Last year, Apple changed the refresh cycle of its most popular product, the iPhone. Instead of introducing a new model in the summer, like it had done in previous years, it waited all the way until October to unveil the 4S.

The consensus of the tech world, along with common sense, says that we can expect a similar schedule this time around. But a new report is out today, claiming that Apple will reveal its next smartphone on August 7th…

Know Your Mobile reports:

“A reliable industry source who wishes to remain anonymous revealed to Know Your Mobile that Apple’s highly-anticipated and much-rumored iPhone 5 will be launched via a keynote speech on August 7.”

Needless to say, we’re not buying it. When has Apple ever unveiled two new iPhone models in the same year? There’s a reason for that. While most subsidized iPhones (at least here in the U.S.) come with two year contracts, many carriers will allow their customers to upgrade at the 12 month mark.

These ‘early upgrades’ typically account for a good portion of sales during a new iPhone’s opening weekend. So why would Apple launch a new iPhone in August? This would make everyone who has purchased a 4S on-contract completely ineligible for the first two months of the new iPhone’s life cycle — a vital time period for any product.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, maybe this will. The Loop‘s Jim Dalrymple, who is well-known for his close ties with the Cupertino company, has given his famous one-word commentary on Know Your Mobile’s claims, saying “Nope.”

Yeah, don’t expect to see Apple’s next smartphone until much closer to October.

  • i sold my iPhone 4s 32 for $650 bucks today on craigslist. I’m thinking of buying a samsung Galaxy S3 for now and resell it , that is if … new generation iPhone impresses me. If not , I’ll keep the samsung galaxy S3.

    • Charles Valdez

      or wait for the next Nexus. That’s what I’m doing myself.

  • I’m thinking the same thing Galaxy S3 looks amazing and I used Android then left it for Apple but based on what im seeing the next iPhone doesn’t look to wow me, i hope im wrong

    • I hope i’m wrong too. I been having an iPhone since 2007. I’m willing to switch if apple doesn’t step their game up.

      • Chris

        Snap apple has been on top for such a while just a matter of time before they bring out a mobile that no one likes

    • It’s going to be released October 5th to mark the one year anniversary of Steve jobs death

  • RyanStOnge

    It’s possible. The iPhone 4 was launched in the summer, and those with 2-year contracts will be expired when August comes. As for 12-month upgrades, I have yet to hear of that. All At&t,Verizon, and Sprint have 2-year deals.

    • I’ve been with AT&T my whole life, and I’ve never heard of that either. Unless they’ve been keeping it a secret, which I can strongly believe. But then again, they do give free upgrades. My Aunt got upgraded to a 4S just for being a customer, even after just buying an iPhone 4. I don’t know what AT&T’s angle is, but it’s a strange one.

      • They gave me a full upgrade for free after 6 months of my contract. 19 months later still haven’t used it and waiting for an iPhone 5/6.

  • @dongiuj

    August! Come on, do it!
    I got to see what this next phone’s going to be like. My contract is up in august so i’m looking for an interesting phone. Let’s see if apple can wow me for another 2 yr contract.

  • insp1112

    Wow. This must be the most stupid rumor I ever heard. iPhone 5 runs on iOS 6. If the phone has to come on august, iOS 6’s full version has to come on august as well. Or at least GM version

    But we are still on beta 2! And we are still waiting for beta 3!

    • They could announce it and then wait a few weeks or even a month and give devs a beta a week.

      • insp1112

        Good point. But think about it. You might heard about a rumor that the next iphone has NFC chip.

        I think the only reason that they carry NFC is because of Passbook. And passbook only exists in iOS 6. So if the iphone has NFC, apple will gonna demonstrate about how to use passbook with NFC.

        But there’s one problem. Passbook isn’t ready yet.

        In conclusion, there’s three theory.

        1. NFC and not august release

        2. No NFC and august release

        3. There is no connection with NFC and passbook. (My whole theory collapse in this case)

  • I believe it would depend on how well the Samsung Galaxy III is doing with their sales!

    Honestly, I have an iPhone 4 and can BUY NOW!!! And there are also tons (i.e. tens of millions) who own iPhone 3.x models who are itching to UPGRADE NOW as well.

    Lastly, those who have been giving Android a chance and have had less than stellar results (as I did with an Android tablet) they would be ready NOW TO BUY also!!!

    We also can’t base it on just AT&T’s clients – we have to consider SPRINT and Verizon as well. In addition to that now we have a few pre-paid carriers like Cricket and Virgin to also consider. So, I don’t think your theory of the “1 year” contract thing is nearly as important as it was even 1 year ago. 🙂

  • Don Edgerton

    There are plenty of iPhone 4 and 3GS phones eligible. 4S crowd can pre order. 4S could purchase unlocked and place their old SIM in the new phone. Alos catches the off to college crowd before they leave. Leaves Sep for new 7.85 in iPad/ipod update

  • Why is everyone still calling this the iPhone 5? For gods sake it will be the sixth generation iphone released. Take the hint from the iPads naming schedule people!

    • @dongiuj

      Iphone 4s=5th generation
      What’s your point?

  • i was not impressed with apple when the 4S model came out after iPhone 4. and i don’t feel confident that iPhone can beat the growing market of Samsung… more and more people are starting to prefer Galaxy s3 over iPhone now a days… have any of you guys checked out the Samsung note? its pretty good too. the wait for the new phone is not doing anything to my resolve of waiting for the iPhone 6th generation. i feel like its time for me to make a change and go with Galaxy S3.

  • if this iphone beats the galaxy s 3 i will stay with apple if not then im changing my iphone 4 for a htc one x

    • @dongiuj

      Why even mention the galaxy s3 if you’re going to get a HTC one x?

  • Nicolas Loots

    Bitch high as fuck. Talking about early iPhone announcements ‘n shit.

  • Aaron de Silva

    iPhone 4 users have to wait more than 2 yr for new release?

  • dady king

    My sugession is that apple should satisfy their user by taking old phone back replacing with the new one (i5)and Offcourse little money though