Craving more information regarding the sixth-generation iPhone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. A new report is out today, claiming that the highly-anticipated handset has just gone into production.

This would make sense considering all of the next-gen iPhone cases and engineering samples we’ve seen over the past week. But this report claims the device looks different than previously thought…

Macotakara, a Japanese tech blog that has proven accurate in the past, says it has learned from reliable Chinese sources that the new iPhone has just gone into the manufacturing phase.

“Told that my reliable Chinese sources, new iPhone has started Manufacture Phase, then “5 iPhone cases” Are Being leaked at Alibalba.Com. This source Also Told, “iPhone 5 “Been which had leaked in May Were prototype (via 9To5Mac) Design for test, and Producing new iphone has SEVERAL Different Design in detail. The Design, which Were Told by this source, of this new iPhone HAS Blackface Naked partially glass and Aluminum Surface part covered.”

Yeah, it’s a pretty rough translation, courtesy of Google Translate. But what it sounds like is that the back panels that surfaced back in May were early prototypes (which you probably already knew), and the actual iPhone that’s in production right now looks a lot different (which you might not have known).

This is good news for folks who haven’t been really impressed with the leaked components we’ve seen thus far. Although, judging by some of the details, it sounds like the two-tone design will be present on the final handset.

At least we don’t have much longer to wait to find out. Apple is widely expected to unveil its next smartphone at a media event in October, with a redesigned case, larger display and LTE-compatibility.


  • I dont see this as being an “all new design” It’s pretty much a bigger iphone 4, different backplate, different connector.

  • I despise the design, looks like a Samsung phone.

    • How on earth does it look like a samsung phone? The iPhone 4 looks more like a samsung phone than this does. The only thing changed is size, the backplate, headphone jack placement, and dock connector. That really isn’t enough to change the overall look of it.

  • Disappointing design is disappointing.

  • Rumors, iPhone 5 is not that better wait and see.

  • I bet you thats not the iphone 5,apple wouldnt do that. The bottom is plastic we all know apple does not do plastic

    • Yes they d, remember original iphone, black bottom plastic! Iphone 3g3gs plastic!!

    • Interesting, because people were saying the same thing about the iPhone 4. “Apple wouldn’t do that, durr!”

  • -___- people, this blog post stated that the previously released “iPhone 5” pictures were prototypes (pic shown on this blog post obviously was one of them released and rumored). There’s no pic of the actual iPhone 5 so those saying it’s “ugly” talking about the design shown here didn’t really read anything. I for one, would have liked this prototype to be the actual design of the iPhone 5, rather than an also rumored iPod style back design which would look ugly as hell for a phone.

  • insp1112

    So, every thing was a fake.

  • The iPhone 5 will have to blow me away in terms of design especially now that they decided to replace GooGle Maps for theirs otherwise I’m getting myself a JellyBean

  • insp1112

    And my friend (6years older than me) in samsung said this rumor IS ALSO FAKE!


    So there is no way apple can make iphone.

    Also he said the iphone’s display use 8 LED instead of 6LED like previous one.

    And also he saw prototype of A6 processer. (Dual or Quad unknown)

    • Falk M.

      Wow, you’ve got some intel on unreleased Apple products and waste it in news comments?
      Dual or quad unknown? FAKE.
      8 instead of 6 LEDs, well… Why?

      Age of your friend is highly unimportant btw.

      Thanks for trying.

      • insp1112

        If you want to translate it, use google translation.

        Or… 내가 해석해줄게. 내가 한국인이거든.
        ( I’ll translate it for you if you like. Because I’m a korean)

    • David Villamizar

      8 led? What does that means?

    • Oh gosh…..
      @Apple_iOSDevs: The A6 chip will have a 32nm architecture with Octo-Core graphics and a quad core 1Ghz CPU

  • So pretty much: This was a prototype design that is not going into production. Okay, in other words, can’t wait to see what the next iPhone will look like.

  • It says sixth-generation iPhone and when I click on the link, it goes to iPhone 5 page???

    • Infone

      Yes, the IPhone “5” would be the sixth gen.

      • There just calling it iPhone…

    • Original iPhone (2G) = 1st. Generation.
      iPhone 3G. = 2nd.
      iPhone 3Gs. = 3rd.
      IPhone 4. = 4th.
      iPhone 4s. = 5th.
      iPhone ??? (5) = 6th.

  • What???
    iPhone HAS Blackface Naked partially glass and Aluminum Surface part covered

  • Just like how much we expected ipad 3 would be, but finally, its just a few upgrades.
    Conclusion is, we have no idea what Apple thinks. Apple is a company of suprises.

  • 2008crna

    Personally, i think a change in the connector, if not bringing a radical advantage, is Apple saying a big F-you to the consumer and all the accessories we own. I will not pick up an iPhone 5 unless it proves to have a better battery life (which is unlikely with a bigger screen + LTE). We will see.

    • really that’s your reason? Than u’re kinda stupid just saying..

      There are more then enough “battery cases” which provide you more batterylife but add more thickness too the device.
      I really like them and they imporved a lot in the past and I’m sure there will be one that fits u perfect ;-D

      • 2008crna

        For your info, I do use a battery case already and being in the Operating Room it eats at my battery enough as it is. However, for a person to deem me stupid just because I pick a device based on my needs just shows your ignorance of the consumer driven market of nonessential goods.

      • Haha i have one which can charge your device 3 times from 0% to a 100%…
        which makes 400% if that’s not enough for you then i don’t know what u doing man! For real

  • I really don’t know why u guys complain..
    I’m quit convident that this device is going to be amazing, it probably adds lots of more ram which is quit important for jailbreaking – theming and so on..
    It’s gonna be lighting fast surfing, sadly we don’t have 4G here yet
    And the new display is gonna be bigger, which is nice for watching movies and comes in quit handy..
    Overall I think this looks like a great device!

  • Aaron de Silva

    If this is a prototype, is there still some possibility that apple will keep the 30 pin dock connector? Or have an adaptor for it?

  • so excited!

  • Falk M.

    No sh**?
    He was THE one to say iPad would go retina?
    Doesn’t raise his credibility one bit, everyone and their dog saw it coming!