridiculous. You spend all this money and they are trying to make more. Where would they be if they did not cell the iPhone. Making the customer happy is definitely not on their list.

  • @syler agree 100%